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Father Time
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4/13/2021 6:23:21 PM
wow new song - Mick Jagger & Dave Grohl

3/11/2021 5:54:45 PM
my elaborate plan to push music into the stratosphere

1/30/2021 6:52:46 PM
the best song I've ever done?

12/26/2020 12:59:09 PM
Bookmark this for a rainy day.

11/3/2020 7:07:45 AM
This monumental day is crying out for this old FT song.

10/22/2020 11:41:52 AM
Keith Jarrett confronts a future without the piano

10/13/2020 10:28:21 PM
new songs by Stevie Wonder!!

8/4/2020 10:11:04 PM
words and germs and songwriting

8/1/2020 8:40:41 PM
Is it possible to awaken the numb?

7/23/2020 8:37:08 PM
Women are the future of the world.

7/23/2020 5:28:39 PM
Women are the future of the world.

7/14/2020 4:54:24 PM
some songs take many years to gestate

7/9/2020 4:39:42 PM
taking on a rather daunting musical project

6/28/2020 2:14:36 AM
It's like it was all pretty much meant to happen

6/27/2020 10:54:34 AM
Bob Dylan and Neil Young top UK album charts.

6/4/2020 10:41:23 AM
John Lennon - a spokesman for our times

6/1/2020 11:55:32 AM
Courtney Love finally confesses to killing Kurt Cobain

5/27/2020 11:22:42 AM
How's your energy level in these times?

4/30/2020 8:52:29 PM
Ever have a song you just couldn't do right?

4/28/2020 10:05:46 PM
Let's see, should I drink Clorox or work on music today?

4/13/2020 1:25:48 PM
using synthesizers to play brass parts

4/3/2020 12:19:24 PM
RIP Bill Withers

3/31/2020 4:21:19 AM
this ought to be a good time to work on music

3/28/2020 6:27:29 PM
when the singer takes over the crowd

3/27/2020 6:26:25 AM
Bob Dylan releases first new song in 8 years

3/12/2020 4:02:50 PM
masterpiece songs

2/25/2020 9:07:45 AM
I came up with a new name for what we do

2/22/2020 2:55:47 PM
soul situations

2/21/2020 8:02:13 AM
inspiration on the fly

1/1/2020 2:03:27 AM
very Happy New Year from the actual Father Time!

12/29/2019 10:05:35 AM
How much of your true personality do you show online?

12/21/2019 1:20:37 PM
one of the absolute best things about indie music

12/10/2019 11:22:07 AM
the importance of lyrics

12/4/2019 3:11:37 AM
How do you work on songs?

11/9/2019 4:33:14 PM
any fans of Kanye West here?

10/17/2019 9:37:12 PM
If you could eat dinner with any 4 people, alive or dead, who would you pick?

10/3/2019 10:30:37 AM
New single by The Who

9/21/2019 1:26:59 PM
songs that fill you with joy

9/12/2019 10:28:42 AM
How much is your music part of your identity?

9/5/2019 11:03:44 AM

9/3/2019 3:05:25 PM
What's your favorite line of lyric you've ever written

9/1/2019 7:00:21 AM
artistry vs. the attention span dilemma

8/29/2019 2:34:20 AM
Music is the only thing..

3/23/2019 11:47:25 AM
I am no artist.

3/12/2019 6:57:00 PM
finding the right chord

2/25/2019 2:57:59 PM
Rock and roll is unfair

2/19/2019 9:45:34 AM
my new songs are flowin' like tequila

2/14/2019 8:54:38 AM
Guitar solos don't have to be fast to be really cool

2/9/2019 10:18:40 AM
Most people don't care about music anymore

1/15/2019 2:07:19 PM
RIP Carol Channing

1/1/2019 8:39:13 AM
I love indie music.

10/27/2018 6:48:25 AM
the value of being the new guy

10/17/2018 1:42:47 PM
I actually wrote a new song

10/6/2018 10:02:52 AM
more crap

9/25/2018 5:26:27 PM
just personal stuff

2/21/2018 1:19:18 AM
the key to a happy life

2/12/2018 4:07:53 PM
Are you working on anything musical?

2/10/2018 5:18:18 PM
What do you think of this quote - agree or disagree?

2/9/2018 11:28:38 AM
What happened on Feb 9th?

1/31/2018 1:47:11 PM
somebody asked me a question

1/27/2018 11:05:07 AM
This is our time.

1/23/2018 7:27:15 AM
Neil Diamond has Parkinsons, retires from performing

1/18/2018 5:31:28 PM
the day no one had anything to say

1/17/2018 5:55:12 PM
comic books

1/15/2018 6:23:48 PM
IMPeccable Radio plays 24/7

1/13/2018 2:17:24 PM
Everybody excited about the GK Awards show Sunday night?

1/11/2018 11:47:32 PM
when Led Zep met the King

1/5/2018 5:08:04 PM
What are your musical goals for 2018?

1/3/2018 9:44:48 AM
Spotify sued for billions

1/1/2018 7:12:58 AM
Happy New Year from Father Time himself..

12/19/2017 8:22:01 AM
Name 10 songs you wish you had written

12/15/2017 7:53:23 AM
Music is the cure

12/14/2017 1:30:29 PM
Anybody have any idea what the end of net neutrality will mean to IMP?

12/12/2017 8:08:49 AM
The story behind one of my songs.

12/9/2017 2:35:23 PM
What do you think is the greatest earworm, the catchiest song of all time?

12/8/2017 6:11:04 AM
I added a bunch of newer songs to IMPeccable Radio

12/7/2017 3:22:03 PM
Will killing Net Neutrality hurt indies?

12/6/2017 8:36:14 AM
my music career

12/5/2017 9:43:37 PM
that glossy look in their eyes..

12/4/2017 3:32:09 PM
RIP Ian McLagen

12/4/2017 9:26:07 AM
the GK nominations are kind of lacking lately, c'mon peeps

12/4/2017 7:06:46 AM
Is it ever too late to change?

12/3/2017 2:59:35 PM
Holiday brainwashing

12/3/2017 2:58:09 PM
What was the greatest day of your life?

12/1/2017 4:30:57 PM
Neil Young changed online music forever today

11/29/2017 5:05:16 PM
the sex police state

11/29/2017 4:26:38 AM
an indie I ran into on facebook lets loose with his frustrations, what do you think of his vantage point?

11/28/2017 9:54:57 PM
Neil Young concert streaming on facebook Dec 1st at 8:00

11/21/2017 9:50:42 PM
RIP David Cassidy

11/21/2017 5:49:34 AM

11/17/2017 1:11:48 PM
Thanks a lot, Verity!

11/17/2017 7:06:24 AM
I confess

11/16/2017 1:59:39 PM
some thoughts on your Golden Kayak nominations

11/9/2017 4:27:56 AM
I was a little down tonight so I..

11/9/2017 2:43:07 AM
Not that anybody gives a crap, but..

11/6/2017 12:01:02 PM
my concert is cancelled

11/4/2017 9:16:51 AM
new Neil Young song that is pretty amazing..

11/3/2017 4:13:22 AM
songs about honesty

10/28/2017 11:32:39 AM

10/26/2017 7:16:18 PM
Is it worthwhile doing a full-length record anymore?

