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negative tendencies
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9/3/2019 8:16:00 AM
a song about romance in times when 300 million guns are pointed at you

8/29/2019 11:48:12 AM
the first ever Neg Ten song with saxophone

7/30/2019 2:53:32 PM
we pimped up our page

7/28/2019 6:16:06 PM
passed 4000 followers on Twitter

6/7/2019 7:15:19 AM
brand new video for You Turn My Pages

6/3/2019 4:15:55 PM
when a rock band goes Motown

5/18/2019 3:18:00 AM
new video for Hardship Lane

4/22/2019 10:02:40 AM
The seasons are changin', our problems the same

4/9/2019 5:42:35 PM
Do Ya Think It's Ok?

3/29/2019 9:13:49 AM

3/16/2019 7:32:37 PM
new video actually featuring our band

3/9/2019 9:58:47 AM
another brand new song by your favorite rockers

2/17/2019 4:06:23 PM
the most important song this year??

2/8/2019 8:49:43 PM
we mean business.

1/17/2019 8:22:07 AM
political music

9/4/2017 3:16:20 AM
We got interviewed.

8/5/2017 3:55:33 AM
Holy infidelity! Our new video...........................

8/3/2017 2:53:09 PM
Let Your Feet Walk

8/1/2017 7:44:35 AM
If you have Twitter, please follow our band.

7/12/2017 9:31:33 PM
Well every dog has its day

7/10/2017 11:34:51 AM
we. crossed. the. threshold.

6/26/2017 9:01:27 AM
rumors of a comeback?

4/30/2017 9:50:26 AM
a psychedelic party

1/26/2017 6:20:52 AM
Is there even an audience for rock like the Who and the Stones anymore?

1/9/2017 1:51:35 PM
Let the pre-hype begin

10/22/2016 7:11:38 PM
Led Zeppelin II was released 47 years ago today

7/29/2016 6:46:33 AM
The ultimate act of musical rebellion

7/28/2016 12:02:07 PM

5/24/2016 1:06:18 PM
for all the new pipeliners who like rock.. Are you ready for the future?

5/11/2016 12:44:23 AM
our new song, maybe one of the best songs I've ever been a part of.

5/8/2016 8:52:48 AM
It's coming.

5/2/2016 12:28:07 PM
We just released our DMD and it is pretty cheap.

4/26/2016 5:12:52 AM
Don't forget about us.

2/21/2016 11:58:05 AM
Astronauts heard unexplainable music on the moon.

2/7/2016 8:21:04 AM
That time has come around again..

1/9/2016 11:32:54 AM
new Negative Tendencies song is good for a freakout

10/16/2015 5:36:01 PM
WTF? Neg Tendencies take on the mighty Zep in a new hardrock romantic thrilla!!

10/12/2015 3:39:27 AM
Our band has a 2nd video already :) You may like this one more than the last

10/10/2015 12:36:31 PM
fear of speaking online, like on the pipeline


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negative tendencies

10/12/2015 3:39:27 AM

Our band has a 2nd video already :) You may like this one more than the last
then again you might not, but it's different, not as much garage bandy, more lyrical, with some sage advice included..

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Father Time

10/12/2015 11:16:59 AM

just grovelling for some interest. Anybody?

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10/12/2015 11:19:28 AM

Okay, I've already had a Jumbo Bucket of French Fries with a Beard
tell me I'm too longwinded, and the greasy pile o' carbs is right. I am.
So I'll watch out for that.

Lyrically, I can't say I agree with a 'head is better than heart' argument,
I find it's trouble favoring either one, because neither one's always right.

Now. You put more work into this record.
Still has a 'hurry up and top Lesley' feel to it, but you'll get there.

You overdubbed yourself in the vocals. You're still singing sort of wallflowerish,
but you'll get past that. Your Father Friggin' Time, after all.
The minutes are not shy about announcing their presence,
by nor should you be. Brevity is the soul of tit, whatever did Bucket o Fries
mean by that? I have soul. Oodles. I have tits. Nice girls indeed. Brevity?

So, better work on making the record,
as a song I'm gonna say I liked the first one better, as a song.
This video was cooler. That's a safe bet. First one wasn't bad,
but this topped that.

