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Ruth Garnes

6/9/2017 9:17:01 AM
In The Arms Of God

6/5/2017 12:21:18 PM
I wish Love wasn't like Rocks

5/23/2017 10:47:40 AM
September; A tale of desire.

5/21/2017 9:15:39 AM
Caramel Girl

5/15/2017 7:29:41 AM
A Place Of Love

5/12/2017 7:08:27 AM
Red White and Blue

5/11/2017 2:04:51 PM
Behind the Lyric, "Go Away"


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Ruth Garnes

6/9/2017 9:17:01 AM

In The Arms Of God
At some point in life we all get rejected and turned down. It's apart of life, no one is immune to rejection. things doesn't always go as expected. People have their different ways. As the writer to the lyric "In The Arms Of God" I envisioned the melody a little different from the way it was sung, but I accepted it because I'm not in control of any one's artistic rendition or response.

Most importantly, I reflect back on the way this song came about. My daughter had a friend who died from an accidental drug over dose and she blamed herself. All the if only, perhaps he wouldn't have played with her head and she was depressed for a while following Clint's death.

People have their own struggles and little things can set them off but no one should have to carry the burden of another person's choice.

I do hope that in the end that we all do get to know unconditional love and acceptance.

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