10/25/2017 4:03:24 PM
RIP Fats Domino

10/25/2017 2:43:52 AM
Should artists continue to promote their older material?

10/23/2017 10:05:45 PM
new item on the front page

10/22/2017 2:00:10 AM
we made a site fix.

10/20/2017 3:19:34 PM
a big event

10/18/2017 9:37:30 PM
Ageism and Sexism are just as bad as the other isms.

10/17/2017 10:42:04 AM
Is this one of the keys to Francesca's success here?

10/17/2017 9:59:48 AM
How many here listen to IMP on their phones and devices?

10/13/2017 3:32:01 AM
Come one, come all, line up to read my latest blog

10/12/2017 7:31:16 AM
Eminem revolutionizes hiphop at the BET hiphop awards.

10/12/2017 7:15:13 AM
Who is the indie walrus?

10/11/2017 1:13:25 PM
Most folks see me as a rock-and-roller, but..

10/7/2017 3:14:42 PM
video festival

10/6/2017 11:51:34 AM
Stupid facebook.

10/3/2017 3:39:43 AM
300 million

10/2/2017 4:04:07 PM
RIP Tom Petty :(

9/29/2017 3:02:43 AM
The incredible, shocking Facebook code I was amazingly lucky to crack

9/28/2017 4:42:12 PM
I want to change social media.

9/27/2017 8:28:54 PM
A demo for a new love song, does this have any potential do ya think?

9/27/2017 5:52:56 PM
Don't try to tell me I'm old.

9/26/2017 5:59:24 AM
Neil Young's acceptance speech for the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame a few days ago

9/25/2017 1:04:33 AM
The MonaLisa Twins raise their game even further with totally new swingin' 3D Single!!

9/18/2017 11:26:52 AM
You got a brand new car but you're still livin' with your mother

9/13/2017 12:45:12 AM
"Maybe the guitar is over." - Eric Clapton

9/12/2017 2:29:01 PM
If you had to pick 3 bands or acts to be the only music you could listen to, who would they be?

9/8/2017 11:07:27 PM
Ever been lovesick?

8/30/2017 5:43:22 PM
Tell us about the new song(s) you're working on.

8/22/2017 12:55:58 AM
There aren't as many protest songs as there used to be.

8/20/2017 2:07:02 PM
RIP Jerry Lewis

8/18/2017 4:32:24 PM
All purpose NFL and college Football thread

8/17/2017 11:35:00 PM
Repairing Willie Nelson's guitar

8/14/2017 12:48:35 PM
My absolute favorite Stevie Wonder song!

8/8/2017 7:18:20 PM
RIP Glen Campbell (who has a page at IMP)

7/22/2017 4:36:06 PM

7/19/2017 8:37:12 PM
Critique my domain site, anybody?

7/18/2017 12:19:08 AM
Identity crisis, anyone?

7/16/2017 11:22:25 AM
Good stories about your songs

7/15/2017 12:32:48 PM
a band called Sweet

7/15/2017 12:15:48 PM
the technological gods know the truth

7/14/2017 1:11:10 PM
What's your favorite line of lyric you ever wrote?

7/10/2017 7:06:41 PM
What's the craziest thing you've ever done in the name of art?

6/30/2017 11:35:16 AM
Everybody has one song that they feel got underappreciated, one that deserved more love, right?

6/28/2017 8:41:50 AM
Who is the best artist in the world from 2000 to 2017?

6/26/2017 10:22:26 AM
the joy of a simple song

6/24/2017 9:55:35 PM
the price you pay

6/15/2017 9:50:25 AM
Yoko pushing and receiving songwriting credit for Imagine is really lame imo.

6/2/2017 4:18:36 PM
Do you consider yourself musically versatile?

5/29/2017 1:24:41 PM
Wonder Woman Schmunder Woman

5/28/2017 4:39:33 PM
here's a cool site for music lovers

5/27/2017 4:39:21 PM
Pipeline Bad Boys

5/24/2017 4:28:54 PM
Does video obscure the music?

5/22/2017 6:08:34 AM
in the jingle jangle mornin'

5/17/2017 11:16:13 AM
Coming clean.

5/16/2017 7:03:19 AM
Would you consider yourself well-adjusted?

5/5/2017 12:12:53 PM
Few ever stand back to see the big picture.

4/29/2017 11:59:18 PM
Even I don't care anymore what's been goin' on with me

4/20/2017 2:02:11 AM
When did headphones kill stereos?

4/18/2017 3:47:48 AM
I can't believe how shamelessly this jackass Harry Styles ripped off Badfinger.

4/16/2017 3:48:53 AM
The greatest love that never was

4/15/2017 2:43:46 PM
Is it sexist to call somebody sweetie?

4/12/2017 4:53:28 PM
I am coming to hate large corporations.

4/11/2017 10:34:31 PM
Corporate Search Engine bullshit is getting me down

4/11/2017 8:01:10 AM
facebook facts - sometimes your illusions can f you up.

4/9/2017 9:38:31 PM
Catch up on the news on the political pipeline

4/9/2017 4:55:39 AM
Music is obsolete

4/6/2017 4:45:41 PM
Don Rickles RIP

4/6/2017 12:26:52 AM
insidious tunes

3/29/2017 8:37:51 AM
Do you consider yourself a rebel?

3/26/2017 3:48:30 PM
Do nothing to dilute the strength of the final vision.

3/23/2017 11:31:53 AM
a crucial note to all songwriters

3/23/2017 1:17:15 AM
Trump is going down and it ain't gonna be pretty.

3/22/2017 3:32:44 AM
Does the "internet law of proximity" suppress the progress of indies in their quest to make something happen?

3/15/2017 6:16:10 PM
If you heard a song as great as your favorite Beatles hit coming from an indie, what would you do?

3/13/2017 4:56:15 PM
How often?

3/6/2017 5:12:33 AM
My new blog is fiction, in the bizarro world. In other words it's realer than your mom.

3/5/2017 2:43:56 PM
new news about Sgt. Pepper ?

3/5/2017 1:34:20 PM
my first new release since like July

3/5/2017 3:19:20 AM
Anybody here see the movie Whiplash?

3/4/2017 2:28:01 AM
Elton says American radio is ageist.

3/3/2017 4:50:33 PM
songs you wrote with interesting lyrics

2/25/2017 3:57:27 PM
I'm a rock star

2/11/2017 10:40:08 AM
Will IMP usher in the next Beatlemania?

2/9/2017 12:34:49 PM
Happy Birthday Carole King

2/8/2017 8:24:24 AM
Sacred songs.

2/8/2017 6:40:14 AM
I'm a man without a country right now.

2/7/2017 6:33:56 PM
February 7th, the day the Beatles arrived in America

2/7/2017 12:47:56 PM
Do you mind it when songs have the F word in them?

2/6/2017 6:42:26 PM
About the precious kind of internet denizen who avoids clicking links like they're germ-infected.

2/6/2017 4:34:16 PM
Is this the worst record of all time?

2/6/2017 5:25:04 AM
I'll take rock over that GaGa pop slop any day of the week.

