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5/27/2017 1:46:20 PM
Before ALJ locked his thread, he said...

5/8/2017 1:30:43 PM
How The Music Industry Is Putting Itself Out Of Business

5/4/2017 5:14:38 PM
Happy Dave Brubeck Day!


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5/27/2017 1:46:20 PM ---- Updated 5/27/2017 1:47:07 PM

Before ALJ locked his thread, he said...
"sure you're gonna call me names, Larree,

what else can you do?
You no skilled writer of lousy boring songs, you.
You play a guitar? Wow! He plays a guitar! How hollywood.

FT, even if he listens to our page,
at this point, he's only listening to find dumb stuff to say about it.

Larree, you're part of the IMP family,
'cause everybody loves a clown. You're a Pipeline clown,
you stopped even trying to be a musician. At least Bryon makes
an actual record now and then. You poop your pants and fan the stink. Pew.

We're The Best. You may not like that, Larree, 'cause you stopped even trying.
But We Are

The Coming Of Age.

And We're The World's Best Band.

And now, I stop saying it. And just keep being it."


So you think I "stopped even trying to be a musician"?

I challenge you to a live acoustic music duel. You know where. Chicken. :D

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Bryon Tosoff

5/27/2017 7:43:18 PM ---- Updated 5/27/2017 7:53:08 PM

Ok, I am listening to all those Coming of Age tunes and will provide some feedback,

I added one awhile ago to Mystery station,. alright give you some honest opinion, from someone who has done a lot of promotions for many artists

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