...just a girl and two guys who can't get enough of combining genres for musical pleasure - what else can they do during canadian summer, besides wait for the 'roll up the rim' contest to start up again?

kelly also performs backing vocals for numerous musicians, including mark bradford (a dear friend) of punch me hard and television's own stroud, known to most as les stroud - survivorman. kelly has been known to email pretty famous musicians to offer her back-up vocals (for free, even!) but so far, jane siberry, ashley macissac & blue rodeo are yet to respond...um, guys?

all about timing
Kelly, Jeff and Ian's first crack at putting their heads together. That the girl's only talent was piling on vocal harmonies didn't seem to bother the boys at all.

aaa adult alternative

come around
Jeff knows all about 'girls like that'. God love 'im. We sure do.

alternative pop rock

in particular (a capella)
No guitarist? No problem! Vocal harmonies and nothing more.


decide my direction
a collaboration from about five years ago with the multi-talented chuck spera.

Alternative Pop Rock

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10/6/2007 12:27:19 PM
Hey Kelly-- haven't been around IAC in like forever. Just stopping by to see what's up. What's up? And what's up with the forums? Are they still active? (Tried to follow the link from the IAC main page, but it gave me an error...)


4/13/2006 12:37:18 PM
Way to go, Survivorman!

My friend Les Stroud, known now to most as 'Survivorman' from t.v., has worked harder than most people I know, and it's finally paying off for him.

Les is a genuine fan of the arts, namely music and film, and he's a fine example of persistence paying off. He didn't rely on anyone calling the shots for him; in fact, he didn't even have an agent to call up any channels to pitch his television show ideas for him. He did it all himself. And all be damned, it all worked out.

The show 'Survivorman' chanced to be seen by Ellen Degeneres herself, and she was so amazed by Les that she invited him to The Ellen Show!. The show aired yesterday (April 11th, 2006) and one good thing led to another - Les is now scheduled to be on the Larry King Live show this month.

Musically, Les Stroud has a cd coming out this spring with The Pikes (formerly The Northern Pikes). His self titled debut album can be ordered via his website, and lucky me, I'm the girl doing some of his backing vocals. He also has several contracts with various channels which will feature new episodes of Survivorman as well as a few new series of shows.

My point is... this all happened because Les never gave up. He had a vision and followed it through. I'm proud of him, and I find the whole situation completely inspiring.

If you're interested, visit www.lesstroudonline.com for more info, or to say hi to Les.



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Digi-llusions is a site well worth checking out if you're into unique art & photography. The site belongs to my good friend Jason Gateman who has done work for the likes of Madonna, Big Sugar, KISS and many others. The amazing thing is that Jay doesn't charge famous-people-prices on his work, trust me. And lets face it - your studio walls could use a change!

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Les was awesome on The Ellen Show in case any of you missed it. Wow! The Larry King show has been postponed but keep checking for the date!

My friend and fellow musician Les Stroud (Survivorman) will be on The Ellen Show April 11th & Larry King Live on April 13th... how cool is that?! Visit www.lesstroudonline.com for more info, or to wish him well!

Finally, another song posted. Wee-hoo!

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