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Intro Signal
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11/5/2017 9:13:35 PM
Not Just Yet

4/29/2017 10:39:28 AM
Something's Not Right

1/8/2017 6:58:14 PM
Crazy by Intro Signal

6/10/2016 4:32:35 PM
On a Monday, by Intro Signal

9/17/2015 11:43:28 PM
Someday Soon - by Intro Signal

9/17/2015 11:30:47 PM
Good - by Intro Signal


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Intro Signal

4/29/2017 10:39:28 AM

Something's Not Right
Thank you for all of the great feedback on our song Crazy!!! Here is the link to our newest release off of the album called Something's Not Right. This is a taken-with-a-grain-of-salt song written about my experiences in the music business and it is dedicated to all of my brother's and sisters trying to make great music everyday just like I am trying to do.

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Marc Ceccotti

4/30/2017 10:32:04 AM

This song keeps you to its end; Which is increasingly rare nowadays. The general atmosphere gives an impression of quantity of sounds but these are well orchestrated and participates in a form of hypnosis accentuated by the beats of the bass and the vocal dissipated in the echo . We can say that the main aim of provoking one or more emotions is achieved.

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