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Bryon Tosoff
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10/29/2020 12:47:00 PM
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4/19/2020 8:57:37 PM
I am here for the music. no more nominations for station manager. thank you

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looking back at my years at Indie Music People

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1/3/2020 12:14:51 PM
On being a Station Manager and its importance to the health and well being of IMP

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Bryon Tosoff

1/3/2020 12:14:51 PM ---- Updated 1/3/2020 1:06:56 PM

On being a Station Manager and its importance to the health and well being of IMP
First I want to thank the artists who nominated me for another crack at a Golden Kayak for Station Manager. I appreciate this a whole lot.

Secondly, I want to point out the importance of being a station manager and how it keeps Indiemusicpeople looking busy and adds to stations keep on rolling. I am certain it motivates artists to continue to bring their best works here, and I am sure elsewhere, lets keep this in mind, there is no other place in the world anywhere that offers anything as unique and special as being a Station Manager, it is in my mind the single most important piece of what this place is all about

Without people participating as station managers and taking time to listen to musicians masterpieces and works of art, it be pretty much a desert of sorts, with only a few the core group here ensuring artists are recognized for their efforts and the one who holds it altogether Scott Stambaugh pulling it along and doing most the heavy lifting in many areas.

Thirdly, I have to say this and will be blunt about it, holding back no punches, we can do better
Frankly I am personally disappointed to see only 3 station managers nominated for a Golden Kayak, this says a lot, it really does not show the enthusiasm there should be in this most important area, and reflects the lack of participation in the nominating process. What it seems to say to me, is fewer people were involved in the whole aspect of this entire undertaking of submitting ones nominations. Am I mistaken, wrong and out of step to say this, I dont think so, in my mind it shows a lack of enthusiasm and interest in the best place there is in the music world showcasing musicians and taking a keen interest in their music.

For a community of listeners artists and musicians we need to step up to the plate in this area of taking part in something that is vital and important as in the whole undertaking of the nomination process. I hope to see more people, listeners and composers alike to get involved and participate as STATION MANAGERS.

Lets do better. Being a Station Manager is critical to the health and well being of IndieMusicPeople

In closing, this is my LAST YEAR doing this job as a Station Manager,, I am stepping back, retiring ,whatever you call it, I have done it for such a long time and right now, my health is not good, as well as my wife,my better half , my father is in complex care facility 24/7 care. I dont have the time as I used to, the only reason I kept on doing it is I saw a need for it to be done, as Steve April has and recently the last few years Norm who keeps his Desperado stations happening on a consistent basis. It is great to see Larree getting involved with his music and as a STATION MANAGER again, WE NEED MORE OF YOU INVOLVED, DO IT

Thank you all for the many years of listening to your amazing works, I appreciate your kind consideration nominating over the many years I have done this, it is time for me to move on


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1/3/2020 12:41:41 PM

Hey Bryon, I am sorry to hear about you and your wife's health issues, and I know how difficult it is to care for senior parents. Strength to you, bro! I agree with everything you said about managing stations. I hope others pick it up. It is fun once you get rolling!

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1/3/2020 2:10:11 PM

likewise what Larree said. As we get older, health issues are a factor, I know they are for me as well.

Anyway Bryon, that was an inspiring post, you epitomize all of what the best station managers are made of, we can only hope more others follow in your footsteps.

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Psyche's Muse

1/3/2020 7:23:49 PM

Amen to all that has been said. Bless you Bryon, Larree, and Scott.

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Bryon Tosoff

1/11/2020 2:21:00 PM

Thanks Larree, Mortamor and Scott. And Scott, I really appreciated your thoughtful words to me as an example and being a supporter of the musicians here, It meant a lot to me what you said. I will come on occasion here to see what is happening, upload a song here and there, not as many as in the past.My Station Management days are done. It is now for others to step in the gap and carry the torch as many others have in the past. I look forward to seeing a renewed interest here in past station managers and hope some new people will get involved

I hope my words I shared was from the heart. I hope that it will motivate, inspire and encourage others to become more involved as Station Managers

For those who have been there before as listeners and managers, My hope is that you will re-energize your stations and get immersed in your passion once again.

