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7/23/2008 2:27:03 AM
Do you think sometimes things are NOT meant to be?

7/14/2008 11:04:24 AM
Flygirl tries again

7/7/2008 7:36:22 AM
What a wonderful response.


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7/23/2008 2:27:03 AM ---- Updated 7/23/2008 2:30:22 AM

Do you think sometimes things are NOT meant to be?
This thought came to me after I failed to get the job I thought I really wanted. My audition went badly and nerves affected my performance, they were polite in giving me the "Don't ring us..." speech but I just knew I'd blown it. However, afterwards I thought it wasn't right for me and would have disrupted my life too much so maybe it was for the best. I think I secretly knew this and it became a self fulfilling if subconscious prophecy

I have felt the same about recent romantic episodes in my life and while everything seemed perfect on the surface it's like the Gods decide it isn't to be and afterwards I realise they were right.

I wonder if we actually have free will at all sometimes and are just silently guided into the right places at the right times for us. If we try to go against fate it will end in tears. What do you think? Is there any point in fighting that little voice inside?

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7/23/2008 2:38:40 AM ---- Updated 7/23/2008 3:04:02 AM

perhaps not, but what if you are hearing several little voices ... inside ... and one of them sounds like someone you've never even met before ... and then there's always that one that just sits in the back of your head and laughs at all the rest as if it's better then the others but the rest of the voices are well aware that it just didn't have the guts to join in lacking the presence to usurp one of your conscious and rather lucid hours daring to chime in at an opportune moment like going through the car wash which gives the others a chance to respond before the dry cycle

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Conversation Suicide

7/23/2008 3:02:13 AM

I like the one that's always shouting: "KILL! KILL! KILL! NOW! " in the back of my head. It's my favorite tiny little voice, that talks to me and tells me what to do. It's gettin' louder than the other voices lately though, ...

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7/23/2008 11:34:09 AM

"I wonder if we actually have free will at all sometimes and are just silently guided into the right places at the right times for us. If we try to go against fate it will end in tears. What do you think? Is there any point in fighting that little voice inside?"

Hmmm ... here we go again the are we 'guided into the right places at the right times' fate scenario...what about the poor little innocent mouse who stumbles upon the trap and doesn't really like cheese all that much and is in fact allergic to it but hasn't had a meal for at least 12 hours and as everybody knows in mouse years that is the equivalent to 200 human years..that is one very hungry mouse...if you were that mouse what would you do ?.. would you be thinking about fate at that point or that big lump of ever wafting cheese tempting you to dice with death... or would a little minnie mouse voice inside your under developed brain start speaking to you and advising you that that could be the very last bit of mature cheddar you are ever likely to gorge on...

i am bored now and hopefully so are you....

Blessed are the Cheesemakers

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Amanda Lewin

7/23/2008 12:03:14 PM

This made me smile and say "Aw" but I suspect that little 'Minnie' would have foreseen the impending spring and gone off to find a discarded take away somewhere, whereas little 'Micky' would have been unable to control his animal instincts and accepted fate only to enjoy his cheese in Mousey Heaven.

Generally I think decision making for people is a little more sophisticated and thus much harder. How useful it would be if you could just sniff/smell your prospective employer or lover and be guided to the right move rather than rely on some unreliable internal pro/con pop-up that only seems right after the event and can appear right whatever decision is made. Maybe animals are superior in that respect.

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7/23/2008 12:12:50 PM

"I wonder if we actually have free will at all sometimes and are just silently guided into the right places at the right times for us."

we have, and we are

rock on, fly!

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fly on the wall

7/23/2008 1:14:17 PM

Great Indoors,

You speak as if you've had experience being that very mouse.



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7/23/2008 2:29:27 PM


---ewe are right on the money-----humans have supressed these "instincts" as they don't really "fit" in a modern lifestyle

but these intuitive thoughts are always there, if we just slow down and breathe through our nose---

Amanda and Magnetfish say it best ?

Anjuli and Brendan -------always entertain, and bring up little fishhooks---

lets go fishin'

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7/23/2008 2:36:56 PM

Do you think sometimes things are NOT meant to be?


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7/23/2008 3:52:32 PM


you say SNAP...... i say BINGO....BINGOO......BINGOOOOOO

FLY... spank me baby... give it to me good and hard...i'm your kitchen bitch...i'm your huckleberry........

come on FLY ....crackle and pop me...big boy ...you big beady eyed buzzing boy....
i'd do time for you FLY ..........

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Richard Scotti

7/23/2008 9:07:49 PM

Life is random. Get used to it.

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fly on the wall

7/23/2008 9:26:14 PM

Some of us have amazing destinies and others don't.

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Conversation Suicide

7/24/2008 2:07:18 AM ---- Updated 7/24/2008 2:10:24 AM

And the cool thing, is if you PERCEIVE your journey in life as including amazing destiny, than it DOES, for you. Even if to others, it is just a boring, normal life. LIFE is what you make it. That's ONE way to UNDO the mundanity of your possible destiny, and the potentially putrid plan of the phates....

-phlegm's polyanna-esque punk prose

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7/24/2008 4:47:03 AM

Great Indoors, you funny misaligned deranged fool, I really don't think Fly is your type ... and besides, I'm getting jealous, I kind of had dibs on fly ! Hands off ! I got my soup all souped up and am waiting patiently with my little web of delights and my trying-too-hard-over-the-top-lace-get-up I scored at a drag queen's yard sale back in San Fran, and boy did she know how to please a man. And besides, I look better in pink !

I think what Phlegm said was rather astute in his Philosophical Phlegmy way which I've developed quite a fondness for, as well as Flies version of this beloved and most precious delusion of grandeur we refer to as destiny.

