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Lee Burke
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6/18/2017 4:35:17 PM
Heyya, what i been doing lol

5/11/2017 3:47:15 PM
Whats ppls view on busking?

5/5/2017 5:08:22 PM
Has anybody wrote a song about a weird dream they had?

3/18/2017 6:59:37 PM
Can songwriting be taught?

3/8/2017 4:00:15 PM
Distribution companies? are they worth using?

2/9/2017 11:38:06 PM
Acoustic piece in Open G tuning

2/2/2017 4:39:48 PM
Intro to Lee B


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Lee Burke

3/8/2017 4:00:15 PM

Distribution companies? are they worth using?
I've looked at what they say bout em online, and wanna use a good reliable one, ive heard bout them taking ppls money and not being straight with clients,
has anybody else had any bad experiences or which ones are reliable, offer quality service etc

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Richard Scotti

3/8/2017 7:23:29 PM

Don't waste your money on scam deals that promise you the world and give you nothing. Invest your resources into making the best demos you can. If the right people dig your songs, they pay you. You don't pay them.

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American Lesley Jane

3/9/2017 11:35:12 AM

I kept trying to figure out, what kind of haircut is that.
Suddenly it dawned on me,
I don't just play an idiot on television, I am one in real life.

That's a guy with a regular haircut,
standing in front of a tree.
You get it? It's a black and white photo,
so I could not at first tell where your hair ends
and the tree begins?

I'm sorry, I know Jack Squiddle diddle about distribution deals. Very sorry. No clue.

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Chandra Moon

3/9/2017 11:55:27 AM

I did ok using CDBaby for my first album but it hasn't been so good for the second one now that people tend to stream stuff online it's much harder to sell hard copies except at gigs. That's my opinion anyway.

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Francesca Tamellini

3/9/2017 3:05:10 PM

Lesley, I see the photo just like you do. That frightens me!

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3/9/2017 3:13:02 PM

Make that three of us, lol.

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3/9/2017 3:15:55 PM

But, regarding distribution:

I use tunecore for my digital distribution. I have been very happy with them, so far. I am on itunes, amazon.com, spotify, and a bunch more delivery services. They even offer worldwide publishing admin services.

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Lee Burke

3/9/2017 3:48:18 PM

That bloody picture, yea i was sitting at the front of a church with a tree next to it, it was just coincidence that the tree perfectly covers my head and looks like summat from jackson 5 .

anyways, yea im with tunecore at the mo, i did a search on google and theres loads of stuff bout tunecore being a scam, maybe its cuz they're music wasn't that gud, but i'll keep an open mind just incase, and i'll find a new picture, and erm yea my new song i'll try get it up tommoz.

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3/9/2017 3:57:07 PM

Our community does image consulting here at IMP. :)

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Lee Burke

3/9/2017 4:06:50 PM

i noticed, long live the tree, but mr lee has chopped the thing down now, and enjoying a nice piece of cake

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3/11/2017 12:43:49 AM

Music streams are worth it, if your content is good for the moment.

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3/11/2017 2:42:34 AM


you've come a long way in a short time. Before you were barking up the wrong tree. haha

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