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Friday, March 20, 2009 3:52:38 PM
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Sunday, March 13, 2011 10:16:11 PM
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R&B Song about deep passionate love.

All music and vocals written, produced, arranged and performed by Stoneman

Deeper Meaning
Copyright 2009 S.Towery

A deeper meaning than, I'm talking about love
A deeper meaning than, I'm talking about love

Much deeper than movies you watch and much deeper than the songs, that you play over and again until you're sleepy
Much deeper than books that you read, much deeper than the plays that win the awards and the fans so completely
All the magazines, that claim to have the scoops but they don't know jack about you or about me.
And all the gossip queens can't see what's in our hearts, and they can't see what's really real and what is theory.

A deeper meaning than flashy rides and rims, much deeper cruising in the hood with all my homey's
A deeper meaning than hanging at the club, much deeper than playing silly games and being phony

Much deeper than radio songs that you love to dedicate, much deeper than childish puppy love, infatuation
Much deeper than the internet and reading private blog's, much deeper than lust and someday anticipations
All the dating sites that claim to have the one, with people so near and so far cannot appease you
And all your friends who try to set you with dates, with people who don't even know how to treat you

A deeper meaning than silly school girl games much deeper than running away from your feelings
A deeper meaning than words we like to say, much deeper than thoughts we are scared of revealing

A deeper meaning than, I'm talking about love
A deeper meaning than, I'm talking about love
Song Comments

Its a deeper meaning, cool groove smooth vibe it is FLOW

eYe 2
Stoneman is not only a prolific songcrafter and composer of great tunes he is a person who has a terrific depth of understanding and wisdom and insight on life. He has provided many examples of this on the pipeline, his ability to convey his take on life is at times mind boggling, i think he is one the most amazing people here at for a Deeper meaning , I am surprised this song has never been featured or picked up by other station managers , it is a beautiful elegant piece with a powerful message, not only that it is so well produced and has rich soundscaping, Stoneman in my opinion is certainly on of the best at this craft of songcrafting, a multi-versatile musician able to play so many different instruments. His background and experience in the music scene is phenomenal . Thank you Stoneman for all you do and what your give here at IMP and to the world. excellent work my friend

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