Mikayla Lee Please add my new single 'Might As Well Be Me' to your playlist.
Malvin Please add my song "Guardian Angels". I will be thankfull you ALL MY LIFE..
Fire Chief 5 Hi, please consider putting one of my songs onto your station. I'm currently number 14 in the KIAC Big 50. Thanks
serundal hi cool station we are celtic new age singer songwriters with seven albums to date two tracks here on iac.All our songs are based on Celtic medieval legend. we would love to hear from you!
Maria Jacobs Love your station. With you would visit my page. I think you'll like the songs. Would love to be on your roster of artists. Maria Jacobs
Didorion Hi,You got to start some where to get where you want to go,how do i get my music played,thanx
Louiae from Shady Rosy Thanks, belatedly, for including Red Dress in you play list. Nice station, lots of variety.
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I've put a link to all the REVIEWERS here,so's you can check out THEIR music as well.....Many many thanks to everyone who's participated in this thread and done reviews of other peoples songs.Thats the real indie spirit for me..


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A blog started where someone puts an iac songlink up (not their OWN song ) and the next person who answers the thread comments on it in some way and leaves a songlink that the NEXT person answering the thread could comment on..............and they in turn would leave a songlink for the person after them.....and so on.. If you wanna keep the songchain going,put a comment on the last song of the thread and then leave your own link and i'll add it here....Many thanks to all who've participated and introduced me to alot of cool new songs..:)Station Owner Steve Ison
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Jesse Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter
the dreaming dead
"Great idea, Steve. I think I added The Dreaming Dead from one of your stations. Great song. Lazy summer feel and twang guitar lead"....Village Jammers added to station 3/28/2008 10:15:28 PM
Alternative Country 5577
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Happy Rhodes
"Interesting atmospheric number, the singer has quite an unusual voice, deep and smooth but with some unexpected highs. The rythmic change in the middle caught me suprise, mostly made of of vocal samples, but in an usnusual way. Good idea for athread this as I would never have come across this otherwise. My suggestion for listen too is Sally Strawberry's Come Back To Bed one of my favorite songs and it aint even blues :-)"........Andy Broad................................................................ OK Jammers I'm gonna respond to your choice but not to Steve's (this is "chain" right? just trying to define the protocol) Too out there for me but I'd better listen again because I'm a notorious blockhead when it comes to new (for me) styles. I suggest this one for the next participant, just because it is unlike anything else on the site and it really grew on me after a few listens."....Kozy Kingz added to station 3/28/2008 10:17:12 PM
Ecto 5577
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Sally Strawberry
Come back to bed
"Sally Strawberry...Seductive bluesy blissout with some really cool chord changes and a slightly strange psychedelic vibe rare in this genre..excellent intriguing track.."....Steve Ison added to station 3/28/2008 10:21:00 PM
Ambient 5577
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Shady Rosy
Red Dress
"OK KK Interesting... I keep seeing Maude from "Harold and Maude" get her groove on, it's kind of turning me on...uhum, sorry. I love the bass, guitar interplay, and the folky 50s sorta storytelling musical vibe. Seems to have an celtic element sewn throughout. I dig it. Charming and frightening..." crack*a*jack*crow added to station 3/28/2008 10:23:33 PM
Contemporary Country 5577
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I'll see you again
"PIPE N SLIPPERS (Anjulis choice)Beautifully bizarre and strange turn-of-the-century round the piano singalong...Dickensian top hats,stolen glances,spiraling faces and hidden passion in the midst of a drunken round in the local tavern in summertime...Really evocative,magical and genuinelly brilliant..." Steve Ison added to station 3/28/2008 10:27:27 PM
Classical 5577
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I could be
"Here is a Brilliant song in my opinion... Some nice Beatle ingredients in here as well from the backing harmonies to the Harrison Guitar solo. Its on my Station... good Idea Steve..."Jeff Myers....................... "Good one Jeff ... A touch of Wow ... the multi-colored raindrops rolled off the edge of inspirational abyss ... they came through and by and around and left with a lingering whisper that seemingly changed nothing ... yet, immersed in the children's playground were the hopes coming down the slide and the dreams riding the Merry - Go - Round ... and somehow I believe "I Could Be" O.K. ... now here is one from me .. Somewhere Out There"....................The Man With No Band added to station 3/28/2008 10:30:14 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 5577
