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Marc Ceccotti
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2/15/2024 7:49:05 AM
Winter hare invokes the moon

2/12/2021 5:20:09 PM
What were you stammering in those fatal nights ?

9/26/2020 11:14:10 AM

9/26/2020 11:11:34 AM

7/13/2020 9:13:31 AM
Out of boundaries by Marc Ceccotti

11/18/2019 12:56:45 PM
The way to Ta Tsun

9/25/2019 8:33:52 AM
First Single from the new album by Marc Ceccotti

10/28/2018 6:19:43 AM
Trailer & Soundtrack !

8/12/2018 12:14:19 PM
track N° 9

7/11/2018 11:04:44 AM
"She's not like this wooo" First track of the new album !!!

11/9/2017 1:59:40 PM
"The shy girl in a wierd box" by Marc Ceccotti

8/26/2017 10:37:01 AM
Blue sidelong glance by Marc Ceccotti

5/12/2017 2:28:39 PM
3 really different tracks

4/25/2017 11:57:56 AM
New compositions here...

12/3/2016 6:11:37 AM
"Three oddity of Godzie"

11/11/2016 12:29:49 PM
Belka and Strelka

11/7/2016 8:43:24 AM
slightly "Progressive"

9/26/2016 3:58:14 AM
New track "Cheko Lake"

8/29/2016 8:25:32 AM
Song to all those we would like to still have among us.

5/28/2016 8:03:05 AM
The Owl of Minerva - Marc Ceccotti

4/14/2016 5:03:07 PM
Three crows pecked sand - Marc Ceccotti


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Marc Ceccotti

11/9/2017 1:59:40 PM

"The shy girl in a wierd box" by Marc Ceccotti

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11/19/2017 6:24:40 PM

This is a fantastic piece of work. It is very atmospheric and full of suspense, danger and surprises. It's very absorbing and it would not be out of place in some arty 60's thriller movie. It's a work of art and I love it.

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Intro Signal

11/20/2017 3:02:20 PM

Marc, i can get so lost in a song like this. I think it is a fantastic piece. Takes you on an audible journey and drops you back off with your toes intact.

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Shoe City Sound

11/21/2017 10:04:40 AM

Beautiful jazz writing and playing of course as usual - something different with those horn breaks splashed around? Nice ....

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Marc Ceccotti

11/28/2017 10:34:48 AM

Thank you all, I greatly appreciate your always kind comments,
they are for me reassuring and comforting.

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