To those who have never hosted a station before, please do think about doing so.It is a very rewarding and amazing experience.

My whole emphasis as a station manger was to provide support to the artists at IMP , let them know we are truly interested in you as a person, as an artist and as a member of this great community.

Thank you to all members of the music community here. Good luck and best wishes to everyone here.

All the best to all musicians in your songs and station building and continue your support for Indie Music People so that it shines as a beacon to the world and for us as independent musicians.


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Chandra Moon

1/13/2020 2:02:44 PM

Sorry not to have commented on this before but I was looking after my mum the last year and she died on Dec 5th so I really understand how hard it is to juggle station managing with complex family issues.

I so agree with what Bryon is saying here about station managing - I thoroughly enjoying looking after my stations though they've been sadly neglected recently I'll be back more now.

It's very surprising only three managers were nominated and I really hope more people get involved now they've read this. Thanks so much Bryon you've always been so supportive and inspirational as a supporter of new music and musicians.

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Bryon Tosoff

1/22/2020 2:06:19 PM

Thank you to Chandra, appreciate your thoughts and it is so Great to see new people starting stations and the longtime members and stalwarts resurrecting their old ones!!

As listeners we always need your help in keeping indiemusicpeople interesting active and shining as a beacon with its innovative ways, it is the only place I know of that has station building coupled with the ability to review musicians works.

This Station idea actually motivates both the listener and the performing musician- composer to develop a rapport with one another. Musicians can expand and build a fanbase here as well by following up and thanking the one who has shown an interest in your music. Not only can one be building a reputation as well as an active station manager but as one who can give insightful and helpful reviews.

I have had the privilege of serving in the capacity as a station manager for many years here at indiemusicpeople and have grown in my appreciation of the many styles and types of genre that are available at the best indie music place on the planet, there is no place like it, and I am sure you will agree.

Let us keep this place energized in the station building as well as sharing ones experiences, ideas and aspirations on the Pipeline. Excellent to see the pipe sparkling with vigor and vitality!!

Continue your good works, both to the listener and artists!

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1/22/2020 3:14:49 PM

This is a great thread. I know I am having a good time building my stations right now. The long break was good for me. This is fun again!

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Bryon Tosoff

3/8/2020 1:00:48 PM

Good stuff happening here at IMP .like what I am seeing . Great energy and support and enthusiasm from station managers and artists .pipeline briming with with excellent topics and interaction . Keep support going for fellow artists .take time to listen comment reviewing songs . Enjoying my time watching and occasional listening .needing this time doing what i like. Have Fun all...bryon

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Chandra Moon

3/8/2020 1:11:58 PM

I've just started a crazy new station and so enjoying myself - it's amazing what's here - so much amazing original music.....!!! x

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Bryon Tosoff

3/8/2020 1:13:34 PM

Yup, you are kicking it here,. dig your happening station Chandra.nice work!!

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3/10/2020 2:31:56 AM

Awesome thread Bryon. I know I could be more involved with my station but I tend to forget these days. My station being genre specific, there are not as many artists who post material in my genres. But know I can do better and will give it an effort to improve. Thanks for all that you do here at IMP man. Much Respect! Stoneman

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Bryon Tosoff

3/10/2020 2:29:44 PM

Thanks Stoneman. I have enjoyed being involved and hope this encourages motivates and inspire others to work at beinga station manager . Basically hanging my hat up as a station manager and listening doing the odd song and occasional blog. Cheers and all the best to all.

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Paul groover

3/10/2020 2:53:20 PM

Being a station manager is cool it,s the one thing i can do to help others. 14 years is quite a commitment but i enjoy it. I have never deleted an artist from any of my stations i never will. Once your on your on but it does make the stations a bit unwieldy after a few years. It does sort it self out in the end.

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