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Mark Wheeler
Somewhere Out There
Mark Wheeler-Somewhere Out There..(Sams Choice) Big production Americana with twangin' guitar n very earnest vibe-sort of modern country meets U2 My choice.. The Educated Guess Latent Prayers"..............Steve Ison added to station 3/28/2008 10:31:29 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 5577
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The Educated Guess
Latent Prayers
Re - the last choice ...."Piercing happy Pop that digs into your brain - Casual, smiling vocalist holds court while melodies entwine themselves all around" Not sure whether I like the one I'm putting forward for review or not yet but it's certainly interesting with the dawn chorus and all - Another Uk band Tweet tweet"................Soodonymph added to station 3/28/2008 10:44:43 PM
Pop 5577
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Song of birds
RE: Magoo - "Song Of Birds" The song, itself is lovely. Well-constructed. Pretty melody. But the production gets stuck in my craw. The chirpy birdie noises are more distracting than soothing to me. And some of the other little flourishes do the same the cymbal splashes and tympani. If you could leave the production alone and let the song stand for what it is (even the violins are fine), you would have a lovely, beautiful piece. My addition: Apollo Sunshine - Today Is the Day"..........Hop On Pop added to station 3/28/2008 10:32:44 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 5577
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Don't Give In
"Re: Auset- Don't Give In Smooth, smokey vocal with beautiful whistling highs. Yearning acoustic melody with a country flavor. for Michael Geer Click here!.".............Jo Ellen added to station 3/28/2008 10:52:52 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5577
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Michael Geer
Jarod's Song
"Jo's choice...Acoustic lofi song with charm,sunshine and a descending chord progression that reminds me of Rod Stewarts Killing Of Georgie.. Sweet vibed track.. My choice..Mandi Kennel Canadian Girl"........Steve Ison added to station 3/28/2008 10:55:42 PM
Christian/Spiritual 5577
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Sarah Reed
The Brimstone Fox
"Terry,Sam..Yeh thats an amazing coincidence-The same artist at the same time! Sarah Reed Brimstone Fox and Apple.. Very accomplished,professional folk with an early 70s kinda prog feel and nice cello..Not to my taste,but obviously quality. Sorry its me reviewing and not someone who appreciates her more..Its been 5 hours since i first listened and no-one else has reviewed them,so its me i'm afraid lol"................Steve Ison added to station 3/28/2008 11:01:48 PM
Acoustic gothic 5577
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the expatriates
"Icarus I liked this enough to put it on my private links list. I might have liked them better if their other two tracks would stream, but oh well. A bit low fi, maybe I should help this guy with recording or send him a computer all set up and a mic or something. Wonderful vocal. Good song. I think this is a neat little track. Probly against the rules, heh :) torchy song".................Lyin' Dan added to station 3/28/2008 11:02:58 PM
mystical rock 5577
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Brian Booth
Something to Say (IAC re-mastered)
Thanks, Sam; when I clicked the link, I was quite pleased to see it was a Brian Booth tune. He became a friend and supporter, when I first came to this site. Even though he's taken a leave of absence for almost a year, I'm glad that his songs are still up. His English-folk songwriting style is always warm and expressive. A good soul. I hope he'll be back soon. "Something to Say" is "a song about parting". As usual, Brian's words are to the point, but there's a feeling of yearning and regret just under the surface. I especially like the little lyrical twist at the end. A song that everybody can relate to, with some great harmonies and a line or two of a capella, for emphasis. Excellent song. "Like Duane, I haven't worked out how to put in a link yet, so here's the url for my choice:"................srm added to station 3/28/2008 11:11:46 PM
Easy Listening/Soft Rock 5577
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Kelley Stoltz
Memory Collector
"Kelly Stoltz-memory collector...Wonderful classy understated pop song with a beautiful empathetic vibe like Ben Folds at his best.Has a fabulous 'radio ready' production in the best possible sense too.Love the little lilting melodic 'flowing wild at the county fair' melodic shift at the end too..Excellent track"............Steve Ison added to station 3/28/2008 11:25:38 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 5577
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Vincenzo Ardilio
Confirm My Suspicions
