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Bryon Tosoff
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10/29/2020 12:47:00 PM
Self Employed or ?

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Look to the future

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45 of the Beatles my first record

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British Columbia bends curve, covid 19 at 2 cases today

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MISTY piano solo

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Rocky Top Tennessee-Cotton Pickin Kids-bluegrass sweetness

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Drake drops Dark Lane Demo Tapes.

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DREAMSCAPES with Duane Flock

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Boinking Poof, the gods of boinking boinked my thoughts too

4/26/2020 8:52:04 PM
roll with the punches. Harpoonist and Axe Murderer

4/26/2020 3:10:19 PM
Time to head for the hills and get the hell out of here!

4/26/2020 1:34:18 PM
This shut down, it creeps me out, is this shut down, just a test run, for more control of us-future

4/25/2020 9:58:01 AM
My Fear My anxiety and my hope

4/24/2020 4:59:24 PM
3 legged chickens, hornless cows, ducks and groin kicking by Buddy Hackett

4/20/2020 12:06:31 PM
Covid is a killer and a killer rampage in Nova Scotia

4/19/2020 8:57:37 PM
I am here for the music. no more nominations for station manager. thank you

4/17/2020 10:04:45 PM
Drove the car 3 times this past 30 days

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Five musicians-one song. many time zones

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Speaking Moistly Video sung by Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau

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Social Distancing Self isolation and going mad in your one room apartment

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The masked man comes into imptown with a message of critical importance

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looking back at my years at Indie Music People

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Experiences of people saying, well you suck!

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3/20/2020 10:34:47 PM
SPOTIFY FEATURES 50 of my songs on a playlist they made

3/17/2020 4:50:10 PM
How is everyone doing during this COVID 19 crisis

1/31/2020 12:37:15 PM
California passes law that will cripple and burden indie musicians

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A mind is like a parachute

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On being a Station Manager and its importance to the health and well being of IMP

1/1/2020 10:44:48 PM
Who is the guy in the picture beside me?How did he get his stage name

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Doing a classical tune, saving those nice sounding notes!

12/24/2019 12:37:52 AM
Don Henley cover of Yes it is

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What the Fk happened to Beatbox Beethoven artist page?


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Bryon Tosoff

4/25/2020 9:58:01 AM

My Fear My anxiety and my hope
COVID 19 is at war with humankind .This horrible thing that has been unleashed on us is a brutal monster of a virus. It is not just an ordinary flu virus. The analytics and evaluation coming out from those investigating its make up and of what it does to the human body is mind boggling. Have any one here done some reading up on the way it ravages the body. Not only the lungs, which in some people are horribly scarred, but the liver, the kidneys the HEART, leaving weird chilblain blister like things on ones toes, extremities, blisters, this virus whether weaponized or not, is contributing to blot clots, where amputations of peoples limbs have to occur especially with those with weak or compromised immune systems, this is a brutal horrible thing we are suffering through,

I fear for mankind. And especially for those with underlying health problems, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis and the many other aspects to health issues many people are suffering with. This is a horrific thing that is coming after us with a vengeance, this so called virus is packed with so much firepower I fear many of us will not survive.

There are too many elements that point to something far more deviant and wretched then I even want to dwell on. Please please be safe everyone, follow the health authorities suggestions, they are warning us for a reason, because even they know it is more virile and not fully understood of what this really is. A Vaccine is not a cure unfortunately it is a preventative measure with NO GUARANTEES, quite frankly these experiments are just that. monkey juice and some kind of crazy glue mixed in with a hope and prayer. My goodness we are in for the hellacious ride in this war we are in

I am not a conspiracy theorist this post is not about that, this post is about my fear of what it will do and has done to people who survive, they will never be the same, my concern is for the well being and safety of my family, friends relatives and all mankind. My heart goes out to those who have lost their loved ones and were not there to hold their hand and comfort them in their fight against this devastating ugly creature that has ripped families apart and who mourn those they have lost. Just be safe.

I had pneumonia as a young kid, double pneumonia both lungs. ended up in the hospital for some time , I recovered. And there was no lasting damage or so I think there wasn't This is no ordinary virus it is shredding and literally destroying peoples bodies especially the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, those with underlying issues if they get this thing, it is a long ride to recovery for many older and already sick people. anyways, my anxiety level is more elevated then ever, and I am a pretty steady together guy, but this thing, that is happening around the world, I fear for our safety and well being and for those who dont have someone , the people on the street, the homeless, those with challenges, addictions, mental illness , this horrible thing only compounds the already strained health care system and the beautiful people who are struggling on the front lines. I have no answer and only can send my cosmic vibes out to you all where ever you may be

Stay Safe all. Be Careful. Be kind and calm and be caring. Cheers and Love

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Richard Scotti

4/25/2020 4:15:29 PM ---- Updated 4/25/2020 7:44:58 PM

I'm moved by the sentiments in your post Bryon. Sometimes all you can do is embrace the uncertainty. No one can see into the future but isn't that always the case? For every unexpected bad thing that happens - it is equally possible that an unexpected good thing can happen too. We just gotta hang in there and try to weather the storm.

There is a random element to life that is hard to comprehend. A piano drops on one guy's head and another guy wins the lottery. One kid is born into poverty and abuse while another is born into wealth and comfort. We can't control where we're born or who we're born to or radically alter our genetic destiny, so we basically have to play the cards we were dealt and do the best we can.