2/5/2017 7:41:58 AM
Listening to music in your car

2/4/2017 11:41:29 AM
What's the max age for new rock stars?

2/4/2017 1:36:34 AM
a big plug for..

2/3/2017 1:33:20 AM
new blog about free speech

2/2/2017 12:22:23 PM
Respect and disrespect

1/31/2017 1:23:46 PM

1/29/2017 5:34:27 AM
another new, purgin' blog, hop on the crazy train

1/27/2017 11:40:40 PM
What's your relationship with the world of social media?

1/27/2017 7:09:01 AM
Every Dog Has His Day - My Conversation with Bob Dylan

1/27/2017 2:19:24 AM
looking for Celtic sounding songs today?

1/23/2017 7:18:38 PM
an indie song that never fails to make me happy

1/21/2017 9:00:23 AM
The women's rally is live now, watch it, it's unbelievably great.

1/21/2017 6:22:27 AM
This song goes out to all the women marching today

1/20/2017 12:21:39 PM
Isn't it strange remembering the music moments of your life? These all happened in a car.

1/18/2017 1:29:54 AM
Trent Reznor speaks out about today's artists, I like what he said.

1/15/2017 4:20:12 PM
IMPeccable Radio runs 24/7, 365, all indie, all the time, all you folks.

1/15/2017 1:31:34 PM
Turn on, the show is rolling!

1/13/2017 4:38:19 AM
confessions of a man who may have a plan

1/8/2017 9:14:04 PM
Meryl Streep just showed at the Golden Globes why artists need to be political

1/5/2017 2:49:15 PM
Bob Dylan accepted my friend request.

1/1/2017 6:30:31 AM
the sexist world

12/23/2016 4:19:41 PM
I had what seems like an amazing artistic breakthru today

12/23/2016 11:08:03 AM
Bubblegum for a New Era

12/19/2016 2:10:42 PM
It's only a rumor.

12/14/2016 9:30:01 PM
Get your inspiration right here.

12/8/2016 2:17:18 AM
RIP John Lennon

12/4/2016 1:17:07 AM
uh oh, he's back on his horse

11/20/2016 8:46:15 AM
When did you first know that you were cool?

11/19/2016 8:25:01 AM
Beatles break-up letter from John to Paul and Linda sells for big bucks at auction

11/2/2016 6:38:20 PM
See a 3D exhibit of Bob Dylan's paintings

10/29/2016 11:10:22 AM
Take some time and listen to my whole page

10/28/2016 5:34:17 PM
Dylan accepts Nobel Prize and says he will show up to claim it.

10/27/2016 1:19:40 AM
Spotify says genres are out, videos are in, and your tempo run gets a playlist

10/26/2016 12:34:33 PM
Obama and Hillary to release secret government info about UFOs and aliens

10/23/2016 7:22:23 PM
Neil Young and Metallica play Mr. Soul at Bridge Concert

10/13/2016 6:45:01 AM
Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in literature

10/7/2016 12:19:13 PM
my alltime favorite bass line in a song

10/6/2016 2:21:47 PM
video clip from first new Stones record in over a decade just released

10/4/2016 11:14:25 AM
Joni Mitchell Tribute Thread

10/3/2016 11:59:04 AM
magical soul music

9/27/2016 9:59:45 AM

9/23/2016 6:48:18 AM
a complex, totally epic song by an underrated band

9/10/2016 1:39:10 PM
Smells Like Teen Spirit was released 25 years ago today.

9/8/2016 6:58:26 PM
Kim Jung[Un bans sarcasm

8/27/2016 12:14:25 PM
Love To Rock Ya

8/22/2016 10:32:36 PM
So was your summer as good as you had hoped?

8/11/2016 5:43:56 AM
I saw Sir Paul in concert last night!

8/8/2016 6:30:52 AM
Does your mind have to be in a certain state to work on music?

8/2/2016 4:25:20 AM
how to use a station in a self-promotional way.

7/31/2016 4:03:58 PM
a new indie paradigm about what constitutes a new song

7/27/2016 5:59:17 AM
Mariah Carey will only enter a restaurant if her own music is playing!

7/23/2016 5:54:18 AM
a brand new song about my sista Eve

7/15/2016 4:38:44 AM
Prayers are not working.

7/13/2016 11:28:09 AM
well I have something really cool to report

7/10/2016 6:02:30 AM
old songs with magical melodies

7/8/2016 8:13:18 AM
I'm having a crappy assed summer

7/7/2016 7:41:06 AM
What's your standard for what you consider original music?

7/5/2016 10:02:56 AM
Do you want everyone to like you?

7/4/2016 4:38:03 AM
Starting over again, that's what artists do.

7/3/2016 6:27:27 AM
I was at that concert..

6/24/2016 4:34:35 PM
I have found the perfect gimmick for my music career.

6/23/2016 5:09:26 PM
I wish this woulda been me.

6/23/2016 5:03:44 PM
Led Zep wins.

6/23/2016 8:35:21 AM
When The Bubble Bursts

6/22/2016 11:13:57 PM
Maybe the 60s have finally come back after all this time.

6/18/2016 4:37:40 AM
intros to songs you like and you're not even sure why

6/15/2016 8:44:48 AM
You Tube hates my guts.

6/15/2016 7:46:15 AM
No Way To Say Goodbye

6/14/2016 9:09:49 PM
Father Time's iPod

6/14/2016 9:37:45 AM
Destroying the 2nd Amendment

6/12/2016 9:38:54 PM
What's your favorite Beach Boys song?

6/9/2016 9:31:49 PM
I got tickets to see McCartney

6/5/2016 9:58:09 AM
Karen Carpenter

6/3/2016 2:19:15 PM
on Muhammed Ali

6/3/2016 8:24:20 AM
Reading this put a big grin on my face

5/30/2016 12:27:46 PM
Do bad encounters on the internet stop you in your tracks?

5/29/2016 6:30:50 PM
Spotify is deeply anti artist.

5/29/2016 8:56:11 AM
I'm changing my signature song

5/26/2016 9:47:08 PM
Good and evil finally clash for real.

5/26/2016 7:26:07 PM
There's no scientific proof for this

5/26/2016 10:35:57 AM
My new musical goal. I want to be on a postage stamp.

5/21/2016 5:15:42 PM
paging Lyin Dan

5/19/2016 11:24:51 AM
I had an absolutely crazy idea this morning

5/19/2016 4:01:01 AM
How much do you believe of what the media says?

5/8/2016 8:51:54 AM
Can a song be important?

5/6/2016 6:35:32 AM
Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl

4/27/2016 8:34:47 AM
sail me like a wild wind blowin'

4/26/2016 7:22:24 PM
Old music is outselling new music for the first time in history

4/24/2016 5:53:18 PM
post a video of a song you think everybody could stand for hearin'

4/23/2016 10:43:41 PM
and the boss says..

4/22/2016 2:43:22 AM
Prince - came in as a censored pariah, leaves as a public icon

4/19/2016 5:47:29 PM
Dare to be creative

4/19/2016 8:41:05 AM
My public image is about to take a huge hit.

4/19/2016 2:37:30 AM
songs where the video makes it harder to enjoy the song

4/18/2016 6:01:43 AM
Is the rock and roll mentality in society fading out?