As one who him/herself throws a record together so fast
it'll make you all hate me, I'm recommending you slow down,
just enough, to put more focus into getting the notes you
really want in it. You kinda just jammed this one out.
Not that I'm saying it doesn't work. It does. There's a cohesive whole to it.
Just, I don't know, seems to be less passion (I'm big on passion,
it's what rock n roll is made of, that and sex) than the first...

Now, as far as the sentiment, 'the change is for the better',
with the concept being 'better to let your head rule you than your heart'..
well, okay, I'll grant that you go that route,
you probably get yourself into less trouble.
But head's just a friggin' calculator, and best not to give it
more importance than that. Is my opinion.

Yes, you've proved to me,
and I guess I'm the one here to prove it to, you can throw a record
together in a minute and a half just like me.

Scott, what I wanna hear you sing about,
is what brings out your passion...
This sounds like a 'Hooray for compromises and concessions!" memo.
Almost as if you yourself do not quite belief it.

Yeah, and Yoda over here picks up on all this, yes, and nerve to say it have I.

Your band is a good band.
Tell the truth now, is it all you?
Physically it's all me.
Though I channel some talented cats.
Speakin' of cats.. there's somebody on here now, just saw 'em,
"Time Cat"...

is that another you, or somebody who decided having a name
with Time in it is too cool not to try and get a piece of.

Anyway, Scott, You Are Insanely Talented.
You're just bored, Brother. That's my call it like I see it.
Incidentally, I'm definitely a Lesbian, I'm growing a beard,
incidental here, but I'm thinking like a guy at the moment,
okay, regarding that, the change IS for the better.
'Cause God knows I'm one hideously funny lookin' chick.
Do have a nice rack though.

Write about the stuff that makes you feel.
Head may get you through the crap icebergs and shit in life,
keep you from being the Titanic,

for our hearts at time threaten to make Titanics of us all....
(And God Knows This, the sneaky bastard)

but I gotta say, head is at best a songwriting partner,
heart usually does better. Just sayin'.


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10/12/2015 11:32:56 AM

I will watch and listen shortly. Right now I'm at McDonalds - really - and being lunch hour it is a madhouse. I'll post my thoughts here, but if it's the same people playing as on the last one, I'm looking forward to it.

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Father Time

10/12/2015 11:38:56 AM

thanks you guys.

Lesley, it's a 3 piece internet band. says who does what at the end of this video.

I get what you're saying about getting your feelings out in music. We actually completed the whole EP of 6 songs before we released the first one. It took a very long time to get done.

I'm going to put 2 new songs on my FT page today, one which is the most emotional song I've ever done, and another about One Sided Love, check em out when you get a chance. Should be there in 10 min. maybe. No wait, I have a video for the deep emotional one. :)

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10/12/2015 11:59:57 AM

Just watched the 'deep emotional' one... that's a bit more like it...

the sounds and textures are nice, the vocals real if generally subdued,
do you ever once scream I wonder...

you burn a quiet smoulder on it, I'll give you that, Buddy.

I'd love to encourage you to howl and yell sometimes,
perhaps your new group will help you come out in that regard.
Rock N Roll is known a bit for how loud it is more than how quiet it is.

This video is the best I've seen yet from you by the way,
on the upside,
on the downside, I'm glad you got a band
because the bass and drums on this are to my years and ears
leaving something to be desired. Yes the 'emotional' one
with the hillside footage and I'm wondering 'are we going off a cliff now?'

I would love to see what I could get out of you
if I were ever to produce a record for you.
It might be interesting. You'd hate me for life, but it might be interesting.
Well, you see this flamboyant bitch I sashay around here being?

Well the part of me running the show in the studio,
is more like a Drill Sgt. You wanna know how I do what I do?
I kick my own ass. I don't even turn into French Fries to do it,
but it was fun seeing you lecture you on Trump.
And yes, he's better than the other Republicans.

That's still not enough to make me not see what self serving liars
that Republicans generally tend to be. But that's not the subject
of this thread anyway. Thanks for popping by mine by the way.
My first ever post. Figured what the hell.

You only live twice.


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10/12/2015 12:08:31 PM

I have another side band where I yell a bit, it's with Noah Spaceship, that weirdo. :)

I'll have to start a page up with that stuff eventually.

