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Wednesday, February 21, 2007 4:02:26 AM
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007 4:05:46 AM
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Velvet Goldmine
Apocalypse Rock 101
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a drum machine demo, my ode to Marc Bolan & T-Rex great album, The Slider

Roland PMA-5: drums bass & strings, David Hornbeck: vocals, guitars & atmosphere

Candy, you've got a candy smile, let's go out for a while,.. Freedom, she's got a different game, coming back around again.. I'm riding on the winds of a hurricane, I hear violins calling out your name, in a dream & I fall in love, don't grab my strings, just give a little tug... I scream, you've got an ice cream soul, let me take you on a stroll,.. I'd die, over a thousand times, for a chance to make it shine. I'm riding on the winds of a hurricane, I'm a space invader calling out your name,..change in the weather & you fall in love, just grab me now & give it to me once. Well is it over now, can you show me how, can I come again, can we still be friends? High on the winds of a hurricane, I hear violins calling out your name, we're living in a dream & we fall in love, don't grab me me now, just give a little tug. On a hurricane, calling out your name... x
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Apocalypse Rock 101
bittersweet is love

Velvet Goldmine
Ye-e-EH!!Well he says its an ode to T.Rex n The Slider..Its a really cool track as it is,with its neat little descending hook-and could've been even better minus obvious drum machine..Still neat glam pop song..

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