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Saturday, February 19, 2011 2:21:05 AM
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Thursday, January 31, 2019 8:50:07 PM
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the SCRATCH vocals we did, while recording bass/drums, are slightly off-key, and were off-the cuff; to be replaced with better,'s a NEW poppy punk, "love" ballad for ya.

Recorded by Ta (Dave Talmadge) for raw trax and first mixing test; I just couldn't WAIT to release it early, since we need to show some of the goods on this new CD!

Bass/Vocals= Phlegm
All Guitars= Steven Butt
Eukelele intro= my man, Oliver
Drums = Ta, (the recording engineer)

Copyright 2011 Artfest Music, pHLeGm & Conversation Suicide

The finished version of this track will be on our 12 track 2011 CD= "The Early Stages of Total Depravity".

NOTE: to view the LIVE (pre-studio) YouTube Video, return to Conversation Suicide Page

You, and I were once just friends,
Now that's comin' to an end
'cause now I wanna Fuck You...
And...You say you want me too,
so now we're gonna screw,
I'm gonna lick and suck you...

Chorus: I-II want you
Youuouuu want me,
and I - I would love you 'til the end,
If I could; I surely would.....

Song Comments

REAL HARD Alternative
yeah, it's pretty much raw/poppy punk, with twist back to the traditional punk love tune sound; maybe a li'l CLASH influence in places???

The Good Stuff: VI
A sweet little children's song from Phlegm and friends. I do hear a definite Clash influence there like something from Give 'em Enough Rope. Nice work, Phlegmster.

Nobody woke up in a cold sweatsheets were ripped, Nobody sighed a deep sigh

Phlegm Phavorites
toungue-in cheek poppy punk, that takes a piss at LOVE, just the RIGHT way- from those crazy guyzzz

Phlegm's Phone-in Request Line
ONE of the more requested songs...BRAN-NEW pop-punk, from you know who.

Phlegm Phavorites overPhlow
some of the Good Stuff

DEKCUF up song, but rocks

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