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Tuesday, June 14, 2005 9:30:03 AM
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"The Time and Place" is the first music video from The Pozers' "Embrace Your Addiction" CD.

Label: 6th Floor Records
Credits: "The Time and Place" written by Jim Richey; video directed by Kenny Swann at Kaleidoscope Sound

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Written By Jim Richey

"The Time and Place" is about reflecting back on certain memorable events in your life. Sometimes (for example in dreams) the memories of such events can be so real that you are transported back to that original time (with the images, feelings, and even smells) almost like total recall. Essentially this song evokes vivid nostalgia connected to an exact time or place of certain activities experienced. Although the places or objects may stay fairly close to the same, the feelings connected to those places often do change.
“The Time and Place”
(By Jim Richey)

Vacant time is my soul companion.
Missing love is my sole regret.
I can hide what I don’t possess and
I can lie in the bed you made.

God it feels like yesterday:
The memories clear enough to taste
The fuzzy smile behind the lace.
The time and place is
The only thing that hasn’t changed.
The fork is now an interstate;
I travel on it everyday,
It seems so average.

Ten years after those encounters,
Are you where you’d like to be?
I believed in something different,
Put my faith in others’ hands.

You know I couldn’t help but notice something,
That I should have noticed several years ago.
Insignificant feelings that I felt,
Are feeling different than they did before.
Every single little word or phrase, every stage,
Is locked in my head.
And I’m cursed to relive, every single one of them,
Until I’m dead.

Now life has taken people places:
Showed us sides we knew we’d see.
Although some were given angels,
More than not were left to burn.

Song Comments

Time Pieces
The song is "labeled" as Beatlesque - and they ain't kidding. Catchy hook, great melodies and excellent song arrangement with a definite 60's Britpop feel and sound (and they're from Texas!).

Missing The Beatles?
Missing The Beatles?... It feels like yesterday...

I needed to hear this today - and so do you.

Itso's Earworms
OK, OK, they said it's Beatlesque, and they convinced me - I'll add it :P

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