The Art Of Passing TimeWe Just Might Live Again
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Thursday, October 01, 2015 7:46:17 PM
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Thursday, October 01, 2015 7:47:12 PM


A song about escape, rebirth, and reinvention.

Written by The Art Of Passing Time
Engineered and Mixed by Billy Bennett at The Bomb Shelter, Nashville Tennessee. Mastered by Chris Graham.

I wrote the music to the song first then improvised the lyrics by singing along to the music. As with most of our lyrics, I have no idea where they come from. I feel more as if they are being sung through me instead of by me but they summed up how I felt at the time very well.
Tell me what your secret is, oh what your secret is
Tell me what your secret is, oh you're so secretive
I had a party, you weren't invited,
You prayed to God that I'd be struck by lightning, oh
We Just Might Live Again
If you're ever visitin then bring me lots of stuff when you come
Gosh almighty where is everybody? Did I miss the rapture?
Who the fuck is calling my phone?
We Just Might Live Again
Don't get stuck when you come
When we did where the fuck do we go?

I've been waiting on it far too long

Started as a bug got crushed on the pavement
Came back a bird and died from amazement
Came back a snake but just couldn't take it
Drowned myself now I stay in the basement

I've been waiting on it far too long

Earth to captain, somethin is happenin
I am pretty sure that we're crashin
and it looks like my seatbelt strap is stuck
Well ain't that just my luck
Do you remember that time that you tried to slap me?
Killing things always made you happy
Somewhere in space they wonder if we exist
God's ears against your lips
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