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Desperado Revue
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OOPS !!!

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Joan Baez, the girlfriend, the ex-girlfriend and the landlord's daughter

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New " Radio Station "

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12/26/2017 12:32:35 PM
Where have all the harmonicas gone, long time passing.

12/22/2017 10:43:01 AM
My 15 year old cat loves Verity's " Sleep Is Good, Sleep Is Nice ".

11/29/2017 10:18:18 AM
Why am I attracked to songs with the word " God " in the title?

11/28/2017 4:05:21 PM
This is for the Station Managers - How do you choose you're added tracks.

11/25/2017 12:46:49 PM
Football - I just don't get it


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Desperado Revue

12/26/2017 12:32:35 PM

Where have all the harmonicas gone, long time passing.
Had a conversation with best bud last evening with reference to harmonica.

We both agreed that it has been relegated to the past.

We also agreed that some songs, not all songs would benefit from a good harmonica break here and there without overdoing it.

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12/26/2017 2:04:41 PM

The harmonica is alive and well in 2017.

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Desperado Revue

12/26/2017 2:10:54 PM


That's what I'm talking about, but it seems to me that a lot more solo artist would benefit by adding harmonica here and there.

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12/26/2017 2:20:16 PM

I think a lot of artists need better arrangements, period! Harp solos, or a trumpet or cello. And more real drums would be nice, too!

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Father Time

12/26/2017 2:38:29 PM

I have harmonica in 3 of my songs.

The best harmonica I've ever heard brings tears to my eyes every time, just listened again.

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12/26/2017 2:49:47 PM

Yeah, that was sweeeet.

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Desperado Revue

12/26/2017 3:10:19 PM

OK, Scott

Give me your titles and I'll look them up.

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WWMM Michael

12/26/2017 10:48:21 PM

Ha ha Normand! I KNOW you KNOW of a couple recent guest performances by John Sebastian, John Sebastian himself! Did those performances inspire your conversation last night and thus this post?

BTW, Neil Young always played a mean harmonica, eh? Many, many others!


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Desperado Revue

12/26/2017 11:23:00 PM

Well Michael,

I could come up with a list of well known artists from the 60's and & 70's who still play harmonica to this day. I guess I was aiming more towards IMP. I've been listening to a lot of music here on IMP in the last few months and to me it seems that the harmonica is missing.

If the harmonica is here at IMP then ( except for Scott who has already told me that he has 3 songs with harmonica ) then I'll accept suggestions.

I guess I'm aiming to tell solo artists here, that play guitar and sing, is that some songs would benefit with the addition of the harmonica.

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Bryon Tosoff

12/27/2017 12:24:12 AM


Following are a couple groups I have promoted who have that mississippi sax going on


John Pippus has a bunch of great songs with harp on his artist page, here is a bit of harp happening here

Bring me some whiskey

Was in the White Rock Blues society as a founding member with this guy. great player
the Dog has been nominated many times for Maple Blues Harp Player of the year and won it a few

check out his page


I will try to suss out more down the road


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Desperado Revue

12/27/2017 4:49:33 AM

Thank you Bryon,


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Francesca Tamellini

12/27/2017 8:13:39 AM

As an instrument it has a lot of charm, but I wouldn’t want one. Of course of a great producer advised me to have one I could be persuaded, but to me they are too much part of the long hair and far away look of the seventies. This is not the instrument’s fault of course.

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Desperado Revue

12/27/2017 8:27:42 AM

Thanks Francesca

That's the kind of feedback I'm looking for.

Any other artist want to weigh in.


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Bryon Tosoff

12/27/2017 8:38:38 AM

the Harp is alive and well, pretty easy to learn, and it is primarily a blues thang folk and some rock . Pretty much every band and artist I promoted has a player, or dups as a guitarist ,harp player . so blues is king, blues had a baby and its name was rock

learning how to bend those reeds is pretty cool.

cheers and have a nice new years folks.


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Duane Flock

12/27/2017 9:24:46 AM

I wrote this song just so my good friend Blues-man Keith Brown could play on one of my tunes.
Keith played trumpet for years and switched to harp. He did his track on this song in only two takes!! The first one was to see how the song went...hahahaha...

