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We are glad you have visited the Comer family website. We are the Comer family from northern Md and southern Pa. We write and record our own country gospel, bluegrass gospel and christian country music. We have a CD available (CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAIN) at RLH Guitars in Red Lion, Pa. ...or you may send check or M.O. for twelve dollars to:

Comer Family - 128 Rain Dove Dr. - Red Lion, Pa. 17356.

The Comer family has a long history of singing gospel music, our Mother who passed away in 2004, at 94 yrs. old, probably was our main source of inspiration. We can all recall sitting around the piano as children while she sang those grand old hymns. Our Mother learned piano and music at Peabody Institute in Baltimore, Md when she was still in high school. Wonderful Christian Mother who taught us about Jesus and not only in word but also in deed. Our Mother served Christ for many years as S.S. teacher, primary dept. teacher and piano player at the Evan. Methodist Church in Dublin, Md. where she was a member for forty eight years. If you search the library at Harford Christian school in Dublin, Md. (founded by- Dr. Donald McKnight) you will find a book of poems authored by Clara S. Comer titled ""IN MY FATHERS HOUSE""

The Comer family consists of several different members, most of which write and perform music. Brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews can sing lead or harmony parts, which makes their music unique and the sybling harmony is a praise to our God who deserves all of our honor, praise and glory.

We hope that you enjoy your visit. Please come back and also, tell others about our website.

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May God go with you as you journey through life,

The Comer Family

No Place Like America
You hear so much about our military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes as a veteran myself, I just want to thank God and those wonderful heroes who are risking their lives every day for our freedom. We should never take lightly, the sacrifices that have been made. God bless our troops! God bless America!

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Climb Every Mountain
In this life we have many mountains to climb. We have a God who will not take our mountains away but will give us the strength to climb them as we trust in Him.

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These Colors
I believe with all my heart the colors of the American flag were not randomly selected but rather they were very carefully selected. After much debate in the Continental congress in 1779, the red, white and blue stars and stripes became the official design. Our forefathers who were very devout religious men, were not ashamed to acknowledge Christ and they were well aware, unlike poloticians today, that our nation was established and continues because of the mighty hand of our Saviour JESUS CHRIS

Christian Country

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The Comer family and many friends perform every other Sat night at the ""You Tell Two"" coffeehouse in Delta, Pa.
If you're in the area please come in on the first and third Sat of each month
TIME 6:00 -9:00
PLACE - Nazarene Church of Delta. Rte 74 South.
HONKY FM - a Desperado Revue Station
Mighty Fortress Radio (F.Doristil's )
The Coming King Radio (F.Doristil's)
True Spirit Powered Radio
Pure Country Gospel
TRUE FM - a Desperado Revue station
Worship From The Heart

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