VELULA Hello everybody comming around here. We are glad to be here and discovering such good artists. We''d also like to show you our art and music. I'd be a pleasure if you visit us :)
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Sunshine Smile..   Beautiful sun-kissed songs bursting with the joy of life..
Psyche Folk   Enchanting,creative acoustic based songs..
ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC   The greatest songs from the greatest genre ever invented
STEVE ISONS IAC DIARY....   My Favourite tracks/Favourite Acts on I.A.C
ISONtopes   Unbelivably generous-spirited station created by someone else as a gift..
Lou Reed   Cool songs/artists with a strong Lou'n'Velvets sound and inspiration
Scenes From Palacio   Mysterious,torchadelic spooky sounding songs..
Bubbling Up   The best songs 'Bubbling under the big 50' here.Musicians become soccer stars!!
Radio Free Europe   Great Artists/songs from anywhere in Europe(except the UK)
HACKS!!   Celebrating the amateur journalist station owners on on I.A.C
Steve Isons IAC Nominations 2006   My nominations
The Stars Are Never Really Distant   Beautiful chilled,expansive mellow mood songs that've opened my inner world
Spaceboy   Great I.A.C music of all denominations,styles and weight..Here one size fits all,but importantly its always the RIGHT size..
1978..   Cool,creative indie songs of all denominations(well..mainly indie/alt folk/ alt pop/rock
Steve Ison Reviews..   Review station..Reviews will be posted here.
K-9   Excellent station that gave me the idea for this one!
super 8 radio  
TXRadio   Excellent station..These guys have great taste!
Freak Scene..   Beautifully scuzzy garage rock'n'pop.
Moody, Cool, Psychotic, and Mesmerizing   Maybe the most beautiful looking station on iac? Great music too..
K-RTRO   Quite possibly the best darn station on IAC he says...And its hard for me to disagree...
Epic Soundtracks 2   APRIL 2006...A Diary of I.A.C Songs that soundtrack my life
Epic Soundtracks 3   July 2006
Strange Pop   Beautiful inventive indie pop songs that have that touch of magic and strangeness but the beauty of great hooks..
Davies Ison And Friends...   Lofi hissy tape friends of Davies and ISON..All your favourite Davies ISON tunes on one easy-to-use station...Oh yes..
The Lounge..   Delightful,charming and eccentric easy listening..Pour yourself a martini and enjoy..
Road Movie..   Cool songs who's free-spirited vibe,rythm and feel would work great in a cool Road Movie
Velvet Goldmine   Glamtastic songs on IAC-Its 1973 all over again!
The Hitmen - Completed Contracts   In another life i was actually a HITMAN here and lived on the front page..
The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 2   I let the IAC community know the greatest music there was to hear-and was roundly ignored..
The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 3   ..Well not exactly ME roundly ignored,but the station-certainly
The Hitmen-Completed Contracts 3   Well not ME exactly who was roundly ignored,but the station ,certainly
Cabaret Noir.......   Torchadelic Off-Broadway style brilliance..
The Peoples Choice!   Great songs nominated by OTHER artists and Pipeline users here...
IAC Songchain..   Songs from the IAC Songchain blog picked by other people
A Song A Day   Magical songs with a little review hand-picked for the Song-a-day blog i started

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Steve Ison  
The Living Dolls  
Les Issambres  
The Galaxy 6  
Bob Elliott  
Avi Levin  
Back Bone Shiver  
Independent Artists supporting War Child Holland   Supporting a totally worthwhile cause and featuring some of the best music on IAC

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Epic Soundtracks
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I.A.C Songs that soundtrack my life
MARCH 2006...An idea got from station 'K9' (which in turn was influenced by Super 8 Radio).These are the current songs playing the most on my personal 'inner jukebox'.Songs that slip into my head when i'm out walking,travelling on the bus or going shopping.They inject a sense of magic into the mundane and open up and excite my imagination..They inspire me to be creative.They're the great escape...They make me realise why music is so frikkin' precious..Station Owner Steve Ison
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The Living Dolls
Remember When
I love this song so much and it pops in my head loads when i'm out walking...Its just got this kinda epic joyful loser beauty mixed with sadness i can really relate to..The kinda understated empathetic vibe great glam or punk bands had when they chose to do something more mellow to close an album with or something..Its got this wonderfully British feel too-I very rarely here American bands with this kind of spirit..A real gem.. added to station 3/18/2006 7:11:34 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 1272
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The Galaxy 6
The Old and the Useless
This has been playing in my head for about 2 years now-and i never seem to get sick of it..Its frikkin' absurdly catchy tune and beautifully irreverent playful camp attitude raises a huge smile whenever it comes into my head.Its utter brilliance also confirms my suspicions that i'm RIGHT for worshipping it-and all those bastards who snootily turn their noses up at it probarbly 'cos of 'production' issues are WRONG... added to station 3/18/2006 1:52:24 PM
Punk 1272
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Avi Levin
I love the melody and feel of this so much,it just makes me feel good about life..So much joy and love..This is like the ultimate lo-fi bedroom-recorded underdog track..A major label artist could never create something as genuinelly unaffected and natural as this,they just couldn't..Which kinda makes me love it all the more... added to station 3/18/2006 7:39:17 PM
indie alternative 1272
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Steve Ison
I Know A Good Thing
I've been singing this to myself alot recently since someone created a thread about it on the BBs here.I love it,but can understand that its moody melancholy isn't to everyones tastes.. added to station 3/18/2006 3:43:47 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 1272
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