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Lee Burke
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6/18/2017 4:35:17 PM
Heyya, what i been doing lol

5/11/2017 3:47:15 PM
Whats ppls view on busking?

5/5/2017 5:08:22 PM
Has anybody wrote a song about a weird dream they had?

3/18/2017 6:59:37 PM
Can songwriting be taught?

3/8/2017 4:00:15 PM
Distribution companies? are they worth using?

2/9/2017 11:38:06 PM
Acoustic piece in Open G tuning

2/2/2017 4:39:48 PM
Intro to Lee B


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Lee Burke

5/5/2017 5:08:22 PM

Has anybody wrote a song about a weird dream they had?
Heyya, long time no speak, been stuck under a canopy lol, well singing in x factor auditions,

So i had a dream about an alien air balloon which was large red with stripes and had a weird character in it.

so im writing a song on it why not, the melodic style is definitely more complex, than chord strumming, and is bit like putting a jig saw together with lyrics and notes, but we'll see how it turns out.

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Bob Elliott

5/5/2017 5:37:45 PM

I have had songs come to me in dreams. Someone else will be singing them, and I wake up realizing they don't really have a song like that. Couple of my best songs came over that way: Endless and Something New Under the Sun.

Also the riff to Free Agent came over in a dream. It now seems to me to be my mind's distortion of the riff The Ghetto Boys sampled for My Mind Is Playing Tricks on Me.

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5/5/2017 5:48:38 PM

Over the last few years, I have gotten in the habit of keeping a notebook next to my bed so I can grab it right when I wake up and write. So, yes. A lot of my ideas do come from the dream state. The rest of my great ideas hit me the moment I step into the shower.

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5/5/2017 7:40:29 PM

Yeah, been doing that all my life. A large percentage of my songs come from dreams I had.

Much Respect,

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Steve April

5/5/2017 10:35:54 PM

Yes, "Movies of Our Mind," collabro with Bryon.

Started with a series of dreams in one night, that were so wierd I rushed to write down phrases...born in the crucible of a dream.

Bryon did stellar work on the vocal, melody and production, and added happenin' lyrics to fill out the storyline, and he did...

"My eyes are closed but I'm not blind,
my story's told w strange designs..."

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