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Richard Scotti
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1/18/2023 4:02:18 PM

10/8/2022 10:09:49 AM
SON OF A GUN (Americana / Country Rock)

11/18/2021 5:05:42 PM
TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE (for GK consideration)

10/11/2020 4:29:19 PM
Bad Blood Between Us

6/25/2020 6:58:21 PM

2/7/2020 3:52:00 PM

1/19/2020 7:18:21 PM

8/31/2019 5:52:33 PM

1/22/2019 1:26:27 PM
Every Dog (Has His Day)

10/2/2018 6:44:21 PM

5/24/2018 4:25:12 PM
Long Live The Dove

1/25/2018 4:44:13 PM

10/4/2017 7:38:22 PM
Independent Music

8/7/2017 4:54:08 PM

2/23/2017 10:01:15 AM

1/6/2017 6:10:39 AM
Work In Progress (new link)

12/4/2016 12:34:57 PM

9/7/2016 10:35:06 AM
New song: "Americana Rose"

6/24/2016 4:40:45 PM
This Is Not Goodbye

6/21/2016 4:08:35 PM

6/10/2016 6:49:34 PM

5/12/2016 4:15:29 PM
SON OF A GUN by Richard Scotti


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Richard Scotti

9/7/2016 10:35:06 AM

New song: "Americana Rose"

Americana Rose

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9/7/2016 10:36:34 AM

You know,
oddly enough,
I just left a comment on your page about this.

This is quite good indeed.

That's a reserved way of saying it.

Less reserved?
Oh, okay, be right back.

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9/7/2016 10:38:36 AM

Okay where was I.

Oh come on.
You already know this thing is basically perfect.
It's definitely great. You already have to know that.

Come on.

Elvis has left the building.

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9/7/2016 4:11:30 PM

Well done man... excellent tune all around... the over-all sound, singing, playing, production... deserves much more then just floating around IMP. Hope it brings you some attention.

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Richard Scotti

9/7/2016 9:27:41 PM

@ALJ ~ I was actually unaware of how good the track is and I'm so honored that you (our resident genius) deemed it so. This is first time you've ever reviewed one my of songs and I couldn't be more pleased. When I write and record, I shut out the world and I have no idea if what I'm doing has merit. Of course in my heart I feel it's good while I'm writing it because my heart rarely never lies to me. But until other people hear the song I truly have no idea to what extent it will grab people or not. Thank you for confirming my hopes.

@JeffH ~ I also respect you and your work so much. Your comments are like sweet validation and vindication. Self doubt is actually what propels me forward. I love to walk the high wire because the risk is so exciting. Over confidence can make one complacent. Humility makes me work harder and makes the rewards sweeter. Thanks again for the very specific review covering all the areas I was questioning before posting the song.

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Shoe City Sound

9/8/2016 3:42:09 AM

Yeah, I have to agree, this is really perfect. Of course the whole tune is beautiful - lyrics, harmonies, the fiddle in the background - and don't even get me started about your production - always so clear and beautiful that it becomes another dimension of the art. So all that, and then that break leading into the end! total fabulous surprise. What a great song Richard, congrats.

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Richard Scotti

9/8/2016 6:24:09 AM

That you so much Delores. Your support means a lot to me. This song has been a real labor of love for me for a number of reasons and it took a very long time to get it right. Your comments and the other positive comments prove to me that when you really believe in a song you can't give up on it. I worked hard to make the song end with a bang rather than a whimper.

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Ian 'Chalky' White

9/16/2016 1:01:13 AM

Wow. A really full sounding tune, i loved it. Everything sounded spot on.

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Marc Ceccotti

9/16/2016 1:15:55 PM

Perfect Americana ballad song, very good composition excellently interpreted, superb production, very nice lirycs,great vocal & arrangements... Richard still offers us a raw diamond.

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Richard Scotti

9/18/2016 9:58:26 PM

Thank you Ian and Marc for those very kind words. It means so much to me to be appreciated by my peers. It's what keeps me going.

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9/21/2016 1:24:08 PM

Just when I thought it wasn't possible for you to get better than you already are, you write and produce Americana Rose. All I can say it that this is excellent work. It deserves to be on the radio right now. Great music tracks, awesome song crafting, amazing musicianship. No one does it like you! You Rock!

Much Respect,

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Richard Scotti

9/21/2016 5:01:31 PM ---- Updated 9/21/2016 5:06:25 PM

Aw shucks Mr. Stone, you warm the cockles of my heart (no pun intended) ;-)
My lord, I'm getting the vapors! (pun intended) Thank you so much my friend, but when you hear the song I wrote about Prince, smoke will come out of your ears!

It has that Stoneman stank! You influence many of us here with your brilliance and I'm one of your most attentive students.

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9/23/2016 6:19:15 PM

Oh my, I am so looking forward to hearing that stank on your next jam. Let us know when it is up. Much Respect, Stoneman

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Richard Scotti

11/6/2016 2:57:51 PM

Thanks again for all the kind words. I'm busy working on a new CD which will of course have Americana Rose on it. Perhaps you would consider nominating Americana Rose for a Golden Kayak Award. I usually don't lobby for my work but life is short - so why not? Much time and effort when into the song. I'd like to leave a musical legacy that I can be proud of and will live on after I'm gone. That's what this new CD represents in terms of the musical and lyrical content.

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The Rhythm Kings

11/15/2016 4:48:32 PM

Well Done Sir! Well Done!

The Rhythm Kings

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