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Solo Indie Rock/Pop Artist living in Winchester, England and originally from Glasgow in Scotland.

Music generally based on guitar based routes but generally has upbeat feel, no matter the content, with good chorus on 3/4 minute pop format.  

Been in bands in the past but spent last 5 years working on home and studio recordings. In late 2011 made real effort to bring together new songs and market via digital outlet. Recorded two songs - Girl in the Cab and Summertime. Added to that produced a Video for Girl in the Cab to help promote.
Spend time ensuring that songs are tight and well structured and of best quality possible.

Combine recording via Korg Digital Recording Studio and Garage band which actually produces good effects for vocals.

Influences include Bauhaus for original Goth/Arthouse Rock, Doves - experimental Indie Pop, Bluetones - melodic, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, T-Rex and most recently Two Door Cinema Club with their lead guitar which is more poppy but catchy.

Having recently worked in Corporate environment and my ambition now is to spend more time on music. Today success is from following, syncing music for TV/Film and maybe record or publishing deal, Also looking at starting a band and/or keen to work with other people.

Feedback on voice has been positive from fellow artists with it having a range of styles and pitch.

This resulted in Collaboration with TeleFunken (https://soundcloud.com/7gramm) where over the Net we put together Sandman and just recently completed a new song called ‘I ride in the Wind” - adding vocals and added production overview by filling out the song with additional guitars and effects.

Songs have been mainly guitar based but looking at a few projects that will integrate some more melodic tunes to heighten the vocal mixes. New song “Star” in nearing completion which is a positive song and has a change in lead guitar more in line with Two Door Cinema Club. 

We are happy to provide music for other artists, film producers etc. and instrumental versions will be attached soon. Also will write songs for bands / artists films / advertising. Let us know what your topic is and we can get started.

Your input and feedback will be most welcome - enjoy


Guitar Pop song with upbeat story and Chorus about Boy meets his love and its just like Summer time. Indie Based Pop Rock.

Eclectic Indie Pop
h h

Girl in the Cab
Girl in the Cab - Good old fashioned Power Pop tempo - rhythm guitar is akin to Undertones style and chorus line came up very quickly when writing the lyrics. Also tipped tow in the water and produced a video.



Alternative Indie Rock
h h

I ride the Wind
Written in Collaboration with german ArtRock Band called TeleFunken. We met on Souncloud and I have put together vocal arrangements for two of their songs. Darker rock feel and probably described as light goth.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

This is the first song written in collaboration with TeleFunken from Germany. Slow paced Arthouse Indie feel - they wrote the music and I added the vocals and Lyrics

Alternative indie rock
h h

New Song - nearing completion - looking for feedback. More pop based and lighter guitars

Alternative Pop
h h

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Gideon Blue

6/5/2012 12:58:37 AM
Hi - Big Thanks to Steve April

Steve April

6/4/2012 8:51:24 PM

added "sumertime" to a couple m'stations, KUDOS, very groovy sound, catchy, catchy...

Chandra Moon

10/10/2010 3:15:45 PM
Enjoyed Summertime very much - good and hooky track!



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18/5/13 - Uploaded new song Sandman - recorded in Jan 2013 in collaboration with TeleFunken.

14/5/13 - Have put new Song STAR for limited period on Reverbnation -http://ow.ly/jyYhm and Soundcloud for some feedback before general release in the Summer.

13/5/13 - Today will be writing some instrumental for a filmmaker - deadline is tight so might not pull it off, but will put on site when finished

10/5/13 - Played on recent Radio Magazine on Thursday the 6th May - Big thanks to Vents Magazine on http://www.independisc.com/vents.htm - er think I am around the 50 minute slot.

10/4/13 - Review in electronic magazine Velvet Storm on 10/4/13 - on http://ow.ly/k3Zdg

Jan 14 - New Website has been set up which includes updates and can also hold the music - idea will be that new demos start off at the website to get feedback.

Mar 14 - Uploaded to IAC newly mastered 'Girl in the Cab' and 'Summertime' songs.
Have decided to look at remixing and Mastering 'Move On'
New Song 'Star ' which was a working Demo - vocals relaid and changed and heavy change to backing vocals - really liking it, so hopefully will have this completed by the end of March.
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