Conversation SuicideHard to Find (Studio take)
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Sunday, December 20, 2009 1:39:41 PM
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Thursday, June 02, 2011 10:54:03 AM
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School of Product Recall often says emphatically to pHLeGm:
"Why does everything you do, sound like the Beatles, you damn wanker?"

Lyrics/music copyright 2009 Jeff Rosen, pHLeGM, Conversation Suicide, and Artfest music.
Recorded on the CHEAP, at The University of Arizona Music School, by a Sound Engineer graduate, who preferred to remain anonymous....

pHLeGm=Lead vocals
the rest = Jeff Rosen = Guitar, Backup Vocals; Bottoms on Bass. unknown drummer.


Don't ever take for granted,
It's elusive and so hard to find.

It's just part of human nature to act independently
But it doesn't help your partner in crime

Well I've tried and I've tried
But i can't seem to find my home;
And I've cried and I've cried
'Cause I don't want to die
All Alo-oohoh-onne...All alone, all alone, all alone.

Don't ever take for granted;
it's ALL so loosely defined.

People that you thought were standup: True Reality,
can lose themselves and turn on a dime.

Well I tried to confide,
But I can't seem to find my way home.
I ask why I must lie
when I spend all my time
All alo-oh-oh-onne, all alone, all alone, all alone....

Well I've tried and I've tried
but I can't seem to find my way home;
and I've cried and I've cried
'Cause I don't want to die
all alo-ohoh-onne, all alone, all alone, all alone.

{ Can you tell I've listened to a bit o' the Beatles in my day? }
MY daughter, who's turns 15 on July 12, phuckin' LOVES the Beatles now....isn't that fuckin' CRAZY, in 2011 ?? !!!
Song Comments

Phlegm Phavorites
More of the IAC-loved Retro Brit-Pop sound, by Conversation Suicide

Phlegm Phavourite Country Rhythm n BLues
it's not the blues, but it's got that poppy beatles thing that ALSO fills this station.

Indigo Station
This song grows on you

ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC
Very cool rockin' sunshine 60s retro Beatles/Big Star style song with great pop vibe-Really neat chord changes and sweet upbeat melody..Nice one...

Adventurers, Jugglers, Minstrels
rockin' vocal and guitar yeah...

yup. Back in the TOP 25 of POP genre songs on this crazy IAC !!

Phlegm's Phone-in Request Line
my daughter Jeri requested this one.... should've guessed she'd leave a voicemail for one of our more Beatles-esque tunes....she's become SUCH a beatle's pHAN, since that musical....urr.... last year, or some such....

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
somehow this one keeps makin' it back into the top 10 of POP ! Thank you listeners for the support...

Cup'A Coffee (Expresso)
catchy chorus, guitar, wrapped in classic pop rock musicality...

PhanPhukkinTastic my Phriend I wish I was On This!!!ZTP333

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