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Bryon Tosoff
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8/18/2019 4:10:26 PM
Supernatural and compelling video for new novel Children of Pleiades

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Your love falls like rain

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6/29/2019 10:44:58 AM
Children of Pleiades Video Trailer-author Lloyd Tosoff music by Bryon Tosoff

6/28/2019 8:28:11 PM
been working some way awesome new jazz chords, wacky as hell gonna be amazing!!

6/27/2019 2:22:20 PM
Breaking up a fight-road rage issue

6/27/2019 12:36:05 PM
People. by george carlin

6/26/2019 11:16:53 AM
Some people are stupid.

6/25/2019 10:50:26 AM
Keanu Reeves says

5/31/2019 7:31:13 PM
How are things going everyone

4/13/2019 10:59:24 AM
O Celli in White Rock Concerts Series- 8 cellos and they did Bohemian Rhapsody

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New Mix of Moonlight Stroll with Paul Wainwright doing sax

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Cowboys and Indians

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Mars Rover Opportunity Vid

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The God Particle video experimental soundscaping

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I smoke too much. cough

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Alternate Parallel Universe Musician plays music in reverse

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ECHOES a piano instrumental video

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3/6/2019 1:29:50 AM
Georgia On My Mind performance at blue frog studios

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Keith Flint passes

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2/26/2019 1:38:42 PM

2/24/2019 3:49:31 PM
dabbling and experimenting with sounds

2/24/2019 11:24:28 AM
Escape from Konigsberg Video Trailer by Lloyd Tosoff-music Bryon Tosoff

2/23/2019 12:38:10 PM
Breakfast-cave man style in my man cave

2/21/2019 1:46:33 PM
peter tork dead

2/21/2019 1:29:03 PM
The Ian MacLeod action thriller series-video trailer,music by Bryon Tosoff

2/19/2019 11:40:59 PM
Hey! What's Happening

2/19/2019 5:22:17 PM


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Bryon Tosoff

6/27/2019 2:22:20 PM ---- Updated 6/27/2019 2:44:40 PM

Breaking up a fight-road rage issue
A number of years ago I was driving home after church with my wife and two young children and we were heading up a hill and came to a standstill, cars lined up for some ways, so I get out of the car walk up a bit and there were these two guys rolling around in the pouring rain, in the mud fighting and punching the crap out of each other so I yell at them that they are blocking traffic and cars are lined up, I am right over top of them trying to stop these two idiots and they are going at it, so I go to a guy witting and watching and ask for help, he jumps out and we both jump in and pull them apart off the ground soaking wet and getting a bit of the punches as they slow down and eventually stop, so me and the other guy ask them to pull their cars over to the side so cars can get past theirs which are blocking the road. One guy starts off about this other guy following too close and slamming his brakes and them getting into a slight bump and the altercation began. so this goes on for a few minutes, this is when I did not have a cell phone, it is like 30 years or more years, I got one in 1986, the size of a brick. lol remember those, anyways, things settle down and I tell them to report the issue to the police when they got home, well one guy got charged for assault because he got and reported it first, I found out this later after I was a witness and gave him my number, he was so pissed, not at me, but at the other guy getting him with charges. he had my phone number, felt sorry for him and said, man I aint getting anymore into this I already pulled you two guys apart and your reaction was ill advised

I dont stop anymore when I see this type of thing, cause people now carry guns here, not many but enough, and or pull out a tire iron or other weapon of choice. its nuts out there and you can get hurt, this has happened numerous times where you see in the news of people getting the sh-t beat out of them for intervening, aint worth it

my wife was freaking before I got out, dont do this she said ,I said, doing it, we need to get this under control and get these cars moving and get home, I was not about to wait and wait watching to idiots rolling in the mud pouring rain slamming each other, and being younger and full of piss and vinegar and figuring I could handle anything, I just jumped at the thing. it was a reaction, wanting to get the thing out of the way

Road Rage, I have some stories I mentioned here before with people throwing beer bottles at my car, swinging chains and trying to drive me off the road, I can tell you, people out there are driving high stoned drunk and when there are 5-6 in the vehicle you are in trouble and did nothing to engage or bother, they just looking for trouble. thankfully I managed to escape the situation off the freeway by diverting onto a different exit to a different freeway ,freaky and scary man. lots of nut cases out there

Walk, dont drive LOL but wait there is more, even that is dangerous. I have another situation I will share later, the world is full of nut freaking cases man

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6/27/2019 3:09:41 PM

Never engage with another driver. Roll up your windows and look straight ahead. Pretend they are invisible, don't even make eye contact. I've done enough driving to know that a certain type of individual goes out looking for these type of confrontations and become very brave when they can threaten you with their car. Small guys in big pick-up trucks are the most dangerous, don't even merge in front of them, that's plenty enough reason for them to start acting up. Whatever the situation, do not engage.

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Bryon Tosoff

6/28/2019 1:36:53 AM

Awhile back coming home after a nice walk and enjoying the day So here I am crossing the street in a crosswalk essentially halfway through it in and this guy comes barreling ass turning right off Thrift ave which is a main street and he driving like a bat out of hell, speeding screeching roaring right in front of me, near hits me with his car, I stopped as I saw him coming, not much to spare and I stood there . so I go, like man whats up with you and throw my hands in the air like are you not aware

he slams on the brakes, jumps out the car and stands there and says what you gonna do about it. yelling screaming ,like I am at fault, I keep walking and pull out my phone and make like I am going to take a picture, and I keep walking towards the doctors office at the complex there and stand right like I am going to go in, like I am scared shitless and figure he was going to chase my ass and kick the crap out of me. so he jumps back in and roars off. Man, some people are loose canons and crazy these days.

And there's more. but that is for another time. walk carefully folks, there are nuts and crazy ass losers out there , and madness lurks in some people, they have no conscience and dont give a F---

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6/28/2019 5:22:21 PM

This is why I practice martial arts daily. You never know when some violent idiot is going to confront you for no reason at all. I am always ready for whatever. Not looking for trouble but able to subdue or repel it if it comes my way. Muscle memory. It has never failed me.

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