4/17/2016 12:41:05 PM
this song moves me

4/15/2016 1:27:10 PM
Coachella working on concert including McCartney, Stones, Waters. Dylan and Neil Young

4/15/2016 6:29:45 AM
Name 5 things that are weird about you.

4/15/2016 2:12:16 AM
when your own songs don't sound like you no more

4/15/2016 1:37:54 AM
Flea does bass version of National Anthem

4/9/2016 12:29:39 PM
an update on my music..

4/4/2016 8:51:23 AM
my attempt at recording my own folk standard

4/3/2016 10:59:40 AM
What does Dark Side of the Moon mean to you?

4/2/2016 9:46:13 AM
Michael, Row The Boat Ashore

4/1/2016 3:15:30 PM
sometimes I wonder f the muse itself is more responsible for great music than the actual artist

4/1/2016 3:00:28 PM
just an update to let ya all know what I've been working on

4/1/2016 5:07:21 AM
If you set out to make the greatest record of all time and succeeded, would anybody realize it?

3/31/2016 8:52:42 AM
She is the queen

3/31/2016 2:43:51 AM
Did you ever look at your past residences on Google Earth?

3/29/2016 8:24:31 AM
I knew this before but it became all too clear yesterday

3/27/2016 12:22:27 AM
top "Billboard 200" artists of all time

3/25/2016 8:36:44 AM
BEATLESEX covers an FT song and this one has Elvis the King overtones

3/23/2016 2:41:23 PM
Ever lose a set of lyrics that mattered to ya?

3/23/2016 8:27:11 AM
When Musical Titans Collide :) (Lesley covers an FT song)

3/22/2016 2:22:41 PM
on jazz

3/19/2016 9:05:59 AM
Hurray for me, I recorded some tracks today!

3/19/2016 7:24:50 AM
If you could sit down to a meal with 4 music artists in all history, who would you choose

3/19/2016 7:22:25 AM
Is this the best soul song since 1980

3/18/2016 2:04:22 PM

3/18/2016 1:14:12 PM
chasing the fire

3/18/2016 5:29:27 AM
It Comes When It Comes

3/8/2016 8:40:30 PM
RIP George Martin

3/7/2016 8:48:40 PM
unusual love songs

3/7/2016 2:09:22 PM
What are your side hobbies?

3/2/2016 8:33:29 AM
The day the fab four played a gig to 18 people

3/2/2016 8:28:33 AM
Here's Dylan at his absolute coolest.

3/1/2016 1:43:16 PM
Rust Never Sleeps

2/26/2016 3:53:26 PM
the big 4 are..

2/25/2016 3:43:34 PM
the ultimate showdown between Smart America and Stupid America

2/22/2016 2:36:11 PM
a true story

2/18/2016 2:39:43 AM
IMP late night club

2/12/2016 11:07:27 AM
Did choreographed dance moves kill rock?

2/11/2016 12:10:28 AM
66% of Republicans voting in New Hampshire support not allowing muslims in the country.

2/8/2016 12:46:14 PM
I wish there weren't any Super Bowl halftime shows

2/7/2016 12:06:19 AM
Is this a tour de force performance or what ??!

2/6/2016 3:41:30 AM
the most unbelievable moment I ever experienced at a concert

2/5/2016 1:54:06 PM
Which genre is better music?

1/31/2016 6:09:52 PM
the making of Bohemian Rhapsody

1/31/2016 8:23:35 AM
Amy Winehouse

1/30/2016 7:14:08 PM
Sign this petition to arrest Rick Snyder for poisoning the water in Flint Michigan

1/29/2016 9:00:18 PM
Brian Wilson hears somebody covering one of his songs..

1/27/2016 12:20:07 PM
What is your signature song if you had to pick one?

1/25/2016 1:46:46 PM
details on Brian Wilson's upcoming Pet Sounds tour

1/24/2016 8:02:04 AM
name some small things that make you happy in life

1/23/2016 10:53:53 PM
George Martin pays a visit to Brian Wilson

1/23/2016 8:20:43 AM
David Bowie's top 25 albums, care to share yours?

1/19/2016 10:56:45 AM
What do you think about the Oscars boycott?

1/15/2016 12:11:21 AM
a songwriter's dream

1/14/2016 7:27:37 PM
This is just spectacular, in my opinion

1/11/2016 1:05:04 PM
a flashback to the time I was on American Top 40!

1/2/2016 7:20:46 AM
Billie Jo MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge

1/1/2016 12:12:17 PM
the video that lit up the New Year's Eve Party I was at last night

12/31/2015 12:44:34 PM
paging Lyin Dan

12/26/2015 9:30:07 AM
I'm frustrated with the time-released aspect of music

12/26/2015 4:44:23 AM
crap I've been thinkin' about

12/18/2015 3:48:20 AM
Happy Birthday Keef!

12/16/2015 8:16:44 AM
New Promotional Item for Sale!!

12/12/2015 12:43:36 PM
List your top musical heroes here, dead or alive

12/11/2015 1:34:21 PM
Where does early 70s soul music rank as far as the best music ever created?

12/4/2015 9:02:56 AM
Soaked in Bleach, on the Cobain murder, is on Netflix now

12/3/2015 11:59:53 PM
Stratocaster made of cardboard

12/3/2015 1:54:19 AM
Rubber Soul was released 50 years ago today

12/2/2015 6:13:12 PM
parts of songs you love more than the rest of the song.

11/29/2015 6:02:39 AM
Tim Tebow's hot girlfriend, a former Miss USA, dumped him for wanting to stay a virgin

11/27/2015 5:09:33 PM
female starlets and their turntables

11/21/2015 6:27:19 AM
I've got a jukebox running constantly in my head.

11/20/2015 2:46:14 AM
Bernie Taupin interview I found interesting

11/19/2015 3:36:50 PM
top 100 billboard hits of the Hot 100 era

11/16/2015 6:04:52 AM
missing some of my prized possessions

11/15/2015 1:36:28 AM
Lennon/McCartney created poster for Monterey Pop Festival

11/12/2015 12:05:52 PM
Post your most Beatleesque song

11/12/2015 4:06:33 AM
Happy 70th birthday Neil Young

11/3/2015 2:02:46 PM
on surviving..

11/3/2015 11:20:04 AM
Who is the good guy and who is the bad guy?

11/2/2015 2:02:36 PM
What would you do if you had a time machine?

10/30/2015 10:31:56 PM
a dim view of the future of the universe

10/30/2015 3:17:31 PM
new record coming out - Elvis the King with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

10/28/2015 11:12:32 AM
Did Facebook kill the internet?

10/23/2015 12:06:32 AM
Do you still carry around psyche remnants of your youth?

10/21/2015 9:43:07 AM
songs where the singer takes on the role of an outlaw

10/19/2015 1:44:01 PM
Is an artist better off not caring if folks listen to his or her music?

10/16/2015 5:55:41 AM
Do you try to sell your music? Hope to sell your music?

10/15/2015 6:23:35 AM
an interesting thing Brian Wilson has talked about

10/14/2015 12:34:05 PM
something I'll never understand

10/12/2015 6:10:08 PM
a story I just read about Patti Smith

10/11/2015 6:17:58 PM
Belief in one's own music - a large segment of music society regards this as almost criminal

10/9/2015 12:12:02 PM
my new band's new video, check it out..

