Jarrett FenlonWhen We Are Young
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Saturday, April 15, 2006 8:46:10 PM
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 2:13:14 AM
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When We Are Young

Verse 1
When we are young, life don’t move so fast and it is okay to cry
When you are young, you can be anything you want it is up to you
When we are young, time moves by so slowly and you don’t know why
When we are young, we live for today instead of living for tomorrow

Verse 2
When we are young, our dream’s seem so real there ain’t nothing gonna stop us now
I wanna stay young, I don’t want to grow up, don’t want to be a man, no not yet
I want to be young, riding my bike, singing songs, never growing old
Cause when you are young, innocence still exists and a kiss is everything, a kiss is everything

Ooohh, Stay Young
Live your dreams and you’ll be forever young
Live your dreams and you’ll be forever young

Verse 3
When we are young, we look up in the sky and anything seems possible
When you are young, you can go to summer camp and it can seem to last for a lifetime
When we are young, Dad is still superman and our Moms can do no wrong
I wanna stay young, don’t want reality sneaking up on me ever again
When we are young

Song Comments

Rock Goddess
Rock Goddess's Husband said, "add this, this is good"...

Lars Lair
Nice Classic Rock groove on this finely recorded tune about the joys of being and staying young with great organ (gotta be a Hammond B3!) and "tasty choice" guitar picking.

Panacea Radio
It has a Lennon-ish thing to it, beautiful melody and lyrics!

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