Everyday I make a mental list of things that I am thankful for and I do my best to try to block out negative thoughts and fears as much as possible. I share all your concerns about yourself, your family and humankind in general. And because you care, you will thrive and rise above any challenge. When we forget to care about others - that's when we falter. It's normal to feel highly anxious during these dark days but anxiety can be transformed into a different kind of energy and channeled into productive and calming pursuits.

Keep those good vibrations happenin' and I'll do the same.

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4/25/2020 10:30:08 PM

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Bryon Tosoff

4/26/2020 1:30:02 AM

Thanks for your thoughts and helpful suggestions Richard. I found them very supportive and gave me a bit of comfort. Appreciate you taking the time to convey your insight and understanding in that way

So Gregg, not sure what this video is suppose to mean, but I dont think it fits the subject matter I shared. If you want to participate be my guest. I just cant stomach anymore news theories reports etc. I just wanted to share my feelings and how this whole thing makes me feel and I know many others are in the same situation, it is very disconcerting and I am doing my best to wrap my head around it all. It has shaken me to the very core, and I dont see us coming out of this situation anytime soon. I have something that was distressing a few weeks ago of a longtime friend who suddenly passed so it makes me sad to see many others suffer such horrible deaths, without the comfort of their family able to be there because of the restrictions.

Sometimes people suffer in silence. Sometimes people dont reach out. Sometimes people cave in under the duress and Sometimes life just doesnt make sense. Sometimes things just crush you and the weight of distress and heaviness of it all what is going on and happening is painful.So I look to the future and hope for some relief and that we see some light shimmering in the distance revealing a glimmer of hope and rescue from this terrible thing our peoples are enduring

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Psyche's Muse

4/26/2020 6:57:54 AM

For All Those Kind Words And Thoughts... Thank You Both Bryon And Richard!

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4/26/2020 7:08:31 AM ---- Updated 4/26/2020 7:10:37 AM

I'm simply trying to lift yours and everyone else's spirits Bryon by presenting another reality to this event. And that is people as a whole are surviving this illness with few if any problems. Now for the ones put on ventilators, that's an entirely different matter and thanks to brave doctors like Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, the 80% death rate from the mis-use of these ventilators may end this senseless carnage that is occurring in plain sight. Yet our politicians remain silent about this while openly blocking workable alternatives that very well may have saved all those people who as it appears, may have all needlessly died.


"Dems plan to censure Michigan lawmaker who said Trump's boosting of hydroxychloroquine 'saved my life'"


"The 13th Congressional District Democratic Party Organization argues that state Rep. Karen Whitsett, D-Detroit, broke protocol by meeting with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence during an April 14 meeting of coronavirus survivors and for crediting hydroxychloroquine with saving her life.

Whitsett first made the claim that hydroxychloroquine – a commonly prescribed anti-malarial drug – saved her life during an appearance on Fox News' “The Ingraham Angle” earlier this month. She said that if it weren't for Trump pushing the drug through the Food and Drug Administration's approval process for off-label use and touting it repeatedly during his daily press briefings, she may not have survived the disease.

"I really want to say that you have to give this an opportunity," she said on the show. "For me, it saved my life. I only can go by what it is that I have gone through and what my story is, and I can't speak for anyone else. So that's not what I'm trying to do here. I'm only speaking for myself."

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4/26/2020 7:44:47 AM

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Bryon Tosoff

4/26/2020 11:47:44 AM

The reality, well the reality is this, this plague, virus,horrific thing that has been unleashed on us around the world is causing horrible life long challenges. This is of course not a flu, nothing like that at all, it is for some,enough of us a deadly killer. Now if you take to time to read my post I explain a number of things that it does to the human body, not just the lungs. Daily doctors virologists epidemiologists are noting the damage this particular wicked virus is doing to the organs, the neurological aspects damaging the brain, liver kidneys etc. extremities. Week by week the experts and gaining more and more insight to the various aspects of this thing and how insidious and destructive it can be on certain people. Indeed this ventilator thing has been re-evaluated, although here in BC our health people use it right away,on only a few of the more affected people, and for a short time to help people along the way, it is not being used as a panacea rather more at a way to assist them in tackling the virus, anyways, I am done, we will let the experts evaluate and solve this problematic destructive thing and in a few years maybe we will have answers and understanding more as laymen

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4/26/2020 12:28:37 PM ---- Updated 4/26/2020 12:29:25 PM

Personally, I hope to see wrongful death lawsuits brought on behalf of those who died needlessly as well as charges brought against politicians who deliberately blocked treatments that could have saved these people. As Dr.Cameron Kyle-Sidell and now other brave doctors are saying, the patients they are seeing do not meet the criteria of ARDS (Acute respiratory distress syndrome) and the ventilators are damaging the patients they're seeing, not helping them.

"Nearly all Covid-19 patients put on ventilators in New York’s largest health system died, study finds.."


Nearly all coronavirus patients who needed ventilators to help them breathe died, a study of New York’s largest health system showed.

It found that, overall, about 20% of Covid-19 patients treated at Northwell Health died, and 88% of those placed on ventilators died. A ventilator is a device that forces air into the lungs of patients who cannot breathe on their own because of severe pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome.

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Bryon Tosoff

4/26/2020 2:21:25 PM

Why is this virus re-activating after some who had it are dealing with the infection again! It is not a re-infection, the virus is re-activating itself. like it is programmed to click on and off, this is way far out man

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4/26/2020 4:48:11 PM

If that is indeed happening in could be the 5g connection, many still believe that the entire Covid-19 matter is a ruse to cover for the negative heath effects of 5g, primarily that it pulls oxygen out of the air and is causing breathing difficulties that give the outward appearance that a virus is that cause when again, that may not be the case.

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