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10/12/2015 12:10:17 PM


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10/12/2015 12:18:39 PM ---- Updated 10/12/2015 12:18:58 PM

Focus said you to you. I'd listen too. God only knows what you turn into next.

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Father Time

10/12/2015 12:27:51 PM

Not me. You're a little paranoid, eh? I've seen people get lost in this who's Waldo thing and never bounce back so my recommendation would be to just deal with the words and not the identities because this is the internet, handles are allowed and if you don't know for sure, don't assume or ... you make an ASS out of U and ME. :D

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10/12/2015 12:41:30 PM

Regarding "The Change is for the Better"

I listened twice, really got into it.

This sounds like a real garage band, and that's a compliment. Great groove, driven by WeAp's bass, he played the licks, hit 'em right on; and the production on the bass is great too, love that cutting growl as I've said before elsewhere. I like the drums too.

A production note - a whole lot of this is panned straight up. I would spread things out a bit, and on the lead guitar, pan it way left and double it equally to the right with a very short delay. There are some outstanding lead parts and they should be heard! Then also, spread out other tracks including the drums; only bass, kick, and lead vocs should be panned straight up, IMHO.

The mix sounds a bit overdriven, and that may be partially resolved with the panning.

Lyrics are once again meaningful and well-constructed, culminating with the truth that "change is for the better", couldn't ask for a better hook.

I believe that the song is about 45 seconds too long. all of that would not necessarily come off of the end.

You have improved tremendously as a vocalist, and you have a sound that is uniquely identifiable and it is a signature part of your music. I'm not a vocalist, or so my drummer's mom told me when I was 16, stifling that forever :). But I know what I like and when somebody has it or they don't. I think you do, and you should stick with it, just watch the occasional tendency to sound nasally, and run vocal tracks through Auto-Tune to catch the occasional flat note - everybody does it these days, so you might as well level the playing field.

So I like the song. It does rock, and it is something I will be listening to for pure enjoyment over the coming days and weeks and into the future.

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10/12/2015 12:45:44 PM

Okay Seriously French Fries.

Who are you really?

Because I have to tell you,
if a bunch of fries talked to me about how my vocals have developed
over time, I'd be totally creeped out.

"I'm being stalked. By Fast Food?"

You have a job as a music critic or what, this was articulate,
too much for a person, and you're a potato product for cryin' out loud.

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10/12/2015 12:48:35 PM

I'm a little paranoid you posit?

It's only paranoia if they are really not out to get you.

Fortunately, I scare the shit out of everyone, so I'm basically okay.

Good advice though.... don't worry about who it is.

Because it doesn't matter.

What's being said matters.
Except when what's being said is so, personal,

you kinda wanna know who said it.

And I can even call out the spud slices and yet see
no human being own up to being behind it.

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Father Time

10/12/2015 12:56:58 PM

well it's allowed. If there's anyone in the world who should be allowed to post under a fake name it's an artist, because even though this shouldn't be, personalities are taken into account when people listen to music online.

You want adversity, there was a time when the whole mp3.com forum was filled with fake Father Times. I got banned twice for things fake names did and mp3.com had to apologize once when this guy confessed he was the culprit.

Put it out of your mind. Consider all the handles a mirror to how folks feel about you, and then why even care?

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Father Time

10/12/2015 1:01:08 PM

Frylock, thanks for checking out Change and I'm glad you liked it.

As for what your drummer's mom said, they still tell me that all the time. Somebody compared my singing the other day to getting his teeth pulled. Learn to love your voice. I do. Hell people hate Neil Young's and Dylan's voice but it's done alright by them.

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10/12/2015 1:01:22 PM

At one point in my life, I was a big fan of ATHF (and Metalocalypse, and other Adult Swim series). I had some things in common with the personality of Frylock, so I went with it.

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10/12/2015 1:12:37 PM

FT, it was a pleasure to listen, and as I said, looking forward to more from this band.

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8/21/2019 1:39:11 PM ---- Updated 8/22/2019 9:21:14 AM

Ignore me, I'm a stupid idiot.

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Bob Elliott

8/23/2019 1:34:41 AM

Think of all the internet bullshit you could have avoided if you’d just come out the gate as a member of Neg Ten.

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Father Time

8/24/2019 8:41:14 AM

They sure gave me a lot of grief, didn't they?

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