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Neil w Young

12/17/2018 12:42:15 PM
Think about this ...

12/4/2018 4:49:23 PM
IAC/IMP member Rayburn Anthony

4/7/2018 3:53:44 PM
Hockey world and beyond mourn after Humboldt Broncos tragedy

12/23/2017 12:29:59 PM
Merry Christmas & Thank You

12/12/2017 12:33:43 AM
Sudden death of musician and valued member of my recording team.

1/1/2017 1:57:10 PM
To the members, staff and shareholders of IndieMusicPeople.com (IMP)

12/29/2016 3:33:14 PM
Oldies - Golden, 1950 to 1965 Genre … and more

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2015 Golden Kayaks

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2/13/2012 1:10:41 PM
A Personal Message and Letter of Appreciation to the Members of IACMusic.com

12/1/2008 3:55:59 PM
FREE CD - "No Looking Back"

11/13/2008 10:01:30 AM

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10/16/2008 9:50:01 AM

9/7/2008 5:01:00 PM

4/7/2008 6:51:20 PM

3/21/2008 1:58:19 PM

9/7/2007 1:22:00 AM
"HELLO, I'M JOHNNY CASH" - one of three songs from debut album "NO LOOKING BACK" selected for compilation CD in Canada

8/7/2007 12:57:50 PM

7/24/2007 1:18:55 PM
Tributary Music

5/7/2007 10:59:06 PM
NEIL w YOUNG & The Legendary Bear Creek Band say thank you to everyone for two recent # 1 songs on Country Chart.


IAC Prime Member


Neil w Young

12/17/2018 12:42:15 PM ---- Updated 12/18/2018 12:13:36 AM

Think about this ...

Think about this, and count your blessings this Christmas as you listen to "Christmas 1915" performed by Celtic Thunder.

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Shoe City Sound

12/17/2018 8:41:11 PM

The add didn't show - so that's good haha

I think about this kind of stuff ALL the damn time. Don't even get me started on the people that send others to die.

May 2019 chip away at (or through a miracle) bring an end to this paradigm so that these and all the beautiful voices can sing of peace and harmony.

Love and PEACE to all

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Neil w Young

12/18/2018 12:31:04 AM ---- Updated 12/18/2018 12:40:27 AM

You're right about the ad not showing, Dolores, so I edited out that part of my post.

I agree too with your thoughts here.

Lessons not learned from history result in history being repeated ... time and time again. When will it ever end? When will we ever learn?

"The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind." Bob Dylan

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Psyche's Muse

12/21/2018 3:17:22 PM

Wow! That was so wonderful, Neil... got tears in my eyes. I remember watching some show talking about that "enemy-get-together" for Christmas during WW1. To hell with all those damned World Bankers! They're the one's who should've been sacrificed!

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Neil w Young

12/21/2018 10:22:42 PM ---- Updated 12/21/2018 10:36:37 PM

Indeed, Mortimer, the bankers fund the businesses and companies that make the machines and tools of death and destruction, the generals call the shots, and we all know who takes the shots to the grave, war after war after war.

I expressed some of these feelings in the title track to my album, What Difference Will It Make, a song that I was inspired to write after 9-11. Here’s a sample from the third verse:

”And when the dust from all graveyards gets blown to Kingdom Come
When the horsemen disappear when Armageddon’s done
The burning holes of Hell will swallow up the earth
Then what difference will it make what all your gold and oil is worth.”

Yeah, Mr. Bankers, what difference will it make what all your gold and oil is worth?

Like millions of families, my family lost one member in WW ! and two members in WW II.

"Silent night, sleep in Heavenly peace."

