our story starts out way back in 1985 when I tommy will walked into a local pub and saw another long haired dude like myself. I had never before met headsawyer before that day. anyway as I set nursing my beer wondering what the hell I was going to do to put a band together. one of my friends walked in who also knew headsawyer. so we all sat at the same table drinking our beers and shooting the bull. Later after our friend left headsawyer and I were still talking when the subject of music came up and headsawyer told me he was a guitar player. I said thats great im a singer. So we set a date on when we could get together and jam. We found a base player and drummer and soon formed the band azlan. we played a few gigs and got some good reviews. but it was not ment to be. I ended up moving back to chicago and played in a few bands there but I never felt the magic I did when I played music with headsawyer. So i moved back and we formed the band outcry in 1989 and toured a few years. but at last the band fell apart again. so I moved back to chicago for a few years. meanwhile headsawyer formed the band kicks wicked and did very well for himself. but that band fell apart also. It was around that time that my band in chicago was also breaking up. so yup you guessed it I moved back here to sturgeon bay. since then headsawyer and I have been hard at work writing songs and getting ready for our next band. The hardest thing about being in a band is finding someone you can work with without tearing each other apart. Headsawyer and I enjoy working together we understand each other and seem to know what the other is thinking. that my friends is a true blessing.

man among men


Every time you cry



This song is about a little boy who died of cancer.


Dead man walking
Life on Death row

indie rock

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11/3/2022 2:21:30 AM
Don’t let a cracked windshield or broken window keep you from getting where you need to go.

Two Silo Complex

2/19/2016 8:29:45 PM
Nice wok on dead man walking.



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Muriel Hi Tommy. Just stopping by to say hi....Hi!. Take care.
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