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Tom O'Brien
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6/30/2018 3:03:34 AM
What do you think of Steely Dan?

5/8/2018 11:31:12 PM
Shopping Music

5/3/2018 2:06:57 PM
New Song

7/25/2017 2:55:33 PM
The MonLisa Twins

7/22/2017 9:08:31 PM
Hello old friends and new

8/3/2014 6:07:01 PM
The origins of music

6/18/2014 5:20:14 PM
For the Want of You

5/25/2014 8:53:05 PM
Please give a listen!

2/24/2014 5:25:29 PM
It has been awhile ...

9/22/2013 7:07:18 PM
I've been so out-of-touch lately - here's a new song

8/8/2013 12:36:50 PM
A new mix - your comments welcome

8/3/2013 11:07:19 AM
Was Hank Williams rock 'n' roll?

7/18/2013 10:45:05 AM
All Over Again

6/26/2013 2:26:45 PM
Get your producer hat on

5/14/2013 5:17:34 PM
A rough of a new song

4/15/2013 10:00:19 PM
I'm not sure if I should post this, but ...

4/12/2013 8:04:57 PM
Why I love IAC

3/23/2013 2:58:51 PM
The singer as actor

2/15/2013 10:31:59 AM
I've been hiding again

2/3/2013 10:43:25 PM
This is kind of a crazy song

1/11/2013 11:19:46 AM
A simple love song

12/31/2012 9:32:10 AM
Do you get high?

12/18/2012 6:36:08 PM
A song about my childhood?

12/17/2012 6:50:36 PM
What I love about IAC

12/14/2012 7:25:29 PM
Is virtuosity dead?

12/10/2012 7:51:04 PM
Tell me if this title is too cliche.

12/7/2012 7:15:12 PM
What dead artist do you wish you had seen live?

12/1/2012 7:45:12 PM
One of my favorite things

11/16/2012 8:54:00 PM
This song might have been a hit in 1932.

11/11/2012 9:46:12 AM
Some more new rock

11/2/2012 8:06:51 PM
Listen to a remix

10/21/2012 4:55:54 PM
Tom gets heavy

9/30/2012 2:26:37 PM
The Disappearing Heart (new song)

9/12/2012 2:29:09 PM
You like a little reggae/pop/ska?

8/28/2012 6:32:30 PM
Check out this new pop tune!

8/17/2012 7:56:46 PM
A new sound experiment

7/24/2012 8:36:08 PM
Something I'd overlooked

6/25/2012 8:32:17 PM
Where I've been hiding lately

5/20/2012 2:56:27 PM
A little jazz track

4/22/2012 8:54:46 AM
"Ordinary Girl" is just acoustic guitars and voices - give it a listen!

3/26/2012 4:25:20 PM
First new song in a while

2/25/2012 5:25:05 PM
Announcing our new album!

1/27/2012 12:52:57 PM
You're out there are your surfboard ...

12/30/2011 7:54:37 PM
My first live gig in a while

12/26/2011 2:48:08 PM
Can you help?

12/6/2011 4:00:04 PM
Your sheckles needed!

11/27/2011 12:20:31 PM
Your Roots They Go Down

11/15/2011 8:33:53 PM
A song about a survivor

10/16/2011 2:21:52 PM
New Song "Crush"

10/2/2011 12:38:13 PM
"Change the World"

9/18/2011 2:16:48 PM
Just in case you're interested

9/3/2011 8:36:16 PM
I Will Leave No Song Unsung

8/12/2011 12:52:46 PM
Passing of our beloved bunny

8/8/2011 8:57:07 PM
My girlfriend didn't like this song ...

8/8/2011 2:35:10 PM
Check out the Trip Poppies

8/5/2011 7:24:20 PM
Can we help who we are?

7/26/2011 11:01:54 AM
New groovy, moody song

7/13/2011 6:38:10 PM
Just thought of a new idea for IAC

7/1/2011 6:43:54 PM
Predominance of hot chicks on the Hitline

6/26/2011 8:04:32 AM
I was in a bit of a funk

6/18/2011 10:14:16 AM
Papa don't preach

6/12/2011 7:19:00 AM
Losing her virginity

6/6/2011 10:21:48 AM
Attention Seattle beer drinkers and art lovers

5/28/2011 1:52:17 PM
God Don't Care

4/17/2011 1:55:45 PM
Groove on this:

3/31/2011 1:29:05 PM
"Welcome to the Party"

3/21/2011 8:06:51 PM
I'm so wanting to upload my new song...

3/3/2011 9:09:49 AM
I have to beg your indulgence ...

1/30/2011 12:33:12 PM
Welcome back IAC!

