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Thursday, March 15, 2012 1:35:54 AM
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Thursday, March 15, 2012 1:44:43 AM
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This song is kind of quirky for me as I haven't really got a clue of what genre it is. So, I chose Pop. Just uh, because? Anyway, the song has sort of a house feel in some parts. The message is about love that never wanes in intensity and joy. Each day is like the first day.

All music and vocals written, produced and performed by Stoneman

The idea for this song came to me while watching divorce court one day. The judge said that it is possible for some relationships to last forever and remain strong. I took my own marriage as an example because I never get tired of being with my wife. We always keep things fresh and exciting. Just like the first time!

It's just like my first time
It feels like our first time

Year after year keeps passing by
But I remember every sigh and moan
The sweat of love drips down your thighs
As we are facing eye to eye alone
Every moment is renewed every feeling felt with you
Every touch and every time you say my name

It's just like my first time
It feels like our first time

Though time has changed we stay the same
And each embrace ignites the flames of love
And its so hot when you scream my name
So wild and wet like passion rain from above
Every kiss has been enshrined in my lusty grateful mind
Every night of sensual pleasure is the same

It's just like my first time
It feels like our first time

When we come together, its like magic
And we realize how lucky we are just to have it
Every day and night of this love affair
Love reminds me of the first time you let down your hair

Many people make the claim
That time will tarnish love until it has changed
But the love we have is true, and passion thrives in me and you
And we know that we will always feel the same
It's just like our first time
It feels like our first time

Song Comments

got some hip vibe from Stoneman. happy happy , lets dance

eYe 2
its kinda europop trance dance vibe a chick a boom ka vroom groove it got the thang going on

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