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Steve White
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5/3/2018 6:14:47 PM
For Norm of Desperado

4/15/2018 8:21:34 AM
How many of you?

3/27/2018 5:00:49 PM
New Song Coming

3/19/2018 6:31:52 PM
Who owns song page 114227?

11/30/2017 7:27:18 AM
My Christmas Songs are up!

10/24/2017 6:54:05 PM
New Song on my page

6/1/2017 5:22:07 PM
Some of my songs will be on a live internet radio show tonight!

5/24/2017 11:56:06 AM
New very short song

4/15/2017 5:55:44 PM
New songs called Standing in the Rain and Village by the Sea

3/2/2017 12:04:18 PM
Yes, I am a gamer

2/10/2017 1:01:38 PM
35 Stations

2/3/2017 8:21:01 AM
Do I have this song in the right category?

1/20/2017 3:15:28 PM
Been posting my songs from here on Facebook

1/10/2017 4:52:39 PM
Just changed my song order

12/23/2016 6:42:28 PM
White Christmas

11/28/2016 5:38:40 PM
Just put my Christmas songs at the top of my page.

11/21/2016 4:18:30 PM
For those of you that celebrate it

11/13/2016 7:02:17 PM
Video of One of my many versions of this song.

11/2/2016 8:16:44 AM
Mouse in My House is finished

10/17/2016 2:08:56 PM
Ok, here goes! Dream a Little Dream

9/26/2016 8:53:59 AM
No Place Left to Stand

9/10/2016 1:31:57 PM
Ken from Two Silo Complex's Ehoes Of Yor. New and final mix

9/6/2016 10:39:13 AM
Just added a YouTube Video for Beggar in the Night.

9/1/2016 11:14:58 AM
Live Happy Birthday Song

8/31/2016 10:46:44 AM
Herxing really bad today

8/27/2016 11:28:25 AM
Looking for some airplay on this new song. Comments welcomed

8/19/2016 2:22:49 PM
With A Little Help From My Friends

8/14/2016 1:12:01 PM
Wow! Thank You Indie Wavelength!

8/14/2016 1:10:20 PM
Thank You 5 Songs, A Pear

8/13/2016 4:18:07 PM
I Can't Say

8/4/2016 3:02:13 PM
Who here plays music in their car with a USB stick?

8/2/2016 6:04:44 PM
Still working on Mouse in the House

8/1/2016 11:27:13 AM
Just leased a new car

7/27/2016 3:59:31 PM
Thank you to The Jazz Club and The Blues Bar Stations

7/27/2016 11:00:03 AM
Thank you Tech Support

7/26/2016 6:23:01 AM

7/22/2016 10:57:03 AM
Does anyone here use Medical Marijuana?

7/18/2016 10:45:06 AM
Over 30 family members for a cookout at my house

7/15/2016 8:54:09 AM
Birthday and Anniversary today

7/12/2016 4:52:24 PM
When you record a song?

7/9/2016 4:25:32 PM
My true stories continued

7/9/2016 3:18:35 PM
One of my true stories

7/6/2016 6:08:46 PM
A Cup of Coffee. Now on a radio station near you.

6/29/2016 7:49:44 AM
I have a 77 Fender Jazz Bass

6/23/2016 5:32:26 PM
Here's a song you might like. Now being played on cool stations and number one in it's Genre!

6/1/2016 12:35:16 PM
Finished updating Pictures

5/26/2016 7:45:04 AM
Looking for an Animator

5/24/2016 10:43:56 AM
Just changed the order of my songs

5/12/2016 5:19:08 PM
How do I get off musicxray.com?

5/5/2016 10:00:23 AM
Going to practice for a bit

4/27/2016 4:14:04 PM
I have a song posted on a radio station here but....

4/25/2016 2:00:27 PM
My latest song "I Don't Know Why"

4/17/2016 4:17:26 PM
Looking for someone that is experienced with Apple IPad

3/11/2016 2:10:50 PM
Just added another rough song to my page

3/8/2016 6:59:16 AM
How many of you do collaborations? Song added now.