10/8/2015 2:52:30 AM
I think the Cubs are going to win the World Series

10/5/2015 7:01:30 AM
I hate the attitude "I've seen it all"

10/3/2015 7:06:35 AM
Suggestions wanted from all for this music career question

10/2/2015 10:25:07 PM
Keith Richards documentary on Netflix is really great

9/24/2015 12:01:19 PM
the mystery of the magical melody

9/19/2015 11:05:53 AM
concept albums thread

9/15/2015 7:24:43 PM
What's your favorite album of all time ?

9/13/2015 10:27:52 AM
a new station and a challenge to you all

9/12/2015 12:48:42 PM
I wish I was 20 years old

8/30/2015 3:04:46 PM
Did metal music usurp the craziness out of rock?

8/23/2015 6:00:55 AM
using your art (music) to solve your issues in life

8/5/2015 12:46:18 PM
Keef Richards says Sergeant Pepper was rubbish!

7/16/2015 1:51:10 PM
Another mass shooting on same day Aurora mass shooting goes to verdict.

6/22/2015 11:56:50 AM
I wrote this protest song less than an hour ago

6/18/2015 1:55:24 PM
remembering my safety deposit box

5/30/2015 12:36:51 AM
so what musical projects do you have on tap for the summer ?


Basic (free) Member


Father Time

2/8/2016 12:46:14 PM

I wish there weren't any Super Bowl halftime shows
Every year I find that to be awful and the next day I wake up and they're hyping the thing up like it was the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

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2/8/2016 12:58:22 PM ---- Updated 2/8/2016 1:12:58 PM

I agree 100%. I think the halftime shows are total bullshit. Takes the teams out of their rhythms. Obviously, it is only for the non-fans in the room. Makes me look at the Super Bowl as it if is an exhibition game for recruiting new fans.

And I am so glad Denver won. I have always been a Peyton Manning fan, AND, I am a huge fan of the defensive side of the game. I knew Von Miller was going to make an impact, especially after what he did to New England in the AFC Championship game.

And now I get to concentrate on being a LOS ANGELES Rams fan! My team is coming home!

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Bryon Tosoff

2/8/2016 1:18:02 PM

As well huge fan of the Broncos and Peyton Manning, he didnt have a great game, but good on him getting another ring. that Defensive butt kick they did to Cam was awesome. half time show, well, we have seen better.

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2/8/2016 1:27:02 PM

Peyton played just good enough. Played with his head and got it done. After having just about the most un-Peyton like year of his career, he has to feel like the luckiest guy on Earth right now. Just shows that the old cliche is true - defense wins championships.

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Two Silo Complex

2/8/2016 1:32:48 PM

Folks its all about marketing and appealing to the "wider audience" The money is in merchandising and commercials so if more people stick around at halftime for the show more people see the commercials which cost like a million dollars for 30 seconds or some insane amount. the half-time show is not about the game or about anything other than way to make even more money. Greed is the one thing that never stops feeding.

This half-time show was really bad. I think they should have a better way to manage it by now but it just gets more stupid each year.

You know what they say a fool and his money are soon parted. I think Peyton is great but his speech to include Budwiser had to be paid oh the humanity of it all.
Excuse me I'm thirsty all of a sudden.

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2/8/2016 1:43:35 PM

Yeah, Ken. Like I said - an exhibition game for non-fans. I think those 30-second slots were closer to 4 million! Bud is cow piss.

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Father Time

2/8/2016 2:19:36 PM

Here ya go. Half the internet..

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Hop On Pop

2/8/2016 2:47:51 PM

Prince was absolutely incredible. Best halftime act ever.

And, although I was not a fan before, I have to say that Bruno Mars was pretty outstanding last year, as well. Didn't quite make a fan out of me, but I sure did gain a whole hell of a lot of respect for the guy. And, you have to admit, "Uptown Funk" is a pretty goddamn great song. Undeniable.

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2/8/2016 2:57:57 PM

I agree, Todd. Bruno Mars was great last year. He definitely cooks.

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Bryon Tosoff

2/8/2016 3:46:35 PM

that Vlog is pathetic. who wants to look at that dude. dud

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Father Time

2/8/2016 5:25:31 PM

I find Bruno boring myself.

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Hop On Pop

2/8/2016 6:01:11 PM

I generally agree.
But you need to see that halftime show. Dynamite.

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Father Time

2/8/2016 6:05:27 PM

I saw it, hated it. I liked Prince's though.

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2/8/2016 6:28:47 PM

Prince was one of the best, but I wish they would do away with it altogether.

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Father Time

2/8/2016 6:36:48 PM

yeah me too, it's especially infuriating all the raving going on about that stuff today, it's like people don't really listen to music anymore so the one time of year that they have to, it's called brilliant.

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2/9/2016 8:41:48 AM

I'm already past 'my time of the month'.... but it seems if I don't say it no one will...

Beyonce looks like big fat crap.
She got fat legs. Not at all sexy.
More disturbing and pathetic seeing all the jiggly wiggly trying to gyrate
like a stripper who has any business doing that.
She should stick to eating fried KFC by the bucketful with her no talent
but business savvy husband Jay Z.

There. Oh I went there. I f***in' LIVE Here, Beyotch.

We Now Return Control Of Your Television Set
Until Next Month On,


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Bryon Tosoff

2/9/2016 8:52:33 AM

I think next year we need to pitch some original artists of IMP, that would be a show peoples faces would fall off with their belly buttons, and once that happens there goes their asses too. in fact a show for the ages at the super bowl would cause a riot for more amazing great music from IMPNATION, but what was done this year, well i had to gag a few times, maybe Bruno was alright, i liked him disappointed in Coldplay, and well ALJ said it all about be bouncing rattling away doing the butt wiggle. sure they big in the world and make billions, but is it real. not to me, my son said the following, eeww.

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2/9/2016 10:56:32 AM

I bring you the lyrics to Beyonce's song.

Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess
Paparazzi, catch my fly, and my cocky fresh
I'm so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress (stylin')
I'm so possessive so I rock his Roc necklaces
My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana
You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bama
I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros
I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils
Earned all this money but they never take the country out me
I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag

[Interlude: Messy Mya + Big Freedia]
Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah I, ohhhhh, oh, yes, I like that
I did not come to play with you hoes, haha
I came to slay, bitch
I like cornbreads and collard greens, bitch
Oh, yes, you besta believe it

[Refrain: Beyoncé]
Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess
Paparazzi, catch my fly, and my cocky fresh
I'm so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress (stylin')
I'm so possessive so I rock his Roc necklaces
My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana
You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bama
I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros
I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils
Earned all this money but they never take the country out me
I got a hot sauce in my bag, swag

