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Monday, December 05, 2016 3:04:44 PM
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Monday, December 05, 2016 3:05:48 PM
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Slow Commotion


STEVE Lieberman-bass, 2-string guitar, singing, bass trombone,mangal vaddya, bombard, melodica,beatmachines

verse 1
Had a mid-life crisis, got a man machine
Crotch rocket—oh oh crotch rocket
Half -litre cannon, guzzles gasoline oh—oh crotch rocket

Hey ladies, I ain't gonna lie
I got something throbbing
Between my thighs ohhhhh

Crotch Rocket
La-la-la-la crotch rocket
90 KPM on a red sports bike
Got something all the ladies
Gonna like
Oh-oh crotch rocket.

verse 2

Got a clutch on the tank, got a suicide shift
Crotch rocket—oh oh crotch rocket
Got my hands off the bar, I'll try not to slip
Crotch rocket—oh oh crotch rocket

Hey ladies, get your hands in my pocket
Come and take a ride on my oh oh

verse 3
Dominating the traffic court docket
Crotch rocket—oh oh crotch rocket
Police pull me over on my crotch rocket
Crotch rocket—oh oh crotch rocket

Hey ladies, all that matters is size
I got something more than the other guys
oh oh crotch rocket

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Slow Commotion

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