12/17/2010 12:03:56 PM
A new social consciousness song

12/13/2010 11:43:34 AM
Christmas Muzak! Aaaaaargh!

12/4/2010 3:59:05 PM
This is your reminder ...

11/23/2010 3:46:54 PM
Just in time for Thanksgiving...

11/19/2010 7:49:19 PM
Am I reading this right?

11/17/2010 10:50:46 AM
Played my first open mic in quite some time

11/15/2010 9:18:34 AM
I've posted a new song ...

11/8/2010 10:17:07 AM
So, Rolling Stone rated "A Day in the Life" as the top Beatles' tune ...

11/7/2010 2:26:50 PM
The Buddha's Christmas video

11/1/2010 11:05:21 AM
Any art lovers out there?

10/25/2010 8:36:51 PM
Check out my new song - I promise it's not typical!

10/19/2010 6:49:39 PM
Just discovered the band "minipop."

10/16/2010 5:15:17 PM
And I don't even really like blues ...

10/9/2010 1:33:39 PM
I have a new song!

10/6/2010 5:42:52 PM
My song, "Beautiful Pain" is on the hitline!

9/29/2010 11:23:25 AM
Who are the big names at IAC?

9/25/2010 12:06:18 PM
"This Is the Moment" and "Broke My Brain"

9/17/2010 6:50:12 PM
Anyone familiar with ACM Records?

9/14/2010 5:43:20 PM
Re-mix of an older song

9/11/2010 3:10:49 PM
"When Push Comes to Love"

9/5/2010 12:11:38 PM
"Beautiful Pain"

8/29/2010 3:08:52 PM
A new pretty song

8/20/2010 7:39:33 PM
Voices that move you?

8/15/2010 12:15:45 PM
A new rockin' song!

8/10/2010 6:36:22 PM
Humdinger of a weekend!

8/1/2010 3:56:00 PM
Don't know what to say about this song ...

7/25/2010 1:27:28 PM
A bit of silliness.

7/20/2010 12:25:57 PM
Check out this fun pop tune, please!

7/9/2010 6:44:59 PM
First new release in a while

7/6/2010 10:11:52 AM
A Modest Proposal

6/15/2010 6:35:44 PM
The 10 second test

6/6/2010 1:44:09 PM
Finally cracked the top 100 in a genre!

6/6/2010 1:19:52 PM
What gives your life meaning?

5/18/2010 6:41:39 PM
Remember those free lyrics I offered?

5/14/2010 6:53:11 PM
Would you rather have a rockin' bod ...

4/30/2010 3:29:14 PM
Heading to Kauai

4/23/2010 8:41:57 PM
Wonky charts again

4/21/2010 11:36:28 AM
WIN ... FREE ... SEX

4/18/2010 3:20:25 PM
Check out this talent!

4/16/2010 8:53:13 PM
The story of music

4/9/2010 8:19:25 PM
Free Lyrics

4/4/2010 1:11:13 PM
What's the difference between a jazz guitarist and a rock guitarist?

3/31/2010 12:08:08 PM
What would you do with a million dollars ...

3/23/2010 9:11:14 PM
This site has seemed a little quiet lately.

3/16/2010 12:05:16 PM
She isn't Quite Not

3/9/2010 3:27:17 PM
And now for something completely different ...

3/8/2010 2:58:20 PM
I just want to write an "Under the Boardwalk"

3/1/2010 11:18:24 AM
Little by Little

2/22/2010 4:26:10 PM
Which is sexier - guitar or drums?

2/21/2010 4:11:50 PM
"When You're Looking Down" - another new song - Are you tired of me yet?

2/15/2010 3:22:26 PM
Groovy new tune for Valentine's Day

2/8/2010 12:33:35 PM
Dig This

1/22/2010 12:04:22 PM
A radical message

1/19/2010 3:52:57 PM
Alarming spike in listens?

1/10/2010 1:14:27 PM
Tell me if this song is too corny

1/4/2010 12:11:51 PM
How do I get on Neil Young's "Living with War Today" site?

1/1/2010 5:17:32 PM
Do you Brits prefer to called "English" or British?"

12/31/2009 3:48:26 PM
Worries of the World...

12/28/2009 8:14:39 PM
Do lyrics really matter?

12/27/2009 5:19:41 PM
Peace in the New Year to come

12/22/2009 10:15:40 AM
The Buddha's Christmas

12/20/2009 2:41:46 PM
An overlooked Christmas song

12/14/2009 8:53:44 PM
Petition to get "cuz" in the dictionary

12/6/2009 1:22:05 PM
OK, problem fixed (I hope) - now please give a listen to my new song.

12/3/2009 3:24:23 PM
New song to share

11/15/2009 3:11:32 PM
Any connections in the Seattle/Portland music scene?

