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Ruth Garnes
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10/13/2017 2:28:43 PM
Sweet Spot

6/9/2017 9:17:01 AM
In The Arms Of God

6/5/2017 12:21:18 PM
I wish Love wasn't like Rocks

5/23/2017 10:47:40 AM
September; A tale of desire.

5/21/2017 9:15:39 AM
Caramel Girl

5/15/2017 7:29:41 AM
A Place Of Love

5/12/2017 7:08:27 AM
Red White and Blue

5/11/2017 2:04:51 PM
Behind the Lyric, "Go Away"


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Ruth Garnes

5/15/2017 7:29:41 AM ---- Updated 5/25/2017 7:28:47 PM

A Place Of Love
A Place of Love is about atmosphere. A Place of love is about atmosphere. A place where a person is well received loved and cared for is what this song is about.

Born in Belize, I migrated to the US when I was 18 and in my mind tropical places are paradise. Belize was very laid back when I was a kid. We never had to close or doors at any time. Time has changed and it is not like that these days, but all that it was then that image stayed with me. A Place where I knew I was loved and well received.

I have a collection of poems and lyrics called the cry of our children and A Place of Love is one of my poems on page 59.

Thanks to American Lesley Jane for collaborating with me on this song and for his flare of sounds of the Caribbean. He wrote the music and recorded this song.

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5/15/2017 8:21:26 AM ---- Updated 5/18/2017 7:29:29 PM

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5/15/2017 9:14:15 AM ---- Updated 5/18/2017 7:31:36 PM

Copyright 2017 ~ Ruth Garnes & American Lesley Jane
And I donated my half of the proceeds to Ruth, because I'm a poorionaire philanthropist.

I enjoyed doing this.
But it was a one time thing.

I wish you well, Ruth.

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Richard Scotti

5/20/2017 9:36:55 AM

@ALJ ~ it was nice of you to reach out to Ruth to help her with her song. Kudos!

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Lars Mars

5/20/2017 2:41:32 PM

Poorionaire,.. loved that one Lesley.

Ruth, i'm sorry to hear that Belize has deteriorated so...

I once thought of moving there... It's a shame.

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