"Vincenzo Ardillo...I'd heard this before Todd at 'The Peoples Choice'...It reminds me a little of that 80s hit 'You Spin Me Round' by Dead Or Alive..Pop with a big eurodance beat..Its a pretty well written pop song,but its not really my thing if i'm honest..Altho undoubtedly very catchy,i think the hook would start annoying me after abit... My choice Colleen Brown"..........................Steve Ison added to station 3/28/2008 11:28:42 PM
Dance Pop 5577
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Renee Maurice
I Am Free
"Rennee Maurice I am Free...This is a lovely song Terry..A little soul,gospel-70s singer/songwriter..Very honest,heartfelt and intuitive tune-Its amazing she wrote this when she was 13..........very cool...I'll go for something a little different too then...Love this song"................Steve Ison added to station 3/28/2008 11:50:04 PM
Christian/Spiritual 5577
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Kid Wezel
Life Without Lolly
"Life Withut Lolly Simple song, direct almost conversational lyrics. Backed by nice fingerstyle guitar. I notice the artist page hasn't been touched since 2005, how much other good music is hiding away in 'dusty corners' of this site?............. My next choice is a cover but totally in his own style How Sweet It Is".......Andy Broad added to station 3/29/2008 2:41:16 PM
Miscellaneous 5577
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Poppa E
How Sweet It Is
"How sweet.." Great choice Andy. I love the artists treatment - the fresh lilt and quasi-jazzy phrasing/chording. The second guitar added little for me would have preferred a second instrument -Hammond organ, wurlitzer piano, or even chromatic harmonica. Still he "made it his own" didn't he? Good, no great cover! OK . Here's one that seemed to be a big hit when it was added to IAC. Very slick, and "downtown" but I love her voice and my wife comments on the accompaniment every time. Hope this doesn't ruin this blog with it's blatant commercial appeal.".................Kozy Kingz added to station 3/29/2008 2:43:28 PM
Blues 5577
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Everybody Loves a Loser
"I'm familiar with some Morcheeba, but I hadn't heard this one. It starts off, and I've got a Shirley Bassey singing "Goldfinger" flashback. Great hook, and excellent arrangement. Are you sure this wasn't the title theme for a sixties movie? Really hip tune. Here's my choice:"............srm added to station 3/29/2008 2:45:13 PM
Alternative 5577
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The Pozers
Everybody's High
"The Pozers.....Everybody's High All I can think of here is Donovan.... trippy music supporting lot's of lyric, vocals are up front where you can hear and understand 'em. nice track srm. My turn?"...............The Rivergods added to station 3/29/2008 2:48:18 PM
avant electro pop 5577
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Eric Lichter
"Eric Lichter California..Very nice 60s flavoured Americana with sweet chord changes and woozy sun-blasted vibe suitable to its title.Reminds me of something LOvin' Spoonful or Paul McCartney might've done..I can actually hear a little Hugh Hamilton here too in both vocal style and slide...Maybe Erich's influences reach to IAC artists too?..Sweet track anyways:)"................Steve Ison.......................................................................................Quick comment re: Eric Lichter - I "met" Eric online and he had previously recorded "California" - I was blown away, he's truly fab and a devoted artist who is now running his own studio (Dirt Floor Studios) - anyway...I can't claim any influence on Eric whatsoever, his musical genius must be a combo of natural and the "classic rock" and "folk rock" vibe is clear (though somehow, Saints PRESERVE us, he adores KISS! LOL!!). As you know, I think, Steve, I ran off to Eric's place just as I was starting up at IAC and spent a night at his place, recording most of "Glen Hill" on day 1 and "Oh, Leigh" as a spontaneous jam on day 2...Eric's brilliant......................Hugh Hamilton added to station 3/29/2008 2:49:53 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5577
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Lars Mars
Fallin' Hard
"LARS MARS Fallin Hard.....a really cool song with a very humorous lyric...the more you listen to it the catchier it gets,sometimes it even reminds me of the 'Happy Days" theme tune,keep seeing The Fonze for some reason,it's incredibly retro and draws it's influences from practically every decade since Alan Freed gave us the term Rock &'s an incredibly infectious track and i noticed someone had mentioned Nick Lowe in a review and this could be straight out of his songbook,couldn't think of a greater compliment.....{that has to be one of your reviews, hey Steve ?}...".................The Great Indoors added to station 3/29/2008 2:51:21 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 5577
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The Tonics
Elegy For Anne Bancroft