2/29/2016 9:12:24 AM
I just finished the remake of Better Change Your Ways BEATLESEX version added.

2/23/2016 1:54:21 PM
My first Instrumental

2/14/2016 11:48:19 AM
Happy Valentines Day

12/23/2015 9:53:23 AM
When do you take your Christmas Songs off your page?

12/19/2015 12:07:50 PM
Decided to do one more Christmas Song

12/18/2015 3:05:11 PM
Last Christmas Song just uploaded

11/30/2015 7:25:46 PM
Just put my first Christmas Song up

11/27/2015 7:11:11 AM
How do I find the value on my 77 Fender Jazz Bass?

11/21/2015 7:31:32 AM
Rise of the Tomb Raider

11/18/2015 4:36:32 PM
What do you use for recording gear?

11/17/2015 9:34:00 AM
Will be working on new songs soon now

10/29/2015 10:43:12 AM
Ghost Ship of the Sea. Now on my page

10/19/2015 5:33:54 PM
New song on my page

9/20/2015 4:45:23 PM
If you want to hear my songs?

9/15/2015 7:21:05 AM
Finally selling my 2480 DVD

9/6/2015 8:05:22 AM
Lost 11 songs

9/3/2015 12:15:41 PM
Medical Marijuana for or against?

9/3/2015 7:54:35 AM
Where is my post?

9/3/2015 7:40:05 AM
Any Gamers in here?

6/8/2015 7:56:44 AM
Just got my laptop up and running

4/29/2015 10:57:45 AM
Have a bunch of songs I need to upload


IAC Prime Member


Steve White

3/2/2017 12:04:18 PM

Yes, I am a gamer
I just started playing a new PS 4 video game called Horizon Zero Dawn.

I don't know how many of you are serious gamers but this game is really cool.

The only problem is when I start a new game, my music stuff goes on the back shelf. Not really a problem though.

Anyhow if you are a gamer and own a PS4? You should check this game out.


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Bryon Tosoff

3/2/2017 2:18:34 PM

hi Steve, I never have been a gamer.a player in that realm. never got the bug. but i am sure there are many here who have.

someday maybe


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Steve White

3/3/2017 9:40:39 AM

Hi Bryon

Gaming is not for everyone for sure. I have a certain order on how I do things because of my illness. First stage, I'm feeling pretty not bad so I work on music. Second stage I'm not that great so I play games and third stage I feel pretty bad so I watch TV.

I've had a corneal infection for about three weeks now and can't see things up close but can see the TV so I'm gaming. The eye is getting better with these antibiotic eye drops I've been using so I'm very glad for that.

So I was very glad to see this game come out. It's a lot of fun if you like gaming.


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3/3/2017 12:14:43 PM

Ima gamer. Have been since the 80's, when it became possible on computers.

Don't own a PS4 (my son has every system), I'm exclusively a PC gamer. I do love virtual worlds. Skyrim was a lot of fun, and PC games have the advantage of being able to mod games like that to your own taste.

I'm actually currently trying to reinvent myself as a game developer, using Unreal Engine. It's where the action is nowadays.

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Steve White

3/3/2017 7:10:21 PM

That's cool Dan

I played Skyrim on one of my counsels awhile back and really liked it. I look for long lasting games. Really loved all of the Assassins Creed games, well one and two were not the best but still enjoyed playing them.

Let me know how you make out on your development project.


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3/3/2017 7:57:08 PM

Oh, yeah, I liked the Assassin's Creed stuff, too! They've gotten a lot better as they progressed!

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Steve White

3/3/2017 8:03:57 PM

While I was waiting for this new one I was playing Assassins Creed Syndicate with the twin Brother and Sister in England and it was great! I also really liked the one where a Pirate kills an Assassin and takes his place. Lot of ship battles that were really cool.


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Steve White

3/11/2017 7:00:03 PM

Guess it's just you and me Dan. :)

I'm still playing. Oh! I watched the new movie Assassins Creed last night with my wife. She loved it, I thought it was good but not great.


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