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Alternative Pop Rock

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i like it   Wonderfully eclectic mix of the varied range of music on IAC. Definitely worth listening to!
i like it two   More "I like it"! Wildly divergent music from all over IAC. Always fun to listen to!
K-CMDY   A new addition to the The Living Dolls "K" series of stations. Featuring the funny stuff on IAC
K-BEST   The best of the best tracks from my "K" stations (K-RTRO, K-NDY, K-PNK).
DriveTime FM  
ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC  
HACKS!!   A wonderfully groovy station. great songs on here!
Lou Reed   Tribute to the master.
K-RNDM   A new K station! Songs that don't quite fit into the PNK, RTRO, NDY playlists make their way here.
TXRadio   From the wonderful band, Theatre X, A great station full of chewey pop goodness.
For Those In Need of Airplay I   A fantastic station idea. pick the best songs from artists being played on less than 10 stations. Highly recommended.
PoPRoX   Gleefully eclectic mix of indie, pop, electronica and roots. Not to be missed.
Punked Out Radio  

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The Widower   My Nefarious alter-ego.
Ian McLagan   Are you kidding? Ian McLagan? OMG!
Honey Tree Lane  

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A bubble-punk free zone! The best punk on IAC.
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19th Nervous Breakdown
Breaking Me In
It was the name that got my attention. It was the song that prompted the additon to the playlists. Gothic (not Goth)atmospshere. Dark, Lonely, and hopeless. true strains of the Velvet Underground. added to station 7/4/2006 8:55:38 AM
rock 561
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Power Of The Zoo Keepers
Velvet Smile
Gang of Four meets 60's garage punk meets, oh I don't know but this is a awesomely fucked up lo-fi track added to station 11/8/2006 4:33:00 PM
Rock 561
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The Livingstons
Culture is like a knife
Woah! Vocals immediately hit me like Vanian. Great rock/old school punk guitars. Awesome lyrics. Boy am I glad to have found this one! added to station 10/27/2005 12:43:10 PM
Rock 561
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Ode To Unbelievable Freedom
WOW! I feel like I'm right back in '77. The Buzzcocks, to me, were always one of the best of the punk bands. Sisterlovers bring back that spirit of songwriting and energy with a song I'm grateful to be able to listen to as new in 2006. Thanks guys! added to station 10/12/2005 12:11:26 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 561
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The Living Dolls
Like A Suicide
Yeah it's one of my songs but I like it and it's punk so there. added to station 10/3/2005 2:30:12 PM
Old School Punk 561
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NICE! The truth is I HATE HATE HATE new punk. I call it bubble punk. Truth is I don't make any distinction between new punk and Britney Spears. I actually like Spears better because at least there's no pretense there. Any how I like this song Cliche. Obvious Iggy vibe in the vox. NEVER a bad thing. The song itself is also quite good. Great, real energy. Love the synth work. Just great! Great attitude. I'm happy to finally get a punk song here on K-RTRO. added to station 10/3/2005 8:21:38 PM
Acoustic punk 561
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Midnight Creeps
I Can't Get It Right
Really fun old school rawk. I wish this had sold 3 million records instead of bunk-182. added to station 2/28/2006 8:18:02 PM
Hard Rock 561
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bottom feeders
This is cool. The main riff reminded me slightly of Holiday In Cambodia. I like the tape vibe of this one. added to station 11/1/2005 8:15:49 AM
Rock 561
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