[Chorus: Beyoncé]
I see it, I want it, I stunt, yellow-bone it
I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it
I twirl on them haters, albino alligators
El Camino with the seat low, sippin' Cuervo with no chaser
Sometimes I go off (I go off), I go hard (I go hard)
Get what's mine (take what's mine), I'm a star (I'm a star)
Cause I slay (slay), I slay (hey), I slay (okay), I slay (okay)
All day (okay), I slay (okay), I slay (okay), I slay (okay)
We gon' slay (slay), gon' slay (okay), we slay (okay), I slay (okay)
I slay (okay), okay (okay), I slay (okay), okay, okay, okay, okay
Okay, okay, ladies, now let's get in formation, cause I slay
Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation, cause I slay
Prove to me you got some coordination, cause I slay
Slay trick, or you get eliminated

[Verse: Beyoncé]
When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay
When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster, cause I slay
If he hit it right, I might take him on a flight on my chopper, cause I slay
Drop him off at the mall, let him buy some J's, let him shop up, cause I slay
I might get your song played on the radio station, cause I slay
I might get your song played on the radio station, cause I slay
You just might be a black Bill Gates in the making, cause I slay
I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making

[Chorus: Beyoncé]
I see it, I want it, I stunt, yellow-bone it
I dream it, I work hard, I grind 'til I own it
I twirl on them haters, albino alligators
El Camino with the seat low, sippin' Cuervo with no chaser
Sometimes I go off (I go off), I go hard (I go hard)
Get what's mine (take what's mine), I'm a star (I'm a star)
Cause I slay (slay), I slay (hey), I slay (okay), I slay (okay)
All day (okay), I slay (okay), I slay (okay), I slay (okay)
We gon' slay (slay), gon' slay (okay), we slay (okay), I slay (okay)
I slay (okay), okay (okay), I slay (okay), okay, okay, okay, okay
Okay, okay, ladies, now let's get in formation, cause I slay
Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation, cause I slay
Prove to me you got some coordination, cause I slay
Slay trick, or you get eliminated

[Bridge: Beyoncé]
Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation, I slay
Okay, ladies, now let's get in formation
You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation
Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper

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2/9/2016 1:44:36 PM

Bey is not fat! She is a musical athlete who has the rare ability to sing, dance and never get out of key. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her body is proportional to her height and body form. Many Black women are curvy like her. That does not make them fat. A fat person could never do what she does. You probably think Serena Williams is fat to. But the fact remains that she is the number rated female tennis player in the entire world. It seems so easy to people sitting on the couch eating kale chips. But the reality is that only a few people have been able to do what Beyonce does. She has sold millions and millions of records and travelled the world thrilling fans of all cultures.

Bruno is a fantastic Pop artists with multiple abilities also. He also sings and dances as good as the best of them. He's a world renowned vocalist, songwriter, producer, choreographer and musician. You may not like the kind of music he does. Different strikes for different folks. He probably doesn't like the kind of music you do either. The only difference is that millions of people all over the world love the little guy and his music. Maybe the problem is not his music. Maybe it is your musical taste. I have listened to several of his CD's over and over and I must say that he is very versatile as he does Reggae, Pop, Rock, Soul, Gospel and Funk. I have studied his work and I am seriously impressed with his abilities.

I thought the half time show was one of the best ever. My wife and I were up on our feet dancing. Granted, I never knew anything about Coldplay or their music. But I was impressed with their attempt to unify cultures by inviting Bruno and Bey to perform with them. The rousing finale with everybody (multiple cultures) up on stage in unity was a much needed thing to see. This is an age where separation, intolerance and hatred are having a huge resurgence through out the world and my nation. The images of cultures coming together should be celebrated and cherished. Quite a bummer to see that some folks are still drinking huge helpings of hater aid. I am not ashamed to say that I love todays R&B/Pop artists who are not afraid to portray issues of the day in their music. Also, I love Uptown Funk. It's got that old school funk feel on it. That's my shit right there. I love that sound and it always makes me and my friends get up and dance. I am currently working on a new Funk CD. Judging by reactions here, I probably should not post any of those songs here. You guys would definitely hate it. But hey, I don't give a funk! I love to get funked up. Diversity is not such a bad thing. We should try it.........

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Russ Roman

2/9/2016 2:24:24 PM

Stoneman, do you not find some of the lyrics of Beyonce's song as above offensive?

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Bryon Tosoff

2/9/2016 2:36:09 PM

I guess that is why we are here in our seats trying, and they are there performing, they got the stuff. but is it enough. or have they sold out. Cold Play sold out a few years back, at one time C P were outstanding, but the NFL goes with what sells, Beyonce gives a shout out to some restaurant and Peyton to Budweiser. biz man all biz. and that is ok

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2/9/2016 5:46:07 PM

Damn, Stoneman. 90% of my listening is of the BAM variety. Chill, man. And post that funk!

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Daniel P Hudelson

2/9/2016 6:00:29 PM ---- Updated 2/9/2016 6:07:12 PM

I'm kinda all about the actual game, and even though some of the acts I like - McCartney, Bruce, Who, Bruno...a lot of the time they aren't representative of what made'em great,all the over the top bombastic stuff is too overshadowing of whatever I'd like to be digging. I actually like a lot of Coldplay, but I swear there was about 10% of essence de coldplay in evidence. Bruno was looking like he wanted to be a Michael Jackson back from the dead instead of that cool, get down retro r 'n' b guy.
I'm blaming the way-too-long halftime for Peyton, in 2011, coming out in the 3rd qtr, throwing a pick-six to the Saints. Too long for the players to stay focused.
Glad that Peyton got that 2nd ring, even if he was just a game manager. Looked like Eli was a bit subdued while the rest of the Mannings were whooping it up. hmmm...
I read a lot of people saying it was not the most watchable football, but that was a lot of great defense. What Denver did to Big Ben, Brady & Cam in consecutive weeks was the work of the best D since the '85 Bears.

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2/10/2016 9:54:28 AM

Beyonce's legs are totally fat. Her music's obnoxious.
Her husband has no talent, though a lot of business sense.
Cop Lives Matter. And it's Hip Hop that ever suggested otherwise,
which is why you have to have a "Black Lives Matter" 'movement' now.
No one addresses the elephant that ya'll put in the room; Hip Hop,
with it's advocating 'Cop Killers' and 'F*** Tha Police' crap,
and then you act surprised when the cops are walkin' on a hairline trigger.
Also, Alternative Action, is neither. It's not acceptable as an alternative,
and it's by no means any positive action. For a white guy, to really bust
his ass and be the best at something, and then a black guy not tryin'
half as hard, gets the job, just 'cause he's black? F*** That Noise,
that's only going to make more white people hate black people,
like, everyone who should have gotten the job, and instead
saw it go to someone less qualified, just because they're black.

Community Colleges, FREE, needs to happen.
It's an investment in the Nation.
Do black people need more opportunity? Sure they do. So let it be so.
But let it be so without taking away, from other groups of people.

And let Cop Lives Matter As Much As Black Lives Matter
And White Lives Matter And ALL LIVES MATTER.

And Fat Legs Fat Legs Beyonce Got Some Fat Legs.

I'm American Lesley Jane, and I approved this message,
because someone had a say it. And I said it. Do What You May.


