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tumbeelin tumbleweed
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6/3/2018 5:41:05 AM
that song is like a mantra

2/26/2018 6:16:49 AM
psalms 86 trillion

11/21/2017 6:07:31 AM
hydroplaning across the desert tundra

9/9/2017 6:36:14 AM
into the void i went

8/3/2017 4:54:07 AM
how do you feel?

6/8/2017 2:14:37 AM
I been where I been to get me where I'm gettin'

3/16/2017 3:05:57 AM
the cesspool of decay, the coming of a new day

2/8/2017 9:01:04 PM
i'm in it for the long haul

6/21/2016 3:57:56 AM
life is like bungee-jumping into the abyss without a cord to hold on to.

6/8/2016 9:39:13 PM
People change.

3/2/2016 8:27:54 PM
the latest

1/23/2016 10:44:37 PM
absinthe - the green fairy

12/14/2015 3:49:13 PM
Hear Sylvia Plath read her poetry

11/5/2015 8:23:55 PM
My theory on life

9/13/2015 12:40:14 PM
I like the good routine

8/11/2015 4:12:08 PM
the time machine of music

7/26/2015 8:29:27 AM
the advantages of obscurity

4/12/2009 7:46:21 AM
Leave me alone

4/10/2009 10:39:44 AM
I wonder what happened to ol Susie Trimmer?

2/16/2009 1:20:06 AM
some patcholuck

12/29/2008 10:03:28 PM
Cobain's Suicide Note

12/24/2008 1:48:23 AM
my holiday is rollin' across some state line when nobody's lookin'

11/29/2008 6:20:21 PM
What song they be playin at yo funeral

9/17/2008 1:40:36 AM

8/28/2008 1:26:20 AM
Let me tell you about my life


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tumbeelin tumbleweed

11/5/2015 8:23:55 PM

My theory on life
If you keep punchin' somebody, they're eventually gonna fall down. If you keep emailin' somebody, they're eventually gonna answer. If you keep askin' a girl out, she's eventually gonna say yes. If you keep drinkin', you're eventually gonna get drunk. If you keep pluggin', you're eventually going to make a sale. If you keep surrenderin', you're eventually gonna die.

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11/6/2015 9:55:09 AM


My take on that is: If you keep punching someone they will eventually punch you back so hard that you will lay flat on your ass with a concussion. If you keep emailing someone that doesn't want to hear from you they will eventually report your emails as spam and relegate all future emails to the spam folder. Out of sight? Out of mind. If you keep asking a girl out that isn't really interested in you, she will eventually report you as a stalker. If you keep drinking you're eventually going to have to pee and pee and pee some more. If you keep plugging you're eventually going to piss off potential customers who will buy from your competitors out of spite. If you keep surrendering you may eventually live long enough to regroup and defeat your enemy. If you keep fighting a losing battle you may be killed in battle. That's how we roll in the land of stones. We see variable possiblities for everything.

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Steve April

11/6/2015 11:40:33 AM

ha ha ha, funny stuff Stoneman.

Who said savvy and wit's not alive and well in indieland.

A continued inspiration...

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tumbeelin tumbleweed

11/6/2015 12:25:51 PM

Stoneman, you're just anti-determination! :D

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Shoe City Sound

11/6/2015 12:35:48 PM

Agree with Steve - such a really funny take on everything, Stoneman - and that's the second time I've commented that on here in the last 5 minutes. Everyone is so hysterical today - must be astrological

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11/6/2015 3:52:51 PM

Stoneman evokes the ideal. Tumblin evokes what actually happens, more times than not.

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11/8/2015 12:19:29 PM

Just an alternative perspective according to my life experiences. Perspective is neither right or wrong. It just is what it is. Roll on over it like you do all the stones Tumble Weed

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