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super 8 radio   The inspiration for K-9
quirky pop 801   Wonderfully devoted to quirky pop.
Epic Soundtracks   A wonderful collection of songs to pass the day by with.
TXRadio   From the wonderful band, Theatre X, A great station full of chewey pop goodness.
For Those In Need of Airplay I   A fantastic station idea. pick the best songs from artists being played on less than 10 stations. Highly recommended.
PoPRoX   Gleefully eclectic mix of indie, pop, electronica and roots. Not to be missed.

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The Widower   My Nefarious alter-ego.
Ian McLagan   Are you kidding? Ian McLagan? OMG!

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From the makers of K-RTRO; The 9 songs I'm currently bashing my brain with. Got this Idea from the station "Super 8".
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Ian McLagan
Itchycoo Park
What a truly gorgeous and moving rendition of this classic song. Ronnie will always be missed but this is a wonderful way to remember him. Thank you Ian. added to station 4/16/2006 2:26:31 PM
Rock 1263
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The Livingstons
Culture is like a knife
Woah! Vocals immediately hit me like Vanian. Great rock/old school punk guitars. Awesome lyrics. Boy am I glad to have found this one! added to station 3/14/2006 7:32:12 PM
Rock 1263
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