I personally believe we all have a myriad of possible destinies, many equations we might equal but it is all in how we cope with the variables or in fact which variable we will have to cope with. It sounds so stupid and smart at the same time, my favorite kind of statement, if I can really call it that.

I've passionately tried to forge a "boring and normal" existence as Phlegm referred to, the kind that most idiots are able to achieve just by existing... but it never worked out ... and in fact, just got freakier and more extraordinary for me, and not in a grand and glorious, famous way, but rather; a way that was my own path and adventure and personal hell and magical endless realm of possibilities... and that would be that as my path had become forged, as my arrow had been shot in a certain direction and nothing I could do could change it. It was a huge failure and victorious success swimming side by side, simultaneously, in a constant state of being alive, a constant state of motion. Perhaps the journey in and of itself is the destiny for some, the experience, and it comes and goes like a whisper if others were to try to listen in.

The variables, the obstacles, all play a part in the outcome of things, and perhaps that is destiny or fate, if you will. Colliding choices that we all make pushing and pulling towards the final outcome. Each of our choices we make for ourselves personally effect an outcome for someone else and visa versa... We are all tethered to each other's lives somehow, effecting not only our own destinies but each others with every move... but we can't think that way else we'd never act because the responsibility would be too great and we'd all collapse in on ourselves.

Or perhaps, we are just being written day by day by some author that doesn't take his work too seriously, or perhaps takes his work way too seriously, or perhaps is rather indifferent, stingy, or even cruel and neglectful ... and it's just the luck of the draw which author is going to write you. My author is writing me on a toilet paper roll every time he/she/it gets the runs... but every now and then, my author must be overcome with angels because I swear he writes me into the most beautiful, magical visions that I could never possibly dare scheme myself. And it is at those moments that I pray... and say ... thank you

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Richard Scotti

7/24/2008 6:29:26 AM

The grand scheme of life is that there is no grand scheme. There is only the here and now. So enjoy it because it passes very quickly. By all means, go after that dream, follow that ambition, cherish that aspiration, take action, try and change yourself and/or the world, help yourself and others but understand that you do not control your destiny. You can ony tweak it! There is no past or future. This is it!
If you go for an audition and you don't get the gig, it means you didn't get the gig. so move on and there will other gigs. It doesn't mean you were meant not to get the gig.

You may have prepared for months for the interview by the person in charge didn't like the shape of your nose. He or she won't tell you that but it's pointless to speculate on fate and destiny because they don't exist. The audition existed at that moment and now it's gone.

Once you realize how not in control you are of your life the more liberating it is.
If our lives were programmed by external or internal forces, we would never be open to the amazing possibilitites of living in the moment and to things that happen spontaneously completely catching us by surprise. By letting go of the impulse to control things, you actually expand your ability to broaden the range of your opportunities.

Don't over think things. Guide your ship skillfully and avoid the rocks but get out into uncharted waters now and then and see where the current takes you.
The thrill of life is not knowing where you're going until you get there. We all try to impose order on chaos but accepting the random aspect of life is the first step to
freeing yours from the burden of trying to manage, manipulate, control, change,
and influence people and events that are not really subject to your best intentions.

As John Lennon sang: "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans".

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7/24/2008 8:39:48 AM

Don't know why I've been reading all this, but things are quiet on the farm this morning.

To be fair to this girly/fly person however, I think what she was saying was not that it was destiny/fate NOT to get the gig, I read it that she gave a crap performance because she subconsciouly didn't wanna go there, which is not the same thing at all.

I can identify with that, I always get a mystery illness when I have to visit someone I don't really wanna visit. All the symptoms are real enough but I think the mind brings them on, or maybe I subconsciously stand next to folks with germs hoping to catch something.

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The Man With No Band

7/24/2008 8:46:15 AM ---- Updated 7/24/2008 8:49:08 AM

Everything happens for a reason ...
That's why we all ended up in here
and somehow I get the feelin' ...
None of us are here for the sex or the beer

but I know ... just how this story will go
I've read it all before
You're gonna hang out with me tonight and in the mornin' we'll find a reason
to say goodbye

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The Man With No Band

7/24/2008 9:02:19 AM

Everything happens for a reason ...
That's why we all ended up in here
Me throwin' down these shots of tequila....
While you provide me the lines, that make it all crystal clear

and I know ... just how this story will go
I've read it all before
Your gonna flirt with me all day then find a reason
to tell me good-bye

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7/24/2008 9:10:07 AM

I'd like to sing that song ... Sam, if you'd be so inclined. Your words have seriously moved me.

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The Man With No Band

7/24/2008 9:13:12 AM ---- Updated 7/24/2008 9:15:10 AM

Sing away Anjuli ! ... you sing to me everyday btw ... :)

I wrote that song many years ago ... but the lines were slightly different, as I'm getting a bit feeble minded in the memory department ... :)

and I changed a few lines to fit the post ....

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7/24/2008 9:19:39 AM

I'd sincerely like to hear it and do a version if you don't mind... there is something about it that really vibrates with me, a way we casually break each other's hearts everyday. Something so viciously tender... You have a way with words, Sam... I believe they manifest from your heart ?

Missed you, btw ... glad you popped in : )

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The Man With No Band

7/24/2008 9:31:03 AM

Thanks Anjuli .... I'd be thrilled to hear you sing the words... hell, what am I saying ... I'm thrilled to hear you sing ANY words ...

I'll send you a PM later today ...

I missed you too ... been off for a couple of days so I've got some catching up to do ...

Hi Everybody !

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