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Desperado Revue
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OOPS !!!

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Joan Baez, the girlfriend, the ex-girlfriend and the landlord's daughter

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5/26/2018 11:22:01 AM
Ants or Bees

4/11/2018 11:22:41 AM
New " Radio Station "

3/7/2018 11:03:18 AM
Thoughts and Prayers

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Personal playlist vs. true radio station concept. ( on IMP )

1/30/2018 8:24:01 PM
HIgher Power

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Impasse and Decision

12/26/2017 12:32:35 PM
Where have all the harmonicas gone, long time passing.

12/22/2017 10:43:01 AM
My 15 year old cat loves Verity's " Sleep Is Good, Sleep Is Nice ".

11/29/2017 10:18:18 AM
Why am I attracked to songs with the word " God " in the title?

11/28/2017 4:05:21 PM
This is for the Station Managers - How do you choose you're added tracks.

11/25/2017 12:46:49 PM
Football - I just don't get it


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Desperado Revue

5/26/2018 11:22:01 AM

Ants or Bees
It you had a choice, would you rather have a monster ant hill or a condo size bees nest, with elevators and escalators, in your back yard.

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Bryon Tosoff

5/26/2018 11:27:57 AM

Haha I had a huge swarm of bees in my tree last year plus I had an infestation of ant in my house around a window area .called a bee keeper friend of mine for bees tore apart the wall around the window and replaced everything awful mess give me bees and high rise of them anyday

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5/27/2018 12:32:53 AM

Well you can tread on ants if they come into your house and they build their colony a way away... bees won't leave once they're trapped but usually they stay outside.. Wasps are much worse and build huge nests in the loft, then you find dead bodies all over the bedrooms. I find it hard to kill either.

Why do you ask?

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Bryon Tosoff

5/27/2018 10:20:44 AM

yes, yellow jackets wasps are horrible beasts ,but they serve a purpose, keep away the bad insects that ruin your garden. I admit I have destroyed many nests before they got too big some in my greenhouse, and some under the deck adjacent to the water garden area. I sit there lounging away listening to the little water fall and admire the lilies and plants, I used to have Koi, but alas the racoons had a feast and so now I let the thing just splatter away with water

I been stung twice . once above the eye and then 7 times on my right foot when i tried to kick the buzzy thing away. now that was painful. my foot was a mess.

oh on the top of my head while away at camp as a young boy and that folks hurt like hell. very painful

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Desperado Revue

5/27/2018 12:20:56 PM

Well, I've had one experience with yellow jacket wasps, where my alternate self kicked in and saved the day.

We were renting this top floor 3 bedroom apartment.

Now, down the middle of this apartment was this hallway that went from a little front window to the back door in the kitchen. On either side were the bedrooms and washrooms, the living room and dining room and into the kitchen at the back.

Here's the deal to this story.

From the kitchen I saw a swarm of wasps heading for that window at the front of the hallway and in a split second decision I opened the back door and laid down on the floor.

It worked, that swarm just came in that front window and quickly made it out that back door, bypassing all the rooms on either side of that hallway.

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Bryon Tosoff

5/27/2018 12:59:08 PM

Brilliant. improvisation and thinking quickly save the day.

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