Knock one down, watch the rest fall.
Beat two wings, make a wind, blow down a wall.
dןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ʇǝsǝɹ

0 - Purgatory
1 - Blood (drop1)
2 - Lovesick
3 - Consequence
4 - My Small World Shrinks
5 - Wake Up Alice
6 - Butterfly Typhoon
7 - Timebomb Syndrome
8 - Blood (drop 3)
9 - Reset The World

Blood (drop 1)
Reset The World : Chapter 1 Welcome inside, it’s here where I hide. Shake off the cobwebs I have on my mind. Don’t mind the mess, it’s just my distress....

h h

Reset The World : Chapter 2

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter
h h

Reset the World Chapter 3

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter
h h

My Small World Shrinks
Reset The World : Chapter 4

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter
h h

Wake Up Alice
Reset the World: Chapter 5 - Rabbit Ear Looking Glass

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
h h

Butterfly Typhoon
Reset The World: Chapter 6 - Knock one down, watch the rest fall. Beat two wings, make a wind, blow down a wall.

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter
h h

Blood (drop 3)
Reset The World : Chapter 8

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter
h h

Secret Weapon (acoustic)
Acoustic version of an old pop punk song I wrote when I was 15. Original version recorded by Cragmatic Pope in 1995.

Acoustic Singer/Songwriter
h h

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Rand Reynolds

9/19/2012 5:45:04 PM
I've been amiss, Shane. Shame on me. You are definitely unique, with a outstanding curious clean sound. Please continue writing more and defining your own sound. You're on the right road. Remember: Nobody ever got famous sounding like somebody else. Good work, my friend.

Multiple Mike

2/9/2009 7:39:51 PM
I was able to fix up (actually, it's more like reduce) the quality of the new song so that it could stream a little more sensibly.

Multiple Mike

2/8/2009 2:26:30 PM
So I'm here too, now.

Shane Willard

10/9/2008 6:04:37 AM

Beth Fridinger

10/7/2008 10:15:59 AM
hi...I tried to answer you in topics and it did not work. Check size of your file and name of your music file....make sure it's an mp3 and not too large. Many things haven't been working on this site and I had to type in these numbers to get into the site because if I typed the URL I get the site host's web site. These are the numbers I typed to get into IAC that a friend gave me another time the site was down.


9/25/2008 11:00:19 AM
Hi Shane!
(enter the code, wait 45 seconds, download, easy breezy beautiful)

You talking about us??? ;-)

Welcome to IAC!



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