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Shoe City Sound

2/10/2016 10:32:23 AM

OK no one had to say it - and what sexist crap is that - Beyonce is gorgeous, but what if she did have fat legs? She's not a model, she's a musician and a dancer. She's not one of the artists that makes it all about her looks. It's a free country and we can all love whatever music we love. ALL of us - even if you don't happen to be a black woman and don't have a clue as to what injustice Beyonce is speaking about.

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Bryon Tosoff

2/10/2016 10:37:40 AM

diverse views, good. not everyone is going to love everyone, so , the question is, how do we look today, i took out my mirror and almost shat myself. unshaven, uncombed hair, my pajama's look awful and my outfit overall just aint gonna cut it, apparently some of my music sucks and i wont make a million bucks

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Shoe City Sound

2/10/2016 11:21:57 AM

Bryon hahahahahahaha - yeah me too - except I don't need the shave

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2/10/2016 11:53:47 AM


Yeah some of that is really bad and I certainly wouldn't want children to be listening to it. Some of it is funny. Especially the reference to Red Lobster. Red Lobster says they have had an immediate boost in business since the song came out. But, if you study my catalog you will see that I don't write lyrics like that. I do write some songs with ebonic slang as it is only meant to be understood by folks from the hood. But this is heavily laced with ebonic slang and overshadowed by perverse sexual references., That in itself destroys any notion of this being a song of any real purpose or deep meaning. However, from a production standpoint, the song rocks! Performed live with all of the beautiful women gyrating it is quite an eye and earful. But who is listening to the lyrics. Nobody. It's all about that bass. So yeah, lyrically it does have some overtly offensive moments. Would I buy it? Naw, I only have one Beyoncé CD that I never even listen to. She is an amzing artist to see but I have other listening tastes. Shit, I listen to my own music most of the time. That's how I find the flaws.

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Bryon Tosoff

2/10/2016 12:03:18 PM

sometimes we can make our music too perfect Stoneman. right, i think so,. some of us get way anal. and it gets in the way of the project, but music is entertainment as you pointed out, heavy on the ear and eye candy. little in the way of content.lyric wise. its complicated. you been doing this far longer then me in producing tracks, so you have a whole lot more experience and insight. as for me, still learning, neophyte, Luddite still climbing the ladder trying to get to were some of you are already at, will i maybe not, but trying

I worked in a band where we did tracks live off the floor and then threw away some of those tracks and laid down more tracking later on various instruments. I got into a disagreement on one song which I stated, it is getting too over produced, and too much and actually the live take had more energy and realness to it then the final product, i did not like it, but was just a sideman.

The guy running it of course gets the last say. so it is also a personal thing, sometimes we can over complicate and over do something, stacking the shit out of it. then it loses its appeal and becomes contrived
my 50 dollars worth

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2/10/2016 1:48:18 PM


I love those "fat legs" that Beyoncé has. She is sooooooo sexy. Ummmmmm. They are so beautiful and perfectly rounded. The suppleness of her huge butt makes me pant heavily and dream torridly hot dreams of those fat legs rapped around my face. Come on say it some more dude. Fat legs, fat legs, damn I love fat legs. Millions of men and women want those fat legs. She is divine, beautiful, sensuous and the Queen B. I think she looks great for a woman who has gone through child birth. Not many women look as good as she does physically after child birth.

As for all that other crap about Hip-Hop being the reason for this, that and the other thing, well, if you were a Black person I would take your critique very seriously. But because you're not and your biased words are just useless dribble that you have been salivating to say ever since our last encounter. Sure, we can look at the elephant in the room. The one who claims to identify with Black people and then writes a song with a racist title. Now, you want to bring up all this stuff about affirmative action. Huh? WTF? How did all of that get in this discussion? We were talking about the Superbowl half time show and then here you come with all the political crap. Dude I got one word for you. ""Therapy". Some of your personalities, or should I say channeled people may need to talk to someone else for a change. You have anger issues that are unnecessarily being directed towards me. I wonder why. Is it because I have a different opinion than yours? Get use to it. Not everybody believes what you believe. Or, are you still angry about the one song of yours that I hated? What about all the other songs that I gave you praise about? How many times did I say I thought you were a great artist? I know, I know, the negative crap always stands out the most. One song out of the thousands you have produced does not define you. But it does give insight into where your head is spinning these days. You seem to be very attracted to negative crap. Black Lives Matter, affirmative action and all that other crap are not up for discussion right now. Therapy really works man. I did 6 years of it at the veterans hospital. I have PTSD. Did me a world of good. Helped me to get rid of some of my anger issues. I highly recommend it to anyone who has issues like yours. But you can start a thread about all your negative issues with Black people and I am sure that all of your racist little friends will pile up their negative remarks in support of your ideas. I mean, this place has certainly become a bastion of negativity. Instead of enjoying the biggest game of the year and all the annual nuances that come with it. You folks go straight to negative criticism about performances that were widely applauded and enjoyed throughout the world. You are the great ALJ. Make it happen dude. Start a thread so you can really rant about how bad all Black people are and how much you hate our music. I could care less about you and all of your political crap.

But hey, I do like those Fat legs you were talking about. Damn. Beyoncé! So Hot!!!!! My wife has fat legs also. That's the way I like them! uuuum FAT LEGS!

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2/10/2016 1:58:16 PM


I know exactly what you mean. I have spent hours of time fixing songs that were not even broken. Part of being a producer is the obsession for perfection. I have yet to master that. I don't think I have ever done a perfect song. I have done some that were close but I am still trying to reach what seems to be unreachable. You have a great catalog with lots of really good music Bryon. Plus, your live playing abilities are exceptional. With the exception of horns and voice. I was never a great live musician. They always stuck me out in front of the microphone as the lead vocalist. That was my place even though I wrote and produced most of the songs. All I am saying is that I have great respect for musicians that can do it live like you do. You Rock Man!

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2/10/2016 3:52:24 PM

Beyonce looks amazing but I think we should bring back the traditional marching band and get back to the game.

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2/10/2016 10:07:42 PM

Yeah, they could bring back the marching bands and most people would do what they use to do. Go party until the game comes back on. Actually, that wouldn't be such a bad thing. :)

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2/11/2016 8:45:48 AM

Stick to topic, huh. Okay maybe they'll make interesting songs. Whatever.

I liked Paul McCartney's halftime show, he opened with "Drive My Car", real decent version of it too. But of late, he and Ringo seem a bit staid. Sad really.
Here I am channeling John Lennon & George Harrison, and they should join BEATLESEX and then we'd have a worldwide phenomenon, but alas, they are both pussies now. Please don't tell me I'm not allowed to say 'pussies'. They say it on television by now for Heaven's sake.

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2/14/2016 6:57:17 PM

Just watched Sting and his band do the halftime show at the NBA all-star game. That kicked ass on the Super Bowl halftime show.

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Father Time

2/14/2016 10:17:23 PM

I saw that too and agree, and I don't even like Sting that much. It fulfilled my musical wish though, a band standing on stage doing good songs. No bs.

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Bryon Tosoff

2/14/2016 10:23:24 PM

but Nelly Furtado crucified the Canadian Anthem. that was ugly. was she stoned. horrible sing, slurred words, . worst rendition I have ever heard. stay in the pop genre girl, you suck as an anthem singer, trying to be cute with artistic license,. sing the song like it is supposed to be sung, and whats with that flute thing, who comes up with this shite. awful

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2/15/2016 1:54:56 AM

I think the Native American flute accompaniment on O' Canada was fine. It would have worked if she sang it right. That was a most awful hatchet job, indeed.

