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10/5/2019 4:53:12 PM
These are great times to be a provocateur.

9/8/2019 9:13:20 AM

6/6/2019 4:38:16 AM
What's doin?

12/20/2018 5:00:31 PM
Boxers or briefs?

12/9/2018 2:16:56 PM
I tracked down my internet stalker and beat him up.

11/24/2018 1:33:38 AM
Did anybody miss my ass?

6/30/2018 6:40:15 PM
self-congratulatory artists

4/26/2017 8:32:35 AM
Which of these choices excite you more?

4/6/2017 1:03:20 AM
oh Raandy, you came and you gave without takin

2/11/2017 12:39:12 PM
I got into a barfight last night.

2/2/2017 6:53:36 AM
Juliette Lewis

1/27/2017 10:57:28 AM
Evil creeps get a bad rap if you ask me.

1/13/2017 12:47:40 PM
Artists are weird

1/3/2017 7:02:49 PM
I like that Cathy Ennis

1/3/2017 1:01:07 AM
I saved lives this past weekend.

11/1/2016 1:48:22 PM
Shut up already.

8/18/2016 3:12:26 AM
the day the pipeline died

5/27/2016 11:24:02 AM
James Taylor is a rapskallion

3/3/2016 9:42:55 PM
I can't take politics anymore, may move out of the US.

2/26/2016 2:36:54 PM
ideas for stories that would make lousy songs

2/19/2016 7:42:57 AM
Is there such a thing as destiny?

1/30/2016 1:37:01 PM
Post a random line of lyrics that comes to your mind.

1/23/2016 1:48:17 PM
Enjoy our decadent fudge brownie

1/20/2016 5:53:04 PM
the obvious

12/30/2015 2:41:54 AM
Why no nomination for badddest dude on IMP?

11/26/2015 10:41:28 PM
too much turkey leaves me in a bad mood..

11/17/2015 5:53:35 AM
I hate being a slave to my internet provider

11/8/2015 1:05:19 PM
Ronda Rousey

11/2/2015 8:26:01 PM
Tom Jones is taking a DNA test to determine if he is black.

10/12/2015 4:59:18 AM
We have giant grasshoppers in our bathroom

10/10/2015 11:26:59 AM
God's master plan was screwy.

10/4/2015 4:31:58 AM
Wouldn't it be great if you had to pass an intelligence test to vote?

9/19/2015 1:32:34 PM
I don't usually get violent but

9/17/2015 2:14:30 AM
Goldilocks syndrome

9/12/2015 1:56:28 AM
I hate being bi-polar, it's awesome.

8/25/2015 6:29:13 PM
high maintenance neighbors can go to hell

8/18/2015 2:44:31 AM
our new artists are mighty shy these days, aren't they?

8/2/2015 1:42:07 PM
Anybody got any good recipes for buffalo wings?

7/26/2015 12:06:58 AM
You know what pisses me off about indies

7/12/2015 11:55:59 AM
this site is proof that indie music is dead

6/12/2015 1:45:19 AM
Indies, are they relevant to anything?

5/24/2015 12:48:01 PM
Should indies overthrow iTunes and throw off all the mainstream acts?


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10/5/2019 4:53:12 PM

These are great times to be a provocateur.
with the world in disarray and all.

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the donald

10/5/2019 7:40:22 PM


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