Say What You Mean

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Desperado Revue

12/27/2017 9:54:34 AM

OK, granted that when it comes to the blues, the harmonica is well represented. But when it comes to solo artists either with guitar or piano, I maintain that some of their songs would sound great with a little harmonica break slipped in there.

How many times I've listened to buskers in the Byward Market here in Ottawa playing original material or covering other artists and what was missing was that harmonica to attract attention.

Let me tell you that when I hear a harmonica it gets my attention.

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Psyche's Muse

12/27/2017 10:43:26 AM

LOVE that ol' whore, Monika!( that's what we called "her"... or "it"... our antique(over 50yrs old) Chromatic harmonica... before acquiring a newer model... and then some more "standard" types in "E", "D", and "A"). I played with her all of the time in our "early days"... that "Year of the Congas"... before I had any bass guitar or keyboard.
For whatever reason though, I enjoyed the "Juice Harp"(Jews Harp) quite a bit more. I guess it was all of those throaty; internal "mouthy" sounds and feelings you can get with that thing which I really appreciated. It seemed to me more "personal" or "private"... and "intimate".
Anyway, I loved the musical postings... Stevie Wonder is sssSO "WONDERFUL"... in sssSO MANY... MANY Ways!
By the way, Mick Jagger played a pretty mean "whore-monika" too!( and by "pretty" I do not mean "pretty", but "MEAN!") haha! -M-

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Bryon Tosoff

12/27/2017 12:29:56 PM

True on buskers and the harmonica. great sound. the Mississippi sax is killa

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12/27/2017 6:23:27 PM

The mouth harp (as it was called in the old days) is an instrument that use to be a staple of some of the bands I played with. We had a couple of harp players who took turns wailing away for us. However, it has been many years since I heard a top 40 band with a harp player. That could be because of the continued decline of Rhythm and Blues music. Blues being the primary outlet for the harmonica, has gone so far from the mainstream that young folks these days don't even know what it is. Ask them about Lee Oscar or any other great Mouth Harp players and they will give you a blank stare into no where. Stevie Wonder kept the instrument in the mainstream for many years because of his versatile way of playing it. But Stevie hasn't had a mainstream hit in many years now. Even though he is a legend, even he couldn't keep the mouth harp in musical fashion. Hopefully, someday there will be a resurgence of people listening to Blues music and that may open the door for some good harp players. But right now, the future looks dim for the instrument and for Blues music. Bummer!

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Bob Elliott

12/27/2017 6:30:49 PM

Here ye go, it’s the main sound:


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Richard Scotti

12/28/2017 2:04:38 AM

Paul Butterfield played a great blues harp.

Stevie Wonder is the king of harmonica playing and often used a chromatic harp
where he would push a lever and change the note scale. When he was twelve, he had a #1 hit called "Finger Tips" which was mostly harp playing.

Bob Dylan gets the loudest cheers in concert when he plays the harp. It's his signature thing.

Neil Young plays a mean harp too.

The Beatles rarely used the instrument but John Lennon played one on Love Me Do and it was the hook that made the song a hit.

I play harmonica on my songs: At Close Range, Spending Borrowed Time and This Is Not Goodbye.

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The Rhythm Kings

12/28/2017 5:09:46 PM

Paul Butterfield Was my hero on harp. I play quite a bit on our tunes. Our song "Drowning in the Desert" I get to cut loose. Don pushed me pretty good on that one.

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Desperado Revue

12/29/2017 9:16:39 AM

Just listened to and added to station Richard's " This Is Not Goodbye ".

Now that's what I'm talking about. A little harmonica here and there.


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Shoe City Sound

12/29/2017 1:48:36 PM

There's this genre of lounge-ish electronica that has totally revived harmonica from it's old associations. This tune is from 2008, but there are more recents ones too.

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12/29/2017 2:13:25 PM

I think I'd really like one now, so handy, you can keep one in your pocket and play it in the park or on the train. I did have one years ago - I could blow quite well but I found sucking difficult :)

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Shoe City Sound

12/29/2017 2:24:24 PM

On second thought - this track could be an accordion .. hmmm don't know

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Richard Scotti

12/29/2017 8:05:32 PM

Thank you, Norm

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