Conversation SuicideEggshells


One of Phlegm's Phirst poppy-rock songs - a little derivative, but kinda cool, catchy vibe...

MUSIC, LYRIX and Composition = Jeff Rosen, Phlegm & Artfest Music
Bass = Bottoms
Guitar = Johnny Stankfoot & Jeff Rosen
Drums = Mark, the anonymous studio drummer
VOCALS = Phlegm
Recorded on a budget at The University of Arizona Music School
Studio by an up and coming recording engineer who wishes to remain anonymous.
Cleaned up & Re-mastered by Bradley Torrison of DARKSIDE RECORDINGS.

Copyright 2005 ARTFEST Music Publishing Co.

All about the difficulties in establishing real contact & communication between partners or fellow musicians. Our perceptions & filters often make it difficult to truly connect as human beings.
"why can't you hear ME? Not what I'm sayin'... Why can't I hear you, While I'm explainin'...How come We can't see - It don't matter at all" = Best Lyric, but you can get ALL the lyrics with pretty graphics/and the whole 9 yards, by purchasin' the FORTHCOMIN' B-Sides CD in 2009 from ROMULUS X Records.
Song Comments

Phlegm Phavorites
I like this poppy/catchy little ditty, it's one of the FIRST songs I wrote -That's why it's on PHLEGM PHAVORITES!

Private Stock
Nice work here Phlegm ...

Art of Walking on-

The Good Stuff, Too!!!
Kinda un-Phlegm-like, but still good nonetheless. Great melody in the verse that shines through the murky production.

Thank You
Though Phlegm does write great pop rock tunes like this one, it's not really typical of what they do... I just love this one anyway. But I urge you to stop in and sample some real Conversation Suicide with stacked Marshalls and speaker burning amperage!

Sound and Vision
Re Shellin: GREAT SONG! :-)

ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC
Excellent 60s influenced psych garage pop/rock song..Sharp and punchy with great instant intuitive melody and vibe..Love everything about this in its Yardbirds,Animals,Experience wonderfulness-and Phlegm might just be my favourite vocalist on IAC..Really cool track.Thanks to Todds Good Stuff for finding this..

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
one of the firsts tunes I wrote. It is a bit derivative...but still stands the test of time...I think.

This one WAS one of my phavourites, now it just seems out-dated, but Thought it should be up in here. Anyhoo I've entered it in that crAZY iac CONtest, in the POP category...

Phlegm Phavourite Country Rhythm n BLues
this pop -kinks-esque possibly, li'l ditty should be on this old school station, yes?

Phlegm's Phone-in Request Line
The guitarist/ and now BASS player of Cold Equation, from Tucson, requested this one...

rockin' guitar, openin' riff, grand theme don't let go...

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