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She came in from the cold. Wet!
Dropped her luggage bags; looked the concierge in the eye
And said ‚I need a room for the night but I don't got no money.
Will you take payment in kind?
He said ‚ alright. I've got a room here you can share mine.

Make the bed in the morning and that'll do fine.
You can change in the bathroom, hang your clothes on the line‚
A tear came to here eye as she thought‚ How could he be so kind

She sat down on the bed with a needle
He said I'd hate to see you bleed
I'll just fetch a warm towel and sit with you till your dry
She started to cry saying ‚Why‚ why, why

Consider it an indiscriminate act of kindness!

She was cold turkey. He was holding her hand.
She said I was ruined by a man‚ and this was never in my plan,
I dreamed of men who loved me together we'd see the world
But somehow I lost myself among the insults they hurled

I'm sure you're a wonderful woman, and someday there'll surely be someone
So just relax now. It's important that you're calm
She said‚ how is it you can see past me as I am

Consider it an indiscriminate act of kindness!

When you took your chances it was like you placed a bet
And sometimes this is the reward you can get
I was always taught when you see someone defiled
You should look them in the eye and smile
Take their hand or better still, take them home. Home. Home?

She awoke early in the morning made the bed gathered up her clothes to leave
Saw the concierge curled on the settee
And said what you did for me is hard for me to believe

I was just doing what was right.
No one that knows love could leave you out there on such a night.
If you can help someone bear this in mind
and consider it an indiscriminate act of kindness

Consider it an indiscriminate act of kindness! x
Song Comments

I've been lucky enough to have seen two of Foy's gigs. I was deeply impressed after the first gig and doubly so after the second. Foy is a great songwriter who has the ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand. If ever there was a man tipped for great things ahead then this is the guy I would bet on. Here's my tenner and I'll collect my winnings on the way out.

INDIEcent Exposure
This is Foy at his best. A gorgeous way with words and a unique voice has made Foy Vance one of my top favorite artists. This song is a beautiful story, told and performed like only Foy can do it. He is a true musical gift. Thank you Foy!!!

Byronic Musings
If Joni Mitchell was starting out today, and she was a man, this is where she'd be - and this would be out of her top draw. Except he's called Foy Vance, and he's that good.

Rolling River Radio
Excellent - this reminds me slightly of early Van Morrisons celtic soul sound - not many people/bands do

Troubadour Radio
This is work that a "Blue" era Joni Mitchell would be proud of. There's alot of hyperbole, it has to be said, amoungst the IAC station pages - but Foy Vance is one that deserves the highest critical acclaim. I know there's the odd drum - but for me this the best, most pure, pertinent piece of Art currently on IAC. Famous people included ! "..If you see someone defiled, look them in the eye and smile".

Musical Journeys
Simply beautiful on every level.

God! This is wonderful! It certainly does add merit to that time-worn cliché "It's MUSIC to my ears". -M-

The End of the World Social Club
That's a lovely song son. There were a pit in this village, now it's gone; its goin' tore t' village apart but it pulled t' people together - and some o' t' acts o' kindness I've witnessed would break thi 'eart son, break thi 'eart...

19 Music
Another amazing Foy tune. A killer songwriter.

Kid Ric's Picks.
This is one of the most touching songs of all time. Foy sings this one with emotion and feeling. What a great talented artist.

A1 Acoustic Songwriters
Another track from 'Watermelon Oranges'

Rock Goddess
I would like this to be on the KIAC's number 1 spot...would show an indiscriminate act of good taste!

Voices -Outside the Box Two
A terrific melody, I really dig it!

A heart-felt story of a true example of outreach to a stranger.

Silk Brocade - Mostly Acoustic Instrumentals
Wonderful Talented singer/songwriter

"'Good Samaritan' saves crying woman's foreclosed home" - Link:

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