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12/24/2018 2:44:54 AM

I remember being in Vietnam on Christmas two years in a row. It was the hardest Christmases I ever had. I remember looking out at the calm waters of the Mekong and wondering what was happening back home. I can still remember the rancid smell of napalm in the air, The stench of a forests death was all around me and I cried when I thought about all my friends that had been silently taken away on Huey's. Their families were not having a good Christmas either because they were no longer living. I remember smoking a joint and snorting heroine to get myself ready to go into the zone. I had a pick up to make and the troops were depending on me and my boat to come get them. I can still remember their smiles of joy when I arrived. We enjoyed a few boxes of K rations. It was our Christmas dinner. Then, with swift authority I skippered them back to the base. On the radio they played the temptations and the Ohio players in between the regular communist propaganda. Go home yanks! We don't want you here! Then......they played........"It Was Just My Imagination" and we all sang along with it. My wounds festered and hurt. I had got tangled up in some bob-wire a few days earlier and I was pretty much jacked up but I was able to skipper the boat. That was my job and I was on it day and night. I remember pulling up to the base and hearing my friends laughing and talking in the makeshift mess hall the sea bees had erected for us. The base Captain came and wished us all a Merry Christmas before giving us the news that the enemy was headed towards us but so were reinforcements. I had never prayed a Christian prayer because I was raised Buddhist. But that day as my friends prayed I prayed with them. Then we all got high and that night the sky was lit up like a firestorm as the bombers flew missions in the enemy zone. I was given watch duty that night and had to walk the perimeter. It was scary as fuck and I almost shot a friendly who was going to the bathroom. I remember those two Christmases vividly but I cannot tell you where my keys are right now. Brain surgery fucked me up. All my life I have had to fight for something. There was always something worth fighting for and always villains that needed to be stopped. But the killing part has tortured me daily. I can still see the images of bodies strewn all over the forest. It makes me want to run and hide. But there is no where to run to now. There is no base for me to report to. Yet, I am thankful. Probably more than most because I have smelled the stench of death wafting through the air and permeating my nostrils until I threw my guts up. I know just how blessed and lucky I am to be alive. I also know just how important the message of peace for all mankind truly is. That was Christmas a long long time ago. I am blessed to still be alive. This Christmas we are having Honey Baked Ham, Prime Rib and Turkey. I will drink a toast to all the boys and girls who are eating K rations this Christmas. I pray their safe returrn to home soon. Merry Christmas!

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Duane Flock

12/24/2018 9:03:01 AM

Kuddos Stoneman.
I'm a Nam era vet myself.
Right now I organize care packages to deployed troops overseas during the Holidays. The veterans group I'm in at work raises money during the year and there are people at the local veterans hall that give us the addresses we need to help our troops feel a little more at home and know that we care. Once we even sent ahead for a submarine a pallet of boxes for their next port destination!

Peace to All


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Psyche's Muse

12/25/2018 8:12:53 AM

Damn, Stoneman... raised a Buddhist! ...and then you were "drafted" into all of "THAT"? God! You ARE a Strong One, man! Hope your days get better and better... for your brain and everything else! Thinking of you now, Stoneman. May these Holy Days be both Happy AND Prosperous for you! Peace! -M-

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12/26/2018 12:01:11 AM

Duane, Thank you so much for your service to our nation both in arms and in support of those who are active.

-M- Thanks so much man, The cool part about my story is that it all worked out in the end. I am alive and happy now. Yes, i was buddhist but one day Jesus came into my life and all that changed. So, when I reflect I tend have grateful feelings that I am a blessed survivor. My music has been my greatest therapy. Plus, I was fortunate enough to fall out and bust my head open a couple years back. That erased a lot of the bad memories I had. But not all of them. Every now and then the bloody images of war invade my conscious mind and the familiar rush of fear engulfs me. That's when I vape a bowl full of killa cali herb and relax myself. I overcame the urges for suicide many years ago. They never came back. Several years of PTSD therapy helped me to become a peaceful citizen again even though I had some instances where my warrior nature got the best of me and the worst of my victims. I am back into martial arts training and that has helped to restore my discipline and self control. My story is a triumphant one. I am truly blessed.

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Psyche's Muse

12/27/2018 12:59:05 PM

Fantastic! I am glad to know this has worked out so well for you, man. Cool!

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