Marducs World is a recording project in action. We have been recording since? We record at home in Bartlett Il. You can also hear us at

Children of Insanity
And We Are,,,,,,,

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

Queen of Fools
Crack Ho Alert !!! New release Enjoy

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

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10/22/2019 5:42:08 AM
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8/5/2011 5:13:26 AM
Great stuff!!

Texas Willie

6/5/2009 4:02:39 PM
Hey Mario,

Saw your post on the Pipeline and had to come and have a listen!

If you get a chance, check out a couple of my tunes...."Fat Cats, Liars and Cheats" and "Bailout Blues"




6/3/2009 9:53:28 PM
Hi again

We are just having a listen good post -I'll add you to "Warriors for Change"

your new friend -heh




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Attn: All Marducs World fans. New album is out at
You can hear up to 15 MW tunes for FREE!!! You can also purchase the new album which INCLUDES ,,,Children of Insanity and Life Ain,t Free. WoW ,,, better than a Lady Gaga concert!

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10/22/2019 9:42:15 AM
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