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TCBGR is an Internet radio station based in Prattville, Alabama. We play a wide variety of hot country music from today's stars and the classics from your favorite legends, along with the best of New Pioneer Stars, who are filling their shoes, every hour every day!

If you are an artist/band, and you are looking for some great radio play, you have come to the right place. We accept all submissions, for Country, Bluegrass, and Gospel Music, if interested contact us.

TCBGR, is on the air 24/7, streaming in aacPlus. You do not have to register or pay anything to listen.. it is totally FREE!! All you need is an installed player, that supports aacPlus streaming.., such as Winamp 5.0 or higher.

Tell all your friends to come and check out the #1 Rated station on the net for the best mix around.
To tune into our station, visit http://community.loudcity.com/stations/tcbgr-true-country-bluegrass-gospel-radio

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Mark Wayne Glasmire   Great artist, great music.
Ricky Skaggs   One of my favorite Major Bluegrass artists
Trinity Lane   Wonderful artist and DJ as well.
Leslie Satcher   Simple awesome! Love your music
Chely Wright   Absolutely love your song "Bumper Of My S.U.V
Patsy Cline   What can I say except, nothing like Traditional Country Music. Love your music!
Nashville Session Players   Hey guys... awesome as always!! Keep them coming :)
MichelleRene   Great talent here. Would love to see you in concert!!
Tiffany Lee   Great remake of Heart Of Glass... I Love it!
Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash   Johnny you may have went home to be with Jesus, but your music will never die if we have anything to say about it!! Smiles to you and you will surely be missed!
Conway Twitty   Another great Traditional Country Artist that will sure;y be missed, but your music lives on!
Van Preston   Love your songs. Keep them coming
Kevin Montgomery   Keep that music coming Kevin... Love it!
  Great music Rick. Keep them coming!
Terry   Love your music Terry... send us more please.
Donny Sawyer   Awwww.. yes what a voice.. love them Donny.
Merle Haggard   This is what we are all about. Keeping Traditional Country Music ALIVE!! Another great legend that is surely missed, but his music will live on!
The Grace Michaels Band   Hey you guys... send us these songs.. will spin them for you for sure.
Hattie Wilcox   Whoooo Wheeee... Love this Fiddle Instrumental.. absolutely awesome!!!
rollie stevens   Man what a voice. We enjoy playing your music. Keep them coming!
James C Allen   Hey there James... Thanks for the great music
Bobby Bare   Great music Bobby.. need more songs from you!
  Dean Holmen is a true to heart Traditional Country Singer and Songwriter, always coming out with some great tunes!
Hank Brake   Love your music
Robert Allen   Throughly enjoy all of your songs Robert. You are getting great radio play from us. Keep them coming!
Wylie and the Wild West   This is some awesome Cowboy Country, Love it!
Rustie Blue   Great stuff!! Oh yea
tj nelson   Love your music! This one is a great toe tapper
Seth Turner   Great Music Seth... send us some and we will play you on our official station!
  Love it... keep them coming.. if you want some airplay, send us some songs.
Doc Bates   You know we love playing your music, it's awesome! Would love to have a copy of this one... send it on..
Randy Thomas   Hi Randy... great tune.. you are getting great radio play with this song.
danstewart1   Great music Dan... Keep them coming
John Arthur Martinez   Hi John.. Loved your music when you were on Nashville Star, and still do! Great songs.. Hope your family is well. God Bless.

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