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2/15/2016 8:18:32 AM ---- Updated 2/15/2016 8:39:10 AM

Stoneman, I only now noticed you actually did reply to my run-on-the-mouth.

Not that I don't think I raised some points worth addressing...
but what the f*** they have to do with the superbowl... is nothing, really.
I don't even like football, and have hardly ever even watched the damned game,
even the 'precious superbowl'... could give a f*** less.

It's true, I was lividly pissed at you,
because you criticized me, when you had not even heard the tune.
Frankly, I'll bet you STILL have not heard the damned thing,
and by now, I don't care. I really don't.

As for social issues, they tend to work themselves out.
It happens, it's happening now. I really don't need to worry about any of that.

I'm not angry anymore, and the fighting is meaningless....
You're an old man, I'm an old man/woman thing, I'm past even arguing about it.

That song did indeed stick up like crazy blue blazes for
all the black people getting whacked one after the other left and right,
and I knew of no other white person who made such a stand,
I still don't. And now, after your wiping the floor up with me figuratively
speaking, in terms of roundly criticizing me for using a particular word,
while not even checking out exactly How I Had Used That Word,
In Exactly Which Context, literally, as one myself,
because there's some accuracy to what Ice T said,
"everybody's a n***** to a n*****" and you have no idea
I've reckoned myself as 'God's n*****' and I'm sure, less do you care.

I even have some rap things, that, since I mentioned the "Cop Killer" author,
Ice-T, I did a rap thing that he liked so much, he allowed it posted
on his MySpace... 'It's A War On The Poor' was one....
'That's Why I'm A Negro' was another...
but these are all academic arguments, certainly to you it is apparent.
Because you only see white, so none of my words even rack a score.

That's fine. It gives me occasion to revisit much of how I've felt
in recent times. I still may put some of this rap stuff I've done out,
and as for my channeled friends, well George never liked that stuff, rap that is.
John on the other hand, has done some, and for the hell of it,
we may put that out as well...

Sometimes I feel like an outsider, but really, I'm just an old white man.
Some think of us as 'society's losers', are we that? Time Will Tell, I suppose.

That said, I do know, some are seeing the emperor is butt-ugly naked,
and there's no stuffing that cat back into the bag.

I've often wondered,
'how could black music, have been so good when I was a kid,
and be so damned awful now?'
I still don't know the answer.

Kanye West the other night on Saturday Night Live.

What even WAS that noodley electronic rappish crap?
It's 'new' ... it's 'different'.... it's still a naked emperor.

I'm an old man, you're an old man.
The truth is, nobody not even us gives a damn about our opinion anyway.
But you, you're old enough to remember real music.
Yeah some people like fat legs, great. Fat legged women are glad.

Glad you have someone who makes it happen for you.
May you, my friend, NEVER, have to experience what I did,

Vanessa, my late wife,
was not a tough act to follow.
She was an impossible act to follow.

I'm only glad as all hell that I didn't put it together,
the fragmented memories I had, of my childhood,
because once I realized I'd been raped as a child,
nothing downstairs worked anymore if ya get my drift.
And don't recommend viagra or cialis or any of that crap
because that ain't for me, I don't want it, thanks a whole lot, but no.

You have someone. You lucky lucky human being.
I hope you know, just how lucky you are.

And as for this sparring about what music sucks,
and what doesn't, somewhere in the Pipeline,
John pointed it out, none of that crap matters,

the only thing that matters, is provide contrast,
create the thing that Doesn't Suck, if you can,
only then, is a distinction made....

Or as Eric Clapton put it in 'It's In The Way That You Use It',

'nobody's right, till somebody's wrong,
nobody's weak, till somebody's strong,
nobody's lonely, till somebody's gone,
nobody's lucky, till luck comes along...
It's in the way that you use it...
it comes and it goes...
it's in the way that you use it...
oh boy don't you know...
and if you like you will lose it...
feelings will show....
so don't you ever refuse it...
yeah and don't let it go....'

those words fill my soul...
filling me with my only remaining purpose,
to find that lost chord, to write that better song.
To remind people, if I'm not already so destroyed that it's impossible
and I should simply kill myself,

'there is better music than this crap'.

We can call that my opinion.
OH and regarding your sales pitch for therapy?
Glad it worked for you. It's not for me.

Take a piece of paper.
Write on it 'therapist'.

Now get a scissors, and cut that paper
after the first three letters,

"the rapist", is what that word becomes. No thanks. Already been raped.

Now, here's a thought, consider this conversation, is over,
has run it's course, there is nothing left to talk about.
Right now, people are out there buying all this crap that laughs
in the face of good music, maybe they'll keep buying it,
maybe they won't. That's about all that CAN be said about it.

As for the other issues, like alternative action,
you're right, they're not up for discussion, because no one was
discussing them. It is out of nowhere, and can go back there for now.

Pretty much, I'm out of nowhere, and I'm happy to go back,
I did, I died. God wouldn't let me stay dead. That's the truth.
Heaven don't want me, Hell's definitely afraid I'll take over.


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Daniel P Hudelson

2/15/2016 8:37:48 AM

TERRIBLE Canadian anthem. Besides being pitchy, I hated the liberties she took with that fine melody.
Liked the SS Banner though. Nice intelligent alternate arrangement. Should put that under the extended intro of Father Time's little ode to Barry Bonds.

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Father Time

2/15/2016 8:58:33 AM

Thanks, I think that was a compliment. :)

Lesley you hit upon something there. I think about that all the time, my kids growing up to such weak music for their "music of the streets". When we grew up it was enriching, now it's abrasive, shitty.

I remember this time I was at a high school event at an inner city school. As we were leaving, getting on the bus, there was a group of girls over by a bench, singing together, it sounded so beautiful. The song was the Stylistics new song that had just come out, Break Up To Make Up, I hadn't heard it yet but when I finally did on the radio, I of course went and bought the 45. We got to hear Marvin, Aretha, the Stones and Led Zep. They get Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Kanye.

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2/15/2016 10:45:14 AM

The heart has been ripped out of music by the bigwigs who control it. They do not ever want to see another Summer of Love again. They do not want creativity and progressivism in music. They do not want another scene to arise.

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Father Time

2/15/2016 11:27:17 AM

Do you think it's directly intentional, or maybe that they're just such simpletons they stick to a business plan that tries to find bands to push that are similar to the last one they were successful with?

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2/15/2016 11:48:58 AM

I think it is totally intentional. I think the government is even involved in this shit. Revolutions arise because of music and the last thing the government needs is a bunch of radical musicians turning on the world.

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2/15/2016 1:08:56 PM

... So they created this game show to trivialize music to the point where no one will ever be taken seriously for their music ever again because no one really says anything important anymore. Damn, my 1992 album Nobody For President is more relevant than most of the fake garbage being released today. And a bunch of you also have relevant music that inspires, but no one fucking wants that anymore because they have been force-fed game show bullshit and no longer want serious thought with their music. And I think that sucks.

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