The Tonics...Elegy for Anne Bancroft....I loved this song..brilliant harmonies and great guitar break between the verses..practically transported me back to the 60's,although i was still only knee high to a grasshopper...this is a beautiful tribute to a great actress and a very cleverly crafted song that could have seamlessly been woven into "The Graduate" soundtrack.............The Great Indoors added to station 3/30/2008 9:54:31 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 5577
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One Star Hotel
"Wow! One Star Hotel's Starlight is a very cool song! From the opening guitar the arrangement builds beautifully! These guys know how to keep a song interesting. Rootsy and timeless music"..........Larree added to station 3/30/2008 9:58:02 PM
Alternative Pop Rock 5577
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Love Me Like a River Does- (From Worrisome Heart)
"I love, love, love Melody Gardot! Love Me Like a River is gorgeous. Sparse, clean, perfect. The cymbal swell that gets choked prematurely at about 2:00 is sooooo nice. A really beautiful performance. If you haven't heard her live version of Wicked Ride, do yourself a favour and check it out - it gives me the chills every time I hear it"......................Gremislav added to station 4/1/2008 10:31:56 PM
Blues 5577
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The Locust
Official Verdict - Nobody Gives a Shit
Well it looks like me who's gonna have to enter the intensely brutal,skull-crushing place of Gremislavs.About as far removed from 'Melody' as its possible to get.Infact its a world where melody's probarbly punishable by instant firing squad, and creativity instead is expressed in bludgeoning rage and violent stop-start time sig changes delivered with ruthless military precision.Its music remade as extreme sport..Punishing,technically demanding,requiring intense life or death concentration and would probarbly make your eyes bleed if you were exposed to it at high volume for a reasonable time.I'm sure its as addictive as crack for the few who love it and would doubtless make the whole history of human music seem unbearably tame and tepid by comparison ....I wouldn't pretend to appreciate the aesthetic here,but have a respect for its outsider quality and the fact there's a f*ck of alot to (rightfully) hate in this world if you set your mind to it.. ........................Steve Ison added to station 4/1/2008 10:21:25 PM
Metal/Hardcore 5577
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The Melocotons
Meg and my girlfriend
I like The Melocotons track.They sound abit punky and abit poppy and the song is fun and makes me feel happy.Its got a good tune especially the chorus.The backing vocals are like chipmonks and the claps make it seem like a party.I wish a song like this would be a hit now but i don't know whether it would...................The Attic added to station 4/3/2008 11:39:07 PM
Modern Rock 5577
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The Pony Collaboration
Don't stay
"The Pony Collaboration-Don't stay is really pretty...Very atmospheric,melodic and subtly dramatic...Tasteful in the best possible way..Reminds me of The Tindersticks a little.Very cool track..."..............................Steve Ison added to station 4/3/2008 11:36:39 PM
Alternative Indie Folk 5577
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Matthew Ball aka The Boogie Woogie Kid
Razzle Dazzle - Boogie Woogie Piano
"Dude can tinkle on the keys! I wish I could tinkle like that. It reminds me of my Chemistry Prof. He could boogie woogie like there's no Tamara. Pretty much like this. He was a dud as a human being, but I'm pretty sure this guy is better. How about this guy?"............LYIN' DAN added to station 4/18/2008 10:59:54 PM
Boogie Woogie Piano 5577
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Eat This
"Eat THis...What...Jesus,i can't explain how ace this track is.Pure beauty, energy n inspiration..This really is what this threads about to me-Discovring gems like this-Thanks Dan,...How ace it is to hear some pure rock'n' roll magic like this...Did i really win?????At the moment i feeel disgracefully humbled as if i'm honest this is about 1000% better than anything i've ever done,but i'm grateful i don't feel jealous like i would've done a few years ago-just grateful to receive its joyful magic...Even the cut off... OK,i'm pissed but is this really 'easy listening'? God i must be the biggest easy listening fan in the world then..Listen and love this wonderful joyful pop record my friends..or else admit you have no blood in your veins"...............STEVE ISON added to station 4/18/2008 11:01:40 PM
easy rock 5577
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When You Came To My Town
"CAME TO MY TOWN features clever cross-genre transitions on a bossa nova. Fascinating artist for sure and this one does him justice"............KRANKY KING added to station 4/18/2008 11:04:08 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 5577
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Lars Mars