11/6/2009 9:30:59 PM
Please listen to my new song, Digging This Ditch."

10/30/2009 9:15:39 PM
John or Paul?

10/23/2009 9:38:19 PM
Ever been "busted" at work?

10/17/2009 1:31:17 PM
New tune and free CD!

10/4/2009 4:19:58 PM
Little known fact: reindeer will eat fried chicken

9/26/2009 1:10:20 PM
Sad, but true, story

9/20/2009 4:26:19 PM
Please give my new song a listen?

9/16/2009 7:49:14 PM
Tooting my own horn

8/30/2009 11:58:18 PM
Any Crowded House fans out there?

8/29/2009 8:23:06 PM
Rough mix of a new tune

8/28/2009 6:53:41 PM
Which came first - rhythm or melody?

8/26/2009 1:45:42 AM
Bob Elliott and I have made the Underground 40!

8/21/2009 7:09:01 PM
Now with Drums!

8/17/2009 5:34:12 PM
Little Shot

8/14/2009 10:28:24 PM
Anyone seen my song?

8/14/2009 8:53:25 PM
New song to check out

8/8/2009 11:06:02 PM
This song will change your life...

7/30/2009 1:53:15 AM
I don't mean to whine but...

7/27/2009 5:48:37 PM
What's your reason for songwriting?

7/24/2009 8:37:17 PM
I like these lyrics - listen to the tune if you like them!

7/19/2009 7:57:49 PM
If you like rockabilly...

7/12/2009 9:17:13 PM
How do we vote?

7/2/2009 10:01:15 PM
My new favorite song - and it's my own!

6/24/2009 8:24:57 PM
Lyrics to entice you

6/17/2009 6:35:58 PM
Are you a happy person?

6/17/2009 1:51:16 AM
An interesting thought about race...

6/10/2009 1:22:49 AM
How important are titles?

6/8/2009 5:49:54 PM
Low volume tune

5/31/2009 11:41:35 PM
I don't get tattoos!

5/26/2009 8:36:56 PM
Is this a cliche?

5/26/2009 5:39:24 PM
A new old song

5/20/2009 5:49:10 PM
Who (besides yourself) should I listen?

5/19/2009 12:28:34 AM
Don't let the title put you off!

5/18/2009 5:44:41 PM
This is a dumb etiquette/technical question

5/10/2009 6:20:10 PM
Honored to be charted!

5/6/2009 7:02:31 PM
CDs for free!

5/6/2009 2:52:50 AM
The problem with apostrophes

4/30/2009 10:18:43 PM
For the visual among you

4/28/2009 5:16:11 PM
Just want to share my world


IAC Prime Member


Tom O'Brien

6/30/2018 3:03:34 AM

What do you think of Steely Dan?
My first exposure to Steely Dan was through KSAN, an old San Francisco radio station. I didn't pay them too much attention, though they were distinctive.

Then, my dorm-mate in college made me sit and listen to the entire Aja album on his killer stereo. I was high, so that added to the experience. I closed my eyes and gave my entire attention to the sound. There was something sexy about it. It wasn't rock and roll, I didn't know what it was, but it was distinctive. It had soul. It was smartly confident. It was literate.

And then, for whatever the reason, they sort of left my consciousness. I didn't go out and buy the record. My musical oddyssey led me elsewhere. But then, a few years ago, I bought a used CD of a greatest hits type of compilation containing some 20 Steely Dan songs, almost all of which are incredible works of virtuosity, stellar production and recording excellence. I heard from a good friend of mine that Steely Dan has lately become very "in" in jazz circles.

Any thoughts?


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6/30/2018 7:24:09 AM

When I heard the opening riff from Reelin' in the Years on the radio I was instantly hooked. I even saw them live on their first three tours. Top-shelf all the way.

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6/30/2018 8:05:40 AM

Katy Lied was one of my favorite records of my youth and Rikki one of my favorite songs. I've seen them live and they are great. They came in as one of the most popular bands in a home recording community I used to frequent.

Some of the songs from Aja have been so overplayed they've become an annoyance but other than that I have nothing bad to say about them.

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Bryon Tosoff

6/30/2018 11:21:57 AM

Steely Dan had huge influence on me tripping groove outs and cool voicings, textures sounds. Catchy riffs and great song crafting. Very Cerebral in their works.

