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Francesca Tamellini
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12/19/2018 5:05:43 PM
Old new songs

5/16/2018 4:50:19 PM
Disappointed, let down, pissed off

4/12/2018 4:25:46 PM
What’s going on?

1/2/2018 10:30:56 AM
Payment for podcasts

11/16/2017 3:30:28 PM
Charts again

11/8/2017 8:09:59 PM
Imp charts

11/1/2017 6:43:30 PM
Haunted as a title

10/4/2017 11:31:00 AM
what is the point of the IMP chart?

9/18/2017 4:37:10 PM
Sacred and profane

9/15/2017 4:38:22 PM
Credit where it is due

7/13/2017 3:04:47 PM
Money raising

5/14/2017 1:22:26 PM
Album on here

2/17/2017 12:55:58 PM
Mystery Lady

1/28/2017 12:36:04 PM

1/21/2017 5:55:48 AM
new song

1/17/2017 11:00:01 AM

1/15/2017 11:03:52 AM
Established artists

12/19/2016 10:38:27 AM
Song of the year comp

12/12/2016 12:43:35 PM

10/23/2016 12:59:59 PM
First success

8/9/2016 11:41:29 AM

7/9/2016 5:32:48 AM
IMP charts

6/23/2016 1:39:14 PM
rhymes to be avoided

6/23/2016 10:52:42 AM
new song

6/18/2016 5:41:03 AM
technical issue

6/16/2016 12:46:18 PM
Some advice from the old lags

6/9/2016 1:21:21 PM
sail across the Atlantic

5/30/2016 9:31:10 AM
curiosity - how are songs picked?

5/24/2016 11:17:24 PM
Thanks but....

5/24/2016 10:07:33 AM
changing from listenings to downloads

5/22/2016 8:43:05 AM
glad to be here!


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Francesca Tamellini

10/4/2017 11:31:00 AM

what is the point of the IMP chart?
If one artist can suddenly hold the top 13 places in a chart, does it have any validity?

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Bryon Tosoff

10/4/2017 11:45:15 AM

True and of course there are other that have 7 8 at one time for long durations should be limits placed on how long releases allowed time wise and put on non charting status. Playing gaming goes on

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10/4/2017 1:12:06 PM

That isn't really the chart. That's what happens when somebody games the chart before we run the tool that parses out the non-unique plays. We're running that now.

You basically caught IMP with our pants down and by posting this thread, you took a photo. :D Artists don't fuck with us like she just did very often and usually when they try it once and get their efforts wiped out they don't try it again.

I occasionally even forget to parse it. That's not what happened in this case, she just had good (or for us, bad) timing.

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Bryon Tosoff

10/4/2017 1:13:35 PM

still, there needs to be a limit on songs life. some hang around here for ages

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Father Time

10/4/2017 1:23:34 PM

well those are the popular songs. The MonaLisa Twins and Francesca I understand have songs that have been around for a long time but they get played more often. I will raise the issue with our IT guy but I'm not sure there's a whole lot he can do in that regards.

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Bryon Tosoff

10/4/2017 1:31:34 PM

oh thats fine. I know it is what it is. still in my opinion, some time line should be applied. like how many songs live that long these days in the American Canadian Brit charts, very few, back way back songs lasted, but a barrage of artists , a veritable ocean of songsters now release "songs" like i was in the bar yesterday for lunch and every song sounded the same, until Cream and Queen popped up ,then back to the thumping chopped liver k phump beats started pounding out. so piped in musak was apparent ...I like to see some balls out rockers. ripping shredding around here lol

pretty songs are nice, but we do need shit disturbing loud crap too!!!

not questioning the musicality or quality of those artists,. just length of time, to me, far too long

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10/5/2017 10:59:44 PM

Sorry, Bryon, but IMHO, if the MonaLisa Twins and Francesca have songs that are so popular with the listeners, that people keep clicking and listening to them forever, then they should stay in the play charts forever - that's exactly what the play charts are for. If a song (no matter who the artist is) gets artificially banned from the charts, based only on how long ago it was released or something, that wouldn't be fair at all.

Again, that's just IMHO. :)

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Bryon Tosoff

10/5/2017 11:34:03 PM

I hear you loud and clear ,just My thoughts, the songs are indeed awesome no question, I have added a number of MLT and many of Francesca so I know about the quality of songcrafting and performance , in reality though in the world I have worked in as a promoter, and helping artists get charted on terrestrial radio, rarely do they stay up more then a few weeks, perhaps a month at most, that is my perspective as a professional in the business. Of course i work mainly in the Blues and country end of things and some folk. It is a tough slog getting any kind of actual real radio play in this day and age due to the onslaught and ocean of artists there are.

to your point of banning , well ts not a matter of banning, its a matter of giving other acts an opportunity to crawl up the charts, I personally think there should be a time limit like of 3 months, max , not song in this day and age hangs up the charts like in the years when we were listening to radio , anyways. i hear your point though and get what your perspective is all about, everyone is entitled to express their opinion, and not be told they are wrong or off base.



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Bryon Tosoff

10/6/2017 12:56:21 AM ---- Updated 10/6/2017 12:56:55 AM

When I started my promotions company 15 years ago, it was different then it is now, I relied entirely on sending out cds to radio stations and indie djs around the world, lots of product, and expensive especially to Europe.

I then was listening to a program on a radio station about this new submission system called musicrypt Canadian Company that then became DMDS / yangaroo now basically owned by US interests now. anyways, I got in touch with the new company and the president called me that night and invited me to try it out. and I did, all digital submissions. pretty cool system, I still use it on occasion, of course others started up as this was the new thing to get ones music out there with out losing product and spending a motherload of cash of postage

then the owner of Roots Music got in touch with me cause he knew I was using DMDS and queried me how it worked cause they were going to start something similar, but slight different platform, radiosubmit. i have been promoting artists using their system near 12 years now, so the sending out of cds was less and less over the years, except to college which preferred cds.. now that is changing

So until a bout 2 years ago I did an enormous amount of biz with places like airplay, radiosubmit and DMDS ,I still do promo, but not as much.

It was a hell of a lot of work building the biz, contacting djs and radio around the world and I had many artists on my roster , it is way different now. with the streaming companies like spotify, deezer pandora rhapsody and others which ultimately is the new radio. So I decided to do less of that and keep a few artists that I work with now as I am doing my own thing and building that part of my own catalog, that in itself is a crap load of work.

I could spend like hours explaining how the many thousands of hours I spent promoting people. to radio, and had up to 700 radio stations I worked with specifically in the blues , blues rock, country and folk end of things, and on occasion did some pop rock music. but stuck mainly with my specialty noted above.

Just wanted to give some of my background, a small snapshot, because my experience in the promotions field is extensive as an indie promo guy. or was.

still do a bit. but man it is hard slogging pitching music to the tastemakers and gatekeepers. But once I got known as a guy who had good artists and then djs trusted my judgement on the artists I pitched. ok, big deal. but it was fun. now, not so much


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