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Wednesday, June 01, 2016 2:20:15 AM
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Wednesday, June 01, 2016 2:25:22 AM
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Calling All Angels
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The Lounge..
eYe 2
Eve's Magical Ride
Witt's Picks
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Jamie Kern - vocals, keys, songwriting
Peter Rubbo - drums, production, mixing
Tommy Raines - bass

I am Blinded
Blinded by your glare
Wind like razors on my skin
Why did I let this begin
In my own eyes?

Blinded by your glare
Your goodness hanging heavy in the air
If there is a God
Is he speaking to you?
Blinded by your tears of apology
You are far too kind to me
I'm blinded by your honesty

Sometimes I, sometimes I
Catch myself being weak
Sometimes I, sometimes I
Want to fall into you

If there is a line to heaven, I assure you
You, my friend, will get there before I do
Since if there is a God, he knows you're not perfect
But if there is a God, he knows you're the better one.
Song Comments

Eve's Magical Ride
This song is a one-of-a-kind blending of voices. When it starts you have no idea it's going to end in this beautiful explosion of sound. Songs like this are why you have to listen til the end.

Witt's Picks
A beautifully crafted song that soars above the clouds.

Calling All Angels
Soaring vocals, beautiful keyboards, lush production.

The Lounge..
Very nice MOR epic transcendent ballad...I like the feel and the cool overlapping harmonies..Has a hint of strangeness in some of the chord changes that adds a slight edge too which i definitely dig

eYe 2
Jamie has woven a tapestry unlike any I have listened to or ever heard, lets say it is truly a one of kind and unique work. lots happening here. Very Epic vibe. I would say even to some degree a comparative feel to an ultra modern yet easy listening style of music that really pushes it outside of your typical ballad, but reminds me of a lighter smoother version of carry on wayward son by Kansas, nothing like that song of course, because it possesses very classical components with hybrid qualities of pop and opera combined. hard to pin it down, but a beautiful song and pulls you into the whole storyline with the soaring vocals, compelling lyrics and amazing musicianship, Jamie has weaved together a lovely elegant song for the ages. I think of Andrew Lloyd Webber and this being in a Broadway Play, so good, it is just a huge soundscape and layers on layers of sweet vocals.

2016 Golden Kayak Nominees!
alternative pop rock

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