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Richard Scotti

6/30/2018 11:29:36 AM

Yes, the vocals, the well crafted lyrics and song writing and instrument virtuosity - all very compelling and first rate. One of my favs -

"Deacon Blues"

This is the day
Of the expanding man
That shape is my shade
There where I used to stand
It seems like only yesterday
I gazed through the glass
At ramblers
Wild gamblers
That's all in the past

You call me a fool
You say it's a crazy scheme
This one's for real
I already bought the dream
So useless to ask me why
Throw a kiss and say goodbye
I'll make it this time
I'm ready to cross that fine line

I'll learn to work the saxophone
I'll play just what I feel
Drink Scotch whisky all night long
And die behind the wheel
They got a name for the winners in the world
I want a name when I lose
They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
Call me Deacon Blues

My back to the wall
A victim of laughing chance
This is for me
The essence of true romance
Sharing the things we know and love
With those of my kind
That stagger the mind

I crawl like a viper
Through these suburban streets
Make love to these women
Languid and bittersweet
I'll rise when the sun goes down
Cover every game in town
A world of my own
I'll make it my home sweet home

I'll learn to work the saxophone
I'll play just what I feel
Drink Scotch whisky all night long
And die behind the wheel
They got a name for the winners in the world
I want a name when I lose
They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
Call me Deacon Blues

This is the night
Of the expanding man
I take one last drag
As I approach the stand
I cried when I wrote this song
Sue me if I play too long
This brother is free
I'll be what I want to be

I'll learn to work the saxophone
I'll play just what I feel
Drink Scotch whisky all night long
And die behind the wheel
They got a name for the winners in the world
I want a name when I lose
They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
Call me Deacon Blues

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Steve April

6/30/2018 5:25:49 PM ---- Updated 6/30/2018 5:26:47 PM

Here's my fav Steely Dan song (lyrics)... seems to be about the 'wheels within wheels,' karma, and all that...besides the groovin' musicality, a story...

"In the mornin' you go gunnin' for the man who stole your water
And you fire till he is done in but they catch you at the border
And the mourners are all singin' as they drag you by your feet
But the hangman isn't hangin' and they put you on the street
You go back, Jack, do it again, wheels turnin' 'round and 'round
You go back, Jack, do it again

When you know she's no high climber then you find your only friend
In a room with your two timer, and you're sure you're near the end
Then you love a little wild one, and she brings you only sorrow
All the time you know she's smilin'; you'll be on your knees tomorrow
You go back, Jack, do it again, wheels turnin' 'round and 'round
You go back, Jack, do it again

Now you swear and kick and beg us that you're not a gamblin' man;
Then you find you're back in Vegas with a handle in your hand
Your black cards can make you money so you hide them when you're able
In the land of milk and honey you must put them on the table
You go back, Jack, do it again, wheels turnin' 'round and 'round
You go back, Jack, do it again"

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6/30/2018 9:11:37 PM

Top class musicologists----complex but tuneful my fave Barrytown !

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7/2/2018 3:30:02 PM

Oh man, there was a period in the 70's when I listened to a lot of Steely Dan. Great music with wonderful melodies and hooks. A friend of mine turned me on to them. He was suffering from extreme PTSD and their music helped to calm him down. He thought it would help me also. Could be true but I was always smoking good weed back then and it could have been the weed we were smoking. But I still love that group. Their sound is so unique and skillful. Wonderful musicians. They forged their own sound and made millions of people happy. Much Respect, Stoneman

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bp deignan

7/3/2018 7:30:09 AM

Guitar playing on "Don't Take me Alive" just blows me away. Brilliant stuff.

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Psyche's Muse

7/3/2018 8:05:55 AM ---- Updated 7/3/2018 8:07:15 AM

Oh, Yes! I simply LOVE me some STEELY DAN!!! Great Artists! -M-

(hmmm... now I've gone and said all "THAT"... and it seems I recall hearin' somethin' 'bout
a "STEELY DAN" bein' th' name for some type of a "Sex Toy"??? Hmph! Oh well! hahaha!)

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Hop On Pop

7/4/2018 2:38:33 PM

Kinda the ultimate mainstream/non-indie band, huh?
All expensive studios, super-slick million dollar productions and top-notch studio gunslingers.
Definitely NOT an Indie.

That said, I like 'em.
Nothing wrong with a mainstream band if they're good. And Steely Dan are good.
Very, very good.

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Duane Flock

7/11/2018 9:42:50 PM ---- Updated 7/11/2018 9:53:01 PM

One of my all time favs!
I actually do 3-4 Steely Dan covers on my acoustic when I play a gig for a couple hours or more.
When they started out in the 70's they were way ahead of their time.

Locally, in the SF Bay area there's a group called Aja Vu that has won numerous awards as a Steely Dan tribute band. I had their sax player do a track on my song "Last Night" a couple years back. Bryon Tosoff did the keys on that too.Greg did a double track towards the end that's really cool.

If you get a chance check Aja Vu out. They also do Chicago covers as well.


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Chandra Moon

7/18/2018 2:45:41 PM

Oh I loved them back in the day - nice to be reminded.

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