If You'd Had the Time
"Yeh Lars Mars-One of my very favourite artists here...Great cross-genre songwriting with alot of heart and joy.. Rare qualities these days imho..The first artist to have 2 entries here too! This is very pretty,sweet-natured and obviously in love with the music-so i love it too.."..............STEVE ISON added to station 4/18/2008 11:05:34 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 5577
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The Chillum Brothers
Chicken Street
Wow. Chicken Street is musically-complex and emotionally-moving portrayal of the good gone bad. I pity mankind. Everything we touch turns to shit, not gold. Aside from the lament over lost "innocence" this is fantastic music. A smorgasborg of aural delights that moves and grooves to potent rhythms........KOZY KINGZ added to station 4/21/2008 10:17:17 PM
World 5577
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Jamie Randolph
Chanson Du Vampyre
Hey, good call Terry... Jamie Randolph - Chanson Du Vampyre Well, this song faked me out from beginning to the very end... When I first read the genre (Alt Country Theatrical Indie Goth Rock), I figured it was just a poke at the idea of having to box oneself in a genre. But he delivered every bit of it! No joke, no idle boast, but instead a compelling and chilling story set to an excellent band track. Great vox and phrasing. Soon to be a welcomed add to my Beyond the Blue Event Horizon station. Now a fellow who's had no notice on IAC, who deserves some: The Rendezvous Cafe...............LARS MARS added to station 4/21/2008 10:22:12 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5577
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Jim Pearson
The Rendezvous Cafe
The Rendezvous Cafe: pretty cool and moody song of a love that never was, yet emblazoned on the mind and spirit somehow still. Subtle hypnotic groove with cool background keys and confessional lyrics and vocals that leave the listener sitting at the lonely cafe counter, waiting for a cup of coffee and dwelling upon that abstract love affair that was / was not. Here's my pick: Belerang Merah - The Quest for RED SULFUR.............LARRY W JOHNSON added to station 4/21/2008 10:25:40 PM
Singer/Songwriter 5577
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Belerang Merah - The Quest for RED SULFUR
Belerang Merah - The Quest for RED SULFUR Lively piece! Something of the celtic jig about it with it's 6/8 feel, but I'm sure it's drawing on other traditions. Great guitar playing and the flute adds colour to the sound. I'm going to throw Sally Strawberry's "new release" Eve...................ANDY BROAD added to station 4/21/2008 10:27:49 PM
Rock 5577
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Sally Strawberry
"Sally Strawberry's second link in this IAC song chain is a slow groovin' ballad called "Eve". It has beautiful, heart-felt, soulful vocals and a smokey trumpet over a slick track. and now for "Waterloo" you know what to do...".................DICK AVEN added to station 4/22/2008 10:54:33 PM
Ambient 5577
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'Waterloo'...everything about this song belongs and i don't believe i've ever heard a steel guitar player as good as this one...kinda reminds me of David Lindley .. not sure of the spelling, but he's the steel guitar player on a lot of Jackson Browne's songs...and this singer is whispering her deepest secrets into the listeners ear... extremely personal touch of a song well done.......LARRY W JOHNSON added to station 4/22/2008 10:58:36 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5577
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Elliott Smith
Memory Lane
Memory Lane.... Very cool distinctive folk song with Elliotts particular brand of sweetness with a strange edge and a superficially happy tune cloaking an atmosphere of underlying unease and spikey lyrics...Great vocal too................STEVE ISON added to station 4/22/2008 11:00:05 PM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5577
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Mirah and Spectratone International
Credo Cigalia
"Credo Cigalia" by Mirah and Spectratone International Absolutely Trippy ! You could only get away with this if you had a voice like Mirah ! Very, very intrigueing and enticing at the same time, one can't help but be drawn in by this wonderful, fun filled carnival ride ... you want to say Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... (at least I did) ... I'm a sucker for Cello's too and this has some great Cello work and the ending is just fabulous ..."............SAM...THE MAN WITH NO BAND added to station 5/10/2008 5:41:27 PM
Alternative Retro and Psychedelic 5577
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Al Stravinsky
Your sister's wedding
"Your Sister's Wedding" by Al Stravinsky is catchy, clever and humorous. Good pick Sam!.........KOZY KINGZ added to station 5/10/2008 5:42:59 PM
Comedy 5577
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The Sickly Suite
O Death!
