The DependentsLullaby For The Brokenhearted
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Saturday, June 30, 2012 1:54:41 PM
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Saturday, June 30, 2012 4:05:07 PM
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A dramatic song about love and loss. Lullaby has a rythmic indie beat and a very memorable refrain.

Special thanks to JA Castle Studios for helping to record and mix such a wonderful track

Lullaby For The Brokenhearted is a song about trying to "move on". It reminds us of how, when we love and lose, we can't always just "flip the switch" and get on with our life. It's about the common, every-day reminders that keep us from forgetting what we had.
Lullaby for the Brokenhearted

No direction, sinking ship
Slipping slowly, lost her grip
Desperate whispers down the hall
Echo softly, free fall
(It’s a) lullaby for the brokenhearted
Go back to where you started
Reread the lines you tried
Dry those tears you cried and
Just don’t think of him
Come on: sink or swim

Rainy Thursday afternoon
Feeling better: spoke too soon
Favorite re-run, TV show
Scans the credits for the name she knows
Dirty dishes, restless mind
All the memories left behind
Silent breakfast. Burns to toast
She swears that she has seen his ghost

Song Comments

The Gatekeeper
sweet piece by the Dependents with a janis joplin vocal style, very nice ballad.

"A dramatic song about love and loss. Lullaby has a rythmic indie beat and a very memorable refrain." kudos...

Over The Moon
A track with a sense of passion and great vocals.

voodoohead productions
Been offering advice and suggestion to this up and coming group and providing a bit of promo work.

Very cool quirky but soulful happy/sad song with a wonderful title,organic piano led sound,sweet chord changes and an excellent soulful vocal reminiscent to me of ace 60s soul chanteusse PP Arnold..Really good songwriting..Great trackl

Lullaby For The Broken Hearted by New York band The Dependents is a fabulous soulful pop gem..Instantly engaging, intuitive and timeless in the way so many beautiful 60s tracks were..As a song this could easily've been a top 10 hit in 1966 - which for me - is one of the best compliments i can give.. Its so cool to discover a young band with so much natural class and obvious love for the transcendent magic n power of the pop song..They make it all sound so easy and effortless -as the best bands do..Its like they're carrying the flame forward for the spirit in the music or something..Yeh,they've gotta lotta soul.... It was a toss-up for me between this song and the equally excellent 'I Can't Go With You' from their page.. This is fabulous tho..A beautiful ballad with a wonderful evocative,memorable chorus - and a melody that feels so life-affirming n joyful whilst simultaneously breaking your heart..An excellent professional tasty band performance and a wonderful vocalist who's voice has a lilt that reminds me alot of gorgeous 60s soul-pop chanteusse PP Arnold.. Great music

My friends band... LOVE!

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