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Bryon Tosoff
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10/21/2019 12:15:45 PM
Voodoohead Productions artist Sean Poluk reaches #1 at Rootsmusicreport

10/12/2019 1:59:25 PM
When I die, I am coming back as a Drummer-definitely

10/11/2019 12:17:36 PM
Never Going To Lose-Sean Poluk -Promotions by Bryon Tosoff

10/8/2019 1:55:39 PM
get more streaming by following these key suggestions-cdbaby

9/24/2019 5:04:49 PM
Robert Hunter, Grateful Dead’s poetic lyricist, dead at 78

9/22/2019 12:29:37 PM
Street Spirit by Paul Groover

9/20/2019 11:47:03 AM
When it's time to change directions in ones music career

9/19/2019 5:15:04 PM
Learning Curve, one big freaking challenge and still trying

9/19/2019 11:19:40 AM
It's Time Right Now with IMP allstars Duane Flock and Dolores Paradise

9/18/2019 1:31:02 PM
New song, It's Time, Right Now - with all star IMP artists coming soon

7/28/2019 10:07:08 AM
Your love falls like rain

7/26/2019 3:00:17 PM

7/17/2019 1:32:51 PM
The Day I fell off of a building

7/15/2019 3:00:16 PM
Playing Sheet Music upside down

7/5/2019 10:36:37 AM
I woke up again

6/30/2019 11:21:49 AM
The magic and mystical

6/28/2019 8:28:11 PM
been working some way awesome new jazz chords, wacky as hell gonna be amazing!!

6/27/2019 2:22:20 PM
Breaking up a fight-road rage issue

6/25/2019 10:50:26 AM
Keanu Reeves says

5/31/2019 7:31:13 PM
How are things going everyone

4/13/2019 10:59:24 AM
O Celli in White Rock Concerts Series- 8 cellos and they did Bohemian Rhapsody

4/12/2019 2:12:27 PM
New Mix of Moonlight Stroll with Paul Wainwright doing sax

4/9/2019 9:18:18 PM
LIFE BELOW ZERO-Alaskan wilderness

4/6/2019 2:56:23 PM
Cowboys and Indians

3/20/2019 11:50:48 PM
Mars Rover Opportunity Vid

3/20/2019 6:24:30 PM

3/18/2019 10:47:10 PM

3/16/2019 5:55:57 PM
The God Particle video experimental soundscaping

3/15/2019 4:48:08 PM
I smoke too much. cough

3/14/2019 1:39:04 PM
Alternate Parallel Universe Musician plays music in reverse

3/9/2019 4:45:51 PM
Mystical China recording Sessions vids

3/6/2019 1:29:50 AM
Georgia On My Mind performance at blue frog studios

3/4/2019 5:48:20 PM
Keith Flint passes

3/4/2019 12:58:26 PM
Luke Perry Passes away

2/26/2019 1:38:42 PM

2/24/2019 3:49:31 PM
dabbling and experimenting with sounds

2/23/2019 12:38:10 PM
Breakfast-cave man style in my man cave

2/21/2019 1:46:33 PM
peter tork dead

2/19/2019 11:40:59 PM
Hey! What's Happening

2/19/2019 5:22:17 PM


IAC Prime Member


Bryon Tosoff

9/22/2019 12:29:37 PM

Street Spirit by Paul Groover
So cool cover of Street Spirit by Paul Groover, dig that Track Paul. outstanding, one of my favs here at IMP, , I think it is one of the coolest tripping releases of the year, for me anyways. added to 3 of my stations, you really did an outstanding job on the tune man

Street Spirit

rock on man


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Two Silo Complex

9/22/2019 3:44:49 PM

Holy Shit Paul that was awesome! Great build up, Atmosphere is perfect.

Saying well done sounds like an insult. This is incredible.


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Paul groover

9/23/2019 7:10:16 AM

Thank you very much always been a fan of Radiohead. Doing the BG's was the hardest for me.

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Bob Elliott

9/23/2019 8:11:14 PM

Nice work.

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Paul groover

9/24/2019 6:38:31 PM ---- Updated 9/24/2019 6:42:22 PM

My Friend who sung this is a street performer in my local area. I used to go watch him play in bands. When i was just a beginner he helped me. Until he moved away. Never thought i would see him again. So doing this was really good. Thanks Bob for your kind words

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negative tendencies

9/25/2019 5:05:49 AM

Fade out again, indeed.

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Richard Scotti

9/25/2019 9:30:15 AM

.....great lyrics, ambitious production, stellar vocals - apocalypse rock is alive and well.

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Paul groover

9/27/2019 5:10:23 PM

Thank you for the Featured song spot means a lot to us. Craig does not even know i released this song. So he is in for the big surprise. He just started up again in a local band. After a long absence family and that. So here,s hoping it works out for him. We were going to do a coverband called the Electrojets. 80,s and 90,s with some oldies and goldies thrown in.It wasn't the music it wasn't the playing or singing it was the tech. I was running into all sorts of problems. I started with a revox and a rx11 drum machine now that you can rely on to work the odd tape break Selotape the past was easier. Using computers is like balancing on 3 high beer crates while juggling with the unknown shape shifting squid from Lake Vostek. We did one gig and that was it. I could have just bumped it down into a stereo file. I always use the real or as real as i can get. A synth is a synth and a guitar is a guitar not a wav file. If is that what the original artists did we did it. Or tried to we did have a couple of stinkers still got them. But most of it was reasonable. I have a dropbox folder with a cd. I will post it up. It's all covers. Craig is the dude for what people like.

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Paul groover

9/27/2019 9:15:29 PM

Here's another The Model by Kraftwerk.

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