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Bryon Tosoff
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5/27/2017 8:35:45 PM
The Coming of Age, all songs review and opinion

5/27/2017 12:26:50 PM
some jazz for your morning coffee, not me though. but someone with same last name

5/27/2017 11:57:04 AM
Today I am your friend, Tomorrow your enemy

5/26/2017 10:49:50 PM
the reptilian male brain

5/26/2017 12:24:30 PM
VIDEO -Very last performance with bluevoodoo at blues bash blue frog studios

5/22/2017 5:06:00 PM
Canadian rapper Drake pulls in big batch of awards at Billboard Music awards show

5/22/2017 4:59:05 PM
David Crosby goes on a Steely Dan trip ? cool tune though

5/21/2017 10:39:40 AM
summer, garden and vacay

5/20/2017 4:32:28 PM
Our Father Time,who art in the nation of IMP

5/20/2017 1:06:24 AM
artwork with song-its important

5/19/2017 12:26:11 PM
So. where will you be in 5 years

5/18/2017 11:43:47 AM

5/17/2017 1:40:27 PM
piano projects - thats me folks, thats who I am

5/15/2017 10:54:15 AM
GIFT OF LIFE -piano solo

5/10/2017 3:09:36 PM
Kick Back Album Charting at CJAM JAZZ playlistings @ #2

5/8/2017 12:29:03 PM
Where money can be made in music without really trying

5/5/2017 1:52:31 PM
My Sanctuary

5/5/2017 1:02:57 PM

5/1/2017 3:22:18 PM
Beverly Jayne releases a new single today, Champion

4/30/2017 12:42:33 PM
Just heard a Beverly Jayne new track

4/27/2017 10:20:19 AM
Building a following -staying connected, working the crowd

4/24/2017 4:44:59 PM
subject is music. sticking to that

4/12/2017 4:41:56 PM
Startin new station about love, or something

4/9/2017 8:43:26 PM
Song recorded using Richmond Mixing Board and analog recording reel to reel Studer

3/16/2017 5:29:00 PM
Thanks for all you do here at IMPNATION ,carry on your good works

3/16/2017 4:30:43 PM
He said "I am walking into the light" to me in a dream soon after he passed away


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Bryon Tosoff

5/8/2017 12:29:03 PM

Where money can be made in music without really trying
Throw anything up on tunecore or cdbaby even half ass slop . U already know that do up some sample dump in a couple riffs and drum loops and viola .seems anything gets looks and plays .no thought no real effort or even anymusical skill necessary .not all is like this obviously .I talked to someone who threw together a project in no time and got it on various platforms and made some serious coin .got a ton of listeners .plays on spotify elsewhere and bam .who needs to be a musician anymore oh we are .and there are lots elsewhere not just here.just an example of how diluted it has become and how fast one could slam a song or project together with noskill .do up meaningless lyrics to fill the tunes or dance music which is fine ..use my smartphone for this. Any thoughts. More to come. Good waste of my time doing this....right now to go do some throw together crap music and make millions lol. Cheers

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Father Time

5/8/2017 12:45:57 PM

I never tried Tune Core but it looks expensive. CD Baby brought in no new listeners that I could tell.

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Bryon Tosoff

5/8/2017 1:00:18 PM

I suppose some have connections, or know the system, how it works, not sure. anyways, just a thought. people will listen to anything.

the other side is pitching ones material out to people who know you, I have done that with people I know , friends students parents, neighbors and got some bites on releases, its marketing and promotion. two different things,but these days I think I will just leave it to the pros in the business of streaming, it seems to be the place to make some decent coin its a whole new world. and I think, a better one for the artists who want to at least make a little coin, its just getting someone in the biz to discover your music and if it fits their needs at the time for genre. and who are willing to go to bat for you. just swimming with the sharks ,its a gamble , so I have be a piranha

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American Lesley Jane

5/8/2017 3:12:38 PM

maybe the music business as it is now needs more managers...
this sounds intriguing, but it's more than I can get my head around;
I'm strictly about making records. if someone came along who could get
me on these things, in exchange for a percentage, theoretically,
that is a thing that could work...

not even so much for me, but, maybe, a lot of people are like this...

really more how I'm speaking of this, more for other people's benefit,
as I suspect many are afraid to admit it's too much for them to process...

I almost prefer not to have additional headaches...

one man's sack and ashcloth is another man's coat and tails.

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