The Sickly Suite O Death! This is a corking, well written lofi song...Like prime time Elvis Costello with an even better lyric if thats possible..Witty n sharp...Great choice Terry!............STEVE ISON added to station 5/10/2008 5:44:11 PM
Miscellaneous 5577
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Tom Curiano
Ordinary Man
Great track Hugh...Reminds me of Jonathan Richman mixed with McCartney,Lou Reed and Belle n Sebastian and The Turtles or something..Has a great swing,charm and sunshine vibe..Sweet................STEVE ISON added to station 5/10/2008 5:45:43 PM
Eclectic Pop 5577
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Patrick Wire
Cool! Haunted interior of an abandoned honky-tonk in the middle of nowhere. It's daytime though even weirder. Something is crawling out of the slew outback but I can't make out what it is. Tom Waits channels Dr. John.....Reviewed by KRANKY KING added to station 6/16/2008 5:00:46 PM
Blues 5577
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Bat Lenny
Bat Lenny - Transcendence ... One movement of a larger work (their Shawdowland Suite), fresh psychedelia from St. Paul, MN. This is one aspect of indie that artists other than electronic have not taken advantage of. Not having to tailor our work to label formuli, more of us could be working on larger concepts. These guys are unafraid to use the freedom and independence (yes, that's where Indie comes from) of the small studio with no clock on the wall to create something mural sized... and succeeded. ............Reviewed by LARS MARS added to station 6/16/2008 5:03:03 PM
Classic and Progressive Rock 5577
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The Alexandria Kleztet
Revenge of Untitled
Oh Yeah! This is a very hip, down-tempo klezmer tune. The into sounds like Dave Brubeck, going klezmanic. The highlight of the piece for me (besides the great solo playing) is the wah-wah violin. Excellent! It's a great example of inspired klezmer jamming. My choice is a cut from Tony Lowe- Willesdon Green Blues........................Reviewed by SRM added to station 6/17/2008 7:48:47 AM
World 5577
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Steve Iannetti
Leaving the Planet
"Leaving the Planet" is a great toon full of predictable self-pity and negative feelings. I like the repeat of the 5 to 4 which lifts it out of the usual (overdone) 12-bar pattern. I also dug the economy of the lyrics the story was told in a few lines. My post: These kids are GREAT!"...............Reviewed By KRANKY KING added to station 6/17/2008 7:53:03 AM
Blues Rock 5577
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better than aliens
Silent Reason
Better Than Aliens-Silent REason..Interesting and creative leftfield indie pop/rock song that puts me in mind of XTC abit in its vocal stylings,jerking chords n push-pulling rythms(just seen you thought the same on their page Terry).I like the open song structure,unsaturated textures that can breathe (unusual for modern rock) and atmospheric sensibility-good track...............REviewed by STEVE ISON added to station 6/17/2008 7:56:09 AM
Melodic Rock 5577
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happy ashtray
"Nice one, Todd. "Starlight" by happy ashtray - nearly lost me with the opening (lol), as I prefer getting straight to the point...but when that opening chord was over and the acoustic guitars came in I was instantly hooked. Very cool vibe to this song, totally reminds me of The Band - this is a tune I'd really enjoy playing guitar on, and am enjoying a second listen as I type...this is really well done - I'd be proud if I could get drum sounds like that in my studio...oh yes...kudos".............Reviewed by HUGH HAMILTON added to station 7/8/2008 9:20:26 AM
Pop Rock 5577
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Steve April
The Sky's The Limit
The Sky's The Limit ... Steve April Real nice tune ... a bit Dylanesque, a bit Donovanish, a lot Steve April ... Simplistically simple arrangement that is a superbly charming background for the upbeat lyrics ... I like the way the vocal is stretched and teeters on the brink of "being in the half key" stretching out and bringing home the point that "The Sky's The Limit" ... and I like any song with a pom paa pa (not to mention bongo's) ... nice pick Hugo"...........REviewed By SAM, THE MAN WITH NO BAND added to station 7/8/2008 9:21:36 AM
Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana 5577
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