Conversation SuicideWhere's my Friggin' Pipe?
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 1:39:08 AM
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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 10:23:39 AM
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Off the main road
Phlegm Phavorites
REAL HARD Alternative
Bogart Rad eeeoh
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" uhhhh..... what were we talkin' 'bout, man?"
"urrrr...uhhhh....yeah...I don't remember either."
"That's Conver-fuckin'-Sation Suicide dude! "
"wow, man"
"yeah, fully"
" so, uh, What's Conversation Suicide, again?"
"DOH! "
" smoke ENTIRELY TOO much Herb!"

Lead & Backup Vocals = PHLEGM
Guitars = D-lo & Seth
music/lyrics/composition=PHLEGM & Conversation Suicide
Recording Engineer = Bradley Torrison of DARKSIDE Recordings for RAW recording/mixing and digital mastering

"That's when I heard her exclaim..." is the best line. To find out the rest, just purchase the NEWLY released "EBT-The Best of Conversation Suicide so far..." x
Song Comments

Off the main road
Interesting tune...Now I need a smoke, where's my friggin'....

Phlegm Phavorites
Huh? sorry dude, what were we talkin' about? Damn. That's Conversation Suicide, man....uh...huh?

REAL HARD Alternative
and now the HUMOROUS side of HARD Alternative with EMPHASIS on the Alternative

ode to those who came before-

Bogart Rad eeeoh
first thought before tuning into Bogart Rad eeeoh is . . uh. . . WHERE'S MY FRIGGIN PIPE? Thanks for the contribution pHLeGm - we love you!!!

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
Separated at birth?? I wrote this particular ditty a little over 3 years ago... so I think Vartan and I were just on the SAME wavelength ... His goes in a completely different direction, once the very similar intro is done. Proud to have a SISTER song, to somebody with such cool original music & musicianship !!

The Good Stuff V
Not sure why I haven't added this one to any of my stations yet. This is a great, fun tune about a pastime that many can relate to. Also, that rhythm guitar